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  1. this is what I ment
  2. I dont know what it is called but it is a combo of brass knuckles,a knife and, a 5-round revolver.
  3. *likes*
  4. da fuq? ive never heard that!
  5. To start this off I think there should be a map in a sky scraper, also I think there should be a desert map.
  6. isint there something like this allready?
  7. an alternative would be vimeo
  8. that sounds good.
  9. I cant watch it.
  10. how do I know what version the server is on?
  11. I got the e-tool in a suply drop and couldnt pick it up.
  12. I think the maglight should be more powerful because unless it is a mini maglight witch it isint those things arent light! http://www.maglite.com/productline.asp that adress is the maglight line up.
  13. i agree with that. also you should be able to hold a pistol ( or somthing one handed ) while holding the riot sheld.
  14. I think that there should be veterans wearing a ACU or BDU ex: "you get to keep your uniforms, the weapons belong to the military. The keep your rifle, your pistol, your helicopter, your fighter plane, your aircraft carrier, all that stuff that someone else can use after you leave" from yahoo