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  1. Hi Never finished the video, lots of problems, health, work, familty. =) You can complete the view with the previous trailers =) Most of the bugs were fixed, except some criticals show in the video thanx devs for your great work and keep it up with this great game =) i think is our last mega video
  2. Cool! i want to play the nightmare mode. Game is too easy actually
  3. i'm busy to edit T_T also we re still recording some shit
  4. Hope you enjoy A second and little bit of what we re doing.
  5. HAHAHAHAHA check out the new trailers i think we don't mess with your maps this time billi PD: uploadint the 2nd trailer right now
  6. Well, the videos, like i said, are made for fun. Its a shame no one got time to see the bug in the video. Most of the bugs who recorded are lost in time also. The heavy bugs we found now came with the new update anda are a big hole in the game, a mess really. My hope is some player see the video and update the GIthub, because some bugs are very explicit there. i don't want to put an annotation in the video for every bug, because the video will turn very boring for the users to watch. i will put a .txt file in the bugs section when the video is released with all bugs we record so, at least, in the forum you see all we found (or mailed to support like you said)
  7. You right, i'm sorry if i offended someone. Not everyone have the same sense of humor. I'm apologize to devs, programers and everyone who take the funny quote in the opposite way. Ty for let me notice this Fersigal =)
  8. Ty =) Dunno, need to record some other bugs yet. maybe 10 days. Maybe more Also then i have to edit the video. Some bugs are pretty hard to record, more on public servers (our way to record to ensure 100% clean records) PD: also, the the "ITS OFICIAL, ITS BROKEN" it's a Joke from Shao Khan from Mortal Kombat. Some people need to work of his sense of humor.
  9. SOrry, "nagging" i never talked to a developer. or tester, o anyone here Also promotionate my channel? is a joke? i have few subs and i didn't monetize videos Like someone said, we do this videos for FUN and with the hope some of the team see the bugs and have time to fix them. We have a lot of fun recording the bugs and there are not easy to record on video. It's pretty "easy" just "write" a comment and say "bug 1, you can go across the wall". but it's pretty hard to get a video from it sometimes, sometimes we spent hous only to get a 30 secons clip. I dunno why you are so aggresive. I'm only triyng to colaborate. i'm also ofered to explain in text how some bugs work to someone make a github entry and you bark at me. Nevermind. Ty for you agressive measure, i didn't expect that. I don't understand codes o that things Paladin. Like i said, i can bring you or any tester some .txt archive and you can update the hub. But seems here some ppl need to cool down a bit.
  10. i apply for beta tester and i been rejected. So, this is my way for contribute to help fixin the game. Ty for your feedback Riley In this video we focus on massive bugs and not on parkour or invisible walls, just on things in the game that are pretty broken. I don't understand how to use that github, i tried to do it but very confusing for me. If anyone can see the video and send the bugs to github, i'm satisfied. Also, my lvl of english is very awfull. i'm glad to explain anyone how we record the bugs if anyone wanna know and update the github, i don't care who's the user who can make the update or the sumbision, if its help to fix the game. i can detail "how" we do the bugs and that preson can update the github. I'm glad to colaborate in any kind of way. Take care! =)
  11. We have a lot of fun recording the bugs you will see in our next video =) Stay turned. Hope the video help to fix the bugs =) Take care!
  12. More fun, more parkour , more bugs =) Hope you enjoy!
  13. We got a challenge in front of us, and we accepted =) This video is only based on the map nmo_boardwalk and it's show the large number of way to bug it up and easy way to avoid zombies to finish the map in an easy way =) Enjoy!
  14. 6 months since our last video. Hope you enjoy . New material on new maps and old maps. Tricks, tips, bugs, ninja, parkour, all crazy shit! PD: sorry about my shitty english.
  15. The are still plenty bugs in the map that makes the map easy to complete Nay0r. In our next video will show some if you want to check =) keep the good work!