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  1. They're all dead, probably. They've actually turned into zombies. I've been playing some Resident Evil Outbreak online recently. These two games are actually very similar.
  2. I know, and I care little about it. They gave you that little teaser trailer to keep your from noticing that they missed yet another chance, Halloween, to release an update they have been telling us we would be getting soon since end of 2014, 2 full years ago. I kept quiet when they released the trailer because I would have been the only dissenting voice complaining about NMRIH1 while everyone was pissing themselves excited with NMRIH2. What happened to that Resident Evil 2 RPD map that was being worked since 2011 or so? To that map in China, Suzhou? Wasn't nay0r working on some Broadway 2, and something else? What about those new weapons? It's not that they don't release the update, it's that they don't even talk about it, there's no news or list of changes, not even the info to keep you from believing that something is moving. I love the game and I support the devs, I know they do it for free and all the usual stuff, but I can't deny that I'm just a frustrated fan who has been waiting for years now and they say they're still on it but it never comes out.
  3. Some details on this possibility?
  4. 4 weeks to Halloween. Is it happening? Are you guys doing it? Are we getting some? Oh ghosts and shadows of the NMRIH dev team, we invoke you. Send us meaty new content and we shall go back to a once glorious game and restore our lost love for it.
  5. Part 1/2: Part 2/2: Let me know what you guys think.
  6. It shouldn't be in the game's scope to babysit players and make sure they "behave". Otherwise, why is there friendly fire? Shouldn't they remove that too then, so that people aren't dicks to each other? If this is a hardcore, unforgiving zombie apocalypse survival game, it should abstain from this petty level of hand-holding, it's unnecessary, the experience doesn't have to be guaranteed to be "fair", it's supposed to be brutal, in a real life situation you can have selfish or wasteful people and that's part of what you have to deal with in order to survive. And like I said, it's flawed, you can be selfish, wasteful or a troll in so many other ways that just implementing this limitation just breaks realism. What if I am playing alone, or the only player left alive, why can't I carry two bottles of pills, why can't I have to glocks if I find them? I can carry 5 handguns but only if they are all different? I can carry two huge Sako rifles because hey there's a scope on one and not on the other one, totally okay then, but not two pair of bandages? Makes no sense. Leave it up to the players. The game is about cooperation but it has to come from the players, not instigated by the game. Ensuring a fair share of the encountered resources should be up to the players, to cooperate or perish, the game itself should abstain from this kind of parenting.
  7. I made this on the map that Atheist made for me, the one I requested with all items and weapons and stuff. Feel free to have a look: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=632183258 Or directly on youtube: part 1: https://youtu.be/6TqHhFhdQQ8 part 2: https://youtu.be/a_D-IONW2RE part 3: https://youtu.be/xR6uXSACWYU
  8. May I ask why can't I carry two berettas if I find them? Or two rolls of bandages? Or anything more than once? If the answer has something to do with "so that people don't hoard all the resources for themselves", may I point out that there's nothing that you can do to prevent that anyway? A wasteful, selfish or hoarding player can do so anyway in a variety of ways. If I have a beretta and I find another one, and I am unable to pick it up because I already have one, that doesn't prevent me from being selfish, I can just unload mine, throw it away and take a new one, so to have all ammo and leave nothing to the others. If I have a medkit and find another one, if I want to be selfish, I can just heal myself even if I am missing only 1HP and still take the new medkit for myself. It doesn't really make sense especially now that you can have two iterations of the same weapons if it's slightly different variation (Sako, M16, Ruger 10/12, SKS). Being able to carry multiple iterations of a certain items add realism (because you CAN do that in real life) and freedom to the game (let ME decide what I carry, if I have space for it). Can we get that? Pretty please?
  9. They are not going for it, fair enough, but I don't see what the problem is with it. It's like saying they're ordering hot dogs and not pizza but not like there's anything wrong if they'd be ordering pizza. Anyways, probably some modder can do this, like they did the team-death plug in that I am now using
  10. Another good mapper and his very promising work evaporated into thin air
  11. Yes, thank you so much Atheist!!
  12. Hey guys, could one of you skilled map makers make a super simple map where you just spawn in a big bright room and you have all items and guns available for you to test? It would be good if you can have guns organized by their ammo type, having 8 copies of each gun so that potentially everyone can grab the same gun if they wanted to, and an infinite ammo box of some sort. Same for melee weapons and tools. For medical items, next to the medical item spawning thing, I was thinking if you could make three buttons that when you press them they get you bleeding, infected, or just hurt, so to test pills, bandages and medkits. And could we have some stuff to use the welder on (that breaks open when you use the welder but re-locks when you press a button) and a fire that you can use the extinguisher on? Maybe a door frame to test the barricading on it? Also let's not forget things like gene therapy, chainsaw/abrasive saw, bow, flare gun. I just bring a lot of new people to NMRIH and I wanted to show them a few things before we jump in the game. Could anyone make this? EDIT: As an addition, I thought it would be nice to have bulletproof glass cages to show the different types of zombies in them: walkers, runners, children, crawlers, army zombies (which could be runners or walkers, I guess), and maybe even one where zombies constantly spawn and get set on fire and become firey runners before dying? Just to show my peeps the kind of threats the have to watch out for.
  13. It just hit me. Wouldn't it be cool and make sense if the characters would have slightly different abilities based on their background or the source material they are inspired from? Before bashing my idea, hear me out: Molotov, a firefighter/possible pyromaniac, could be better at using fire axes, fire extinguishers, and obviously molotovs. Wally, being based on the hot-tempered character from The Big Lebowski, who seems to carry a gun with him everywhere, could be more effective with handguns. Badass carries a backpack so perhaps her inventory could hold 50% more stuff. Maybe she could also be more efficient with bandages since... she's used to taking care of bleeding, lol. Butcher is a... butcher, so he could be more skilled with knives and meat cleavers. Maybe the abrasive saw too? Bateman is based on the psychopath from American Psycho, he could be more skillful with some melee weapons like the machete, the hatchet, the fire axe, and definitely the chainsaw. Roje seems to be some sort of war veteran and is blind from one eye... so he's used to seeing things with one eye only. Maybe he could be a better shot with scoped rifles? About Hunter and Jive, we can't deduce much about them. Hunter is a smoker so maybe he could carry with himself a different lighter that makes better light, while Jive gives me the vibe of the stereotypical drug dealer type, so maybe his interaction with pills could be different? All these changes could come in the form of having increased damage, increased range, more health healed from a healing item, using a healing item faster, or using less stamina performing certain actions... Something probably necessary to prevent having people using the same characters over and over for a certain skill or having more than one character in a team, would be to assign different characters randomly to the players as they join a server. I remember someone saying that not having characters with different abilities is the way the devs wanted it to be, but I think this would be a cool feautre if it was an optional way of playing it other than the default "all characters the same" way. "Character skills" could be a tickable option for the server host. What do you guys think?
  14. I shouldn't mention this here but since you guys brought up the achievements, Toxteth Dark does not give the Toxteth achievement on completion. And although I would like to have those achievements for abrasive saw, pickaxe and cleaver, what I would really like is an updated list on what's coming... I mean at least that.. not the update itself, just wanna know what other weapons and features are coming.