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  1. Going to start off by apologizing if a suggestion similar to this has already been posted. Anyway back on topic; Ammo Crate, I know what you're thinking an ammo crate full of ammo to loot... wrong. I love the temwork aspect of this game especially when a group shares ammunition and medical supplies. When I first played this game I was lucky enough to find a server with a considerate player who placed all the extra ammo he found on Zone A, this way we could have more players on point protecting and him out looting. After a few rounds he came back with a health crate and placed it in its place, and this got me thinking, why not have a place for an ammo crate(its empty)! It's purpose would be to place spare ammunition and let other players be able to obtain the type of bullets/shells they need. It could have a menu similar to the supply drops. Although this suggestion might not be game-changing, it's purpose is to keep the player's "armory" organized. (Sorry for any spelling/grammatical issues typed this on my phone) Suggestions by other forum members: Demo-Ability to also store weapons
  2. I see your point; maybe once all the key features for NMRiH have been added or fixed this could be added as a smaller feature to the game.
  3. Yes like I said in the original post, forgive me for any grammatical issues, I did submit this via phone
  4. Could you please show me where in the thread it says you will get infinite ammunition? Don't just read a title and imply incorrect information; actually read what it has to say.
  5. The idea isn't to be able to obtain more but store your current supplies to keep organized
  6. Well personally coming from Dead Frontier (Been playing since 2011) I hated that people with no skill could do so much better than me just buy droppping IRL cash and no-lifing the game to gain attribute points. If you ask me this will only work out for everyone if you make the points gained temporary or set in an options menu, WITHOUT the ability to gain more.
  7. You're right, being able to store weapons would be nice. But to offset this there will have to be limitations. We could have a certain of weapons and ammunition before the Crate became full.