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  1. Hey guys, I finally managed to complete this custom map solo, after dying a few times in silly ways (like being crushed by the closing gate in part 2). Here's all three parts: Part 1, going through the train: Part 2, exploring the mines: Part 3, finale in the town center: Let me know what you think! I'm doing Subside again next, but this time with the 8x bigger inventory like I did for Miner Detour.
  2. Porkchops, where can I find nmo_emergency_1906 ?
  3. movie

    I just tried it. The environment quality is a bit ehhhh but objectives are certainly original. I died before I could find the last two covers, but I lost a lot of time because I didn't really get what I was supposed to do, and the objectives are in French. The other text, that was in English, was only a flash, and I couldn't read it promptly, especially since it comes paired with French text as well and it doesn't make it immediate for me to notice that there's English underneath. Anyways the map is nice, a bit easy on the zombie side I guess, but I don't mind. I saw a lot of drawers and car trunks that could be opened but there seemed to be nothing to collect, and some switches for the car lifts, not sure if they can be used to crush the zombies. I noticed some items spawned twice, like after you collect one, a second one is still there in the same place as the first item. Anyways thanks for making it
  4. So I run a listen server for just me and friends, and I noticed that all the custom maps don't appear in the list of maps when we want to vote for the next map, or to change the map. I know I can use the console but for that I need to know the exact map name, and also I prefer the vote system. How can I make the rest of the maps show up in that list?
  5. Hi there, we tried this map last night and we had a lot of fun. We made it to past the part where you use the green key and have to go down the ladder. So far the only thing I can think it was a bug or that it could be improved on is that on the first door that you have to open by rotating the cubes, when you peep through the crack in the door, it only lets you do it for 1 second. I wonder why? It makes it very hard to check how the bars on the other side are being moved, it would be better if a player is allowed to peep through the crack in the door without being kicked out of peeping.
  6. After setting the dynamite and going up the ladder, there's the placeholder space for a second health crate, but I've never found that one, can someone tell me where to find it?
  7. I was gonna include this map in the list of custom objective maps but the link is dead..
  8. nmo_resident_evil_revelations: download link dead nmo_ravenholm: added nmo_harvest: joke map, not real NMRIH spirit nmo_in_the_dark_V2: added emergency 1101: updated existing entry emergency 1908: can't find it nmo_corpsington: added nmo_anxiety: added
  9. I've been updating this list recently, if there is any NMO map (which plays as an actual objective map and not something else) that I missed, let me know.
  10. Hey there, are you Italian?

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    2. Short Drop

      Short Drop

      I am too. From Taranto.

    3. RevenantGhost


      Cool! :D Well, add me on steam, lets talk there instead of here :P

    4. Short Drop

      Short Drop

      Added and invited to a Steam group about playing Resident Evil Outbreak online, check it out, it might interest you.

  11. Do you know why?
  12. No, I don't have any technical problem. I just haven't played the game in a year or so and I would like to go back to it once it finally has a new update and then play all the custom maps I haven't tried, like yours.
  13. Looks interesting, wish they would release this update already so I can finally go back to the game.
  14. They're all dead, probably. They've actually turned into zombies. I've been playing some Resident Evil Outbreak online recently. These two games are actually very similar.