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  1. There’s a typo in the name of the topic. It says “nmo” instead of “nms.”
  2. Great work! But there’s still a bit of a problem with the objective getting stuck on “Proceed to hospital.” It happened twice in a row. I suspect this might be caused by players entering the hospital before the gun store. Not sure, though.
  3. Great work, looking forward to playing episode 3.
  4. Nice map, thanks. It’s fun to play and it seems pretty well-balanced, but we weren’t able to complete it yet. Looking forward to playing it again, hopefully a new version. Some of the players spawn somewhere on the streets in the middle of the map. We got stuck at the “Leave the building” objective once. I think this may have been caused by players spawning on the streets and doing some objectives out of order. It’s just a guess, though. Some buildings have transparent textures, but you probably know about these. There are at least two giant “Error” missing model things out on the street. There’a mesh door you can pass right through. It’s at the top of the stairwell in the building you can access with the green key. I would adjust the lighting outdoors. I think the silhouettes of the zombies look too dark compared to the buildings, the fog and the sky. I don’t think the number of kid zombies is too high, they are fun to run away from, and there’s plenty of room to do so. A guy got stuck in the safe door when I opened it (at the very beginning of the map).
  5. Great map! Here’s some feedback: I think the ending is a bit too easy and anticlimactic compared to the really hard runner spawns in the elevator room and by the police car. Consider adding more runners/kids somewhere around the helicopter LZ. The cart can start moving by itself and roll all the way to the end breaking the objective in the process: https://youtu.be/uU94E7fSTMM?t=56s It’s easy to get stuck on the pipes by the fire (by the way, a couple of crawling zombies in that vent would be really fun to deal with). You can break the mesh you’re supposed to weld by shooting at it, but the objective won’t update. The rightmost of the first boxes you can jump on in the electrified water room has a really unpleasant invisible wall corner close to it. It makes you turn slightly to the left when you jump. There’s a lot of minor visual glitches, like pieces of cardboard floating above the floor, mirrored plan of New York in one of the buildings, etc. But you probably know about these.
  6. Tried it. Doesn’t seem to help if you’re the only man left. The zombies just slowly push you back up the slope, it doesn’t look like you can apply enough damage with just the melee, so I see why “going alone is not recommended”. That’d be cool. I’ve never seen anything like this on other maps, but maybe it’s just luck. Is your monitor calibrated to gamma 2.2? http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/gamma_calibration.php One more thing I forgot to mention: zombies can attack and kill players through some locked doors (like the one you have to weld open, or the one that leads to the yard with the car).
  7. I’ve yet to see anyone come out of that forest alive. There are usually 1­-3 players left at this point. Even if you’re very cautious, you tend to run out of ammo when you get closer to the boat, so you have to get back up to the crate to get some more. Zombies will respawn and you’ll eventually run out of ammo again before making it to the boat, rinse and repeat. Any tactical tips? The zombies can’t seem to be able to climb on top of the table on the porch, close to the generator. This makes it the safest spot to fight the runners you’ve released from the kennel. If you’re able to get there once you’ve opened the gate, that is. Oh, and there’s a bit of a glitch that occasionally breaks the game when someone tries to pick up the key: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=219629213 The key may still be somewhere on the floor separated from its outline, but we weren’t able to find it. Also occurred at the compost spawn once, iirc.
  8. How do the ammo boxes work? At first I thought you could have as much ammo as you want, but when I came back to the box later it was empty.
  9. Cool! The hitsound on the tanks is a welcome addition too. I don’t think it was there in beta 1. Did you consider adding a sort of a low fence? Like the one that surrounds the barrel, but with a locked gate? The players would be able to jump over it and get the key, but it would stop the zombies leaving the area in a visually plausible way. Then again, the players can’t climb over these fences in the rest of the garden (which is annoying). But you could add some junk by the fence, like the deckchair and the air conditioner that help you climb over the porch railings. I think the lighting is much better in the new version, you can actually see where you’re going when you’re carrying propane tanks and keys. The forest is still very dark and spooky, so it’s definitely not too bright. It’s funny, I always thought that midsummer nights in northern countries are supposed to be very short and bright. Up to the point where the sun never actually sets and just makes a complete circle in the sky. But I guess the combination of heavy clouds and tall trees could make twilight very dark anyway.
  10. Thanks for making it! The hardest NMRIH map by quite a margin. We were able to get to the part where you have to refuel the generator, not much further. Have to play some more, downloading beta 2 now. Some late feedback on beta 1: I had 2 crashes immediately after picking up the härbre key (when it was in the spot closest to the härbre itself), and 2 at the end of the round when the last survivor died. The zombies at the spawn were really fun to deal with. There’s a perfectly safe way of getting out, so I’d put them back in. But without visibly spawning them in midair. Maybe closer to the door? Or higher up? It’s kind of hard to figure out that you have to shoot the propane tanks. If you shot the tanks 3 times at close range and absolutely nothing happened, there’s no good reason to continue shooting. I don’t think I would have made it past that spot without meleeing the tanks just to prove that you can make them explode by applying damage. Or using the walkthrough. And it seems that you have to sacrifice someone if you failed to shoot the tanks with the gun. Is there an alternative way of detonating these? I really didn’t like the way you spawn zombie kids right in front of the player when he tries to pick up the härbre key. I’d spawn them in the bushes or somewhere close so that you can’t actually see them materialize from thin air. It’s strange that the zombies that spawn close to the key can’t seem to leave the area around it. I guess it’s working as inteded, but it looks really bizzare.