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  1. Probably the P239 or the P226, maybe the 227? The 210 could also be unique. Sure, the Mk23 is so big it can't really be anything else, but given how much it weighs and it's limited capacity given it's site, why add it? They're all cool guns, but if there's any variants of guns at all, I imagine it's waaaaay down the road.
  2. Well, I'm not sure what Max's stance on really similar looking guns is. Because when you're holding an HK USP variant, they all pretty much look the same. P2000, P30, USP, HK45, to a lesser extent the Mk 23. Since the HK45 is coming in, I can't really see another USP-derived pistol going in. Same with the Sigs. They're a bit too similar to have more than one of the same family, IMO. Though the H&K VP-70 would be totally sweet.
  3. Well, why not introduce another gun that's identifiable at a glance? They have the HK45 coming in, but you could also do like a Beretta PX4, a smaller XD model, a P245 or something along those lines.
  4. What it says on the box. The votekicking seems to work well, and votechanging levels. However, the voterestart seems a bit abuseable? I just got out of a Cabin game where my teammates restarted it about four or five times in a row. The last time when we were running to the boathouse and the level escape. Basically, one person would die, then immediately vote for a restart, then the new people who joined in would restart... die, promptly quit or vote again. We only got to the first floor of the building TWICE. I get it's a majority thing. But you have a 7 person game, 4 of them die - the 3 should still be able to finish the level, otherwise it's random restarting until everyone gets tired of doing the beginning of the level again. Maybe a cooldown or some sort of restriction on it could help? People can only vote for a restart if they joined the game, rather than dying and voting? I'm not sure. This certainly hasn't happened frequently, but the few times it's popped up the game has been unplayable.
  5. Did your character talk? It's nice when characters talk (outside of cutscenes.) Do you get shot or stabbed and pull it out / shoot the bad guy in a slow-mo scene to end the game? Because that got really old after MW2. I did love CoD 4 though.
  6. I don't think another full-size Glock would make much sense. The weapons aren't really labeled for caliber, and having two Glocks with different calibers would definitely muddle the waters a bit. You're supposed to be able to identify what calibers the guns use at a glance. Same thing for too many AR variants, though the SCAR-17S is too cool to leave out (maybe the M14 or Garand deserve to be in first, though.) Virtually any military small arm is available in some shape or form as a semi-automatic form in the US! The Benelli M4 Super 90 is completely legal for a normal person to own - they just come with lower capacity magazine tubes than the military / LE versions for whatever reason. Though um, there is an O/U prominently in the game, the 870 and Mossberg - which fill similar niches to the listed guns and carry similar numbers of rounds. I also hear a SXS of some sort is planned. The 1887 (or 1901 in 12 gauge) would be neat, since their Chinese clones are common in both Canada and the US. They also load a bit slower than a typical pump action, so you could use that to add variety compared to a dozen pump guns. I do also like that a Centennial / Chief's Special / Detective Special would offer less weight, less rounds and such - actual gameplay differences instead of just flavor.
  7. I don't suppose I'm a bad person for doing the same thing all the time? Any thoughts in regards to searching player bodies when they die?
  8. Well, that's sorta like saying holding down a button to use a health pack is overused. Yes, it is - but there's reason to have that versus using a medkit instantly (like before the later patch.) It turns really crazy when there's just a pile of unorganized gear because two people died. It's a basic part of the zombie genre having to do squick things like searching dead people. And I do mean only player bodies, just so you don't get pelted with twenty pounds of 9x19, two melee weapons and a medkit when someone happens to die, on top of all the other listed reasons.
  9. This is a two-part idea, mostly intended to make random teamkilling of low HP teammates less frequent and add some more realism / immersion. 1. Signs of Infection I don't mean they turn purple or start saying they want to chew on brains. Rather, a quiet and infrequent cough if someone is infected, maybe a quiet cuss under their breath. Something subtle that induces paranoia in other players - but also serves as a way to see if someone ISN'T infected. If they seem healthy and don't cough or falter, it would keep players from shooting each other in the skull just because they're paranoid. 2. Searching Bodies. Two reasons for this. One, items exploding out of a person is slightly immersion breaking and messy when it comes to item management. Another is that it encourages quick teamkilling. If you see someone with a FAL low on HP and know they have a ton of items, bodyblocking / finishing them off can net you their entire inventory before the team can come over. Rather, I suggest that when a player dies they turn into a container. The weapon in their hands drops beside them, while everything else is in their body until it's searched for a short period of time, like removing a FEMA bag. This could either cause the items to THEN spill from the player or open a menu like a supply drop. This means a TKer would have to slow down and turn their attention away from zombies to clear out a corpse, and also adds to drama - if you have to put down your zombified teammate before you can get their items from them. I'm not sure if this would create a challenge code-wise, but it seems like a beneficial and realistic feature.
  10. Those knife and handgun playthroughs can be real fun.
  11. I don't suppose it's anything of a bad idea, but it probably isn't necessary. A person can already carry a pistol, almost 100 rounds, a hand melee weapon, a maglite and medical supplies, or a rifle, a ton of ammo and a pistol. More than that and I think you'd run into issues with the one guy who has the backpack picking up EVERYTHING they can find.
  12. There was a similar thread to this a while ago, but it was presented in the idea of a tutorial mission. I really like the idea of a tutorial / story mission being directly when the zombie apoc starts, so you have stuff like... the game teaches you how to shove as you run through a walmart shoving other survivors out of the way, then suddenly you have to shove a zombie outside. Finding some ammunition on the ground and being able to give it to a NPC cop or not, which sets up the mechanic for sharing in multiplayer. That kinda thing.
  13. Oh my god, that medkit animation is great.
  14. Honestly, if you shoved with the sharp end of a crowbar, wouldn't it just stab the zombie and possibly get stuck instead of pushing them back?
  15. There was quite a Resident Evil map project for Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. Mostly the Raccoon Police Department rather than the Spencer Mansion. The RPD is probably easier because it has a more linear map design with far less backtracking. Maybe that could help?