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  1. That worked, thanks
  2. That's how I got it working, but that's only with one board that needs to break for the door to open
  3. Hey guys, thanks for all the advices, really appreciate it. I am going with the sky_campblood_hdr skytexture for now, that one fits my map better, thanks for the tip Colo118. CalebMichal your advices are great, I will definitely work with those once I am done making the layout of my map and play around with some random events, I bet this can make the survival mode alot more fun and challenging. Btw is your map finished or still WIP? I don't think I have played your map yet, but it sounds really fun and I would love to play it. Also thanks to thegregster101 for your example, will have a look at it later. And yea I don't want the map to be that predictable and have all runners spawn at once as you have said durkhaz~, I just don't know yet how I can control the zombie spawn and tell it to spawn runners on intervals.
  4. Introducing myself Hey there, I am new to the community and first of all I would like to say hey to everyone. I was reading this forum for a few days now and enjoyed it alot so far, alot nice people around and the support on mapping related questions is awesome, so I thought I would jump in to bother you gus about that too. So I wanted to try mapping for NMRIH myself, I had some basic experience with valve hammer editor from mapping for goldsource like sven coop and some other mods for it. I never really finished a map because I always got stuck on some problems I couldn't fix and gave up quite fast, it's been a long time since I tried it and now I want to finish a map for NMRIH. So far with all the guides out there on youtube and also on this forum I learned alot and I am doing pretty fine (as a beginner) imo. About the Map The current theme of my map is a small city/town at night with big streets with a small hill next to it where I want the zombies to spawn and walk down to the main part of the map (got that idea from 28weeks later opening scene if you have seen it ) yea I am still not really sure on the layout and how I want it to look in the end. I am more or less just building random stuff and see if it fits into the map. I also want to make the map challenging, since I already noticed after around 60 hours total playing time that the zombies can be quite easy to dodge and kill, even big groups. (Fireaxe op) So I thought about making it have a bit more runners. But the layout with wide open spaces makes up for that imo. I would prefer to make an objective map, but I doubt my mapping skills are good enough for that yet. Here is a screenshot of a current part of the map (Didn't take that picture on max settings, will do so next time) I am using the cabin skybox, although I would like to use another skybox that has a darker atmosphere but I couldn't find the names of the other skyboxes available for NMRIH :S If anyone could give me a list that would be really nice It doesn't show me any files in the materials folder where the skyboxes were normally located at afaik guess they are packed in a file now. I am using prefabs I have found on another thread on this forum, like the house you can see to the right. I will give credits to it later on. Some other questions I got: Do I need to give credits to the skymap and models I am using? I don't want to offend anyone by using them on my awfull first try NMRIH map. Is it possible to have special events happen on different waves in survival mode apart from supply drops? Like new areas opening for new loot or maybe even new safe zones? I want the map to be more dynamic and have some content to look forward to when you head towards the later waves. I realized on alot of survival maps that it gets quite boring when you have looted all the places and just brain afk kill zombies. Well that's it for now. Thank you for reading and I will probably drop in some more questions later on. And excuse my english, hope it's not too hard to read my wall o' text. Regards
  5. Bump I enjoyed this track alot too and would love to hear it outside the game aswell. I checked all NMRIH soundtracks uploaded on youtube without finding that song. :/ If anyone who got it could upload it on youtube or as the author of the topic requested on soundcloud it would be very much appreciated regards PS: You should totally use that track on some other official maps in the future!