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  1. Hi, Since I'm done with source and moved onto other projects, here's an archive containing all my unfinished source maps. Fell free to use them for whatever. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1676604/indev.7z If you're missing some textures, they might be in https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1676604/materialss.7z'>here (csgo and ins tex fixed up to work in nmrih, use at own risk)
  2. Hello fellow survivors. To download, click this fishy looking banner: okay, that's not working. Just click this then I guess. Mirror: http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/maps/188104 Please report any bugs you find. Playing alone not advised. If a moderator could move this thread to finished maps, that would be nice! Changelog v5: fixed and changed extraction cam (for real this time) fixed not all players spawning fixed delayed shack respawn fixed an issue preventing spawn door to open when players > 4 fixed obj2 door opening direction and delay fixed zombies destroying ammo boxes without spawning ammo fixed missing filter setting on elevator crank trigger fixed unnecessary entity usage of barricade boards fixed breaker objective glow changed spawn positions of the sewer gates changed zombie shack behaviour and collision changed some clips into toolinvisible to include physics collision changed some textures added a melon added some variation to the tnt objective added more detail to some areas (cellar, weed shack) added even more clips removed storage area barricade points (nobody used those anyway) removed a couple obsolete prop_dynamics and generally optimized entdata usage (99,99% entdata) Changelog v4: fixed a couple issues linux servers were having fixed the blue key being affected by explosions fixed the extraction cam (hopefully?) fixed a few issues involving respawn fixed map not counting players correctly fixed the ammo box spread amount fixed the generator objective having the wrong entity glows fixed the grate making a breakable sound when hit fixed trigger not counting breaker amount correctly added glowing levers to make the positions more obvious added barricade spots for the cabinet rooms added more spawn locations for the green key added a new area to the wine cellar added a teleport trigger for the battery in the elevator shaft added loads of player and physic clips added more detail to some areas minor things etc Changelog v3: fixed extraction not working on the bad ending fixed some weapons being stuck in the wall at second respawn fixed missing counter digit textures fixed visibility issues in the watershaft fixed a few nodraw textures removed canister and added an additional grenade instead removed a couple weapon spawns to save entdata remove boards from the supply crates replaced the metal door in the generator room with a better one to avoid zombies blocking it replaced a couple textures and sounds added a couple more clips added props to make map borders more clear added a timer of 30 seconds to the parking garage door 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  3. You can do that though. Just remove nmrih\sdk\bin\steam_appid.txt and launch hammer.exe directly or through a shortcut.
  4. try weapon_fists or weapon_fist
  5. make_triangles:calc_triangle_representation: Cannot convert The source engine heavily relies on models to have triangle representation. Maybe you added a model to your map that uses a quad somewhere? I also found that high entdata doesn't always lead to problems. The only thing that will eventually cause issues, is when you either reach the maximum amount of replicated edicts, or you cause a buffer overflow in net message (basically means you reached the hardcoded limit that is set for the buffer that holds all the data being sent to the client on connection). But all that isn't transparent at all and some edicts don't even show up in the diagnostics even though they should. Technically they aren't static. They just have their own container and hence count towards their own limit afaik.
  6. game_player_equip does not work because nmrih has its own inventory management. What you can try however is make the player entity 'use' a weapon entity. Create a trigger that makes the !activator (in this case a player) fire 'use' on a weapon entity.
  7. >Overlay touching too many faces (touching 86, max 64) It's a fatal error
  8. It's not perfect, but it's a WIP.
  9. While this might seem useful at first, I advice you not to use this. The modelindizes do not persist between map and game versions, meaning that a future nmrih update is going to break your map - hard. Then there's also the issue with the animations and collisionmodels which do not change with the model since the command is purely cosmetic. Worst case scenario being a crawler here.
  10. lol
  11. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Func_clip_vphysics or toolsinvisible (will block both)
  12. Are you sure those ambient sounds aren't part of the music? Two things you can try: - turn off the music using the music_manager entity (might need periodic refires) - make a soundscape script file named soundscapes_mapname.txt and use that as the standard soundscape. No sound replacing necessary example: "null" { "dsp" "1" "playsoundscape" { "name" "zombiehorde.distant" "volume" "0.01" } }
  13. You can't protect maps from decompiling. There's always a way
  14. I kind expected this would happen to some people, that's why the wall doesn't open when there's no nmo file present. Also don't play v4, it's broken. New version here: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12393
  15. It would probably need a specialized sourcemod that onLy activates on this map. Tricky.
  16. Not a fix at all. A temporary fix if anything. Missing HDR cubemaps on official maps are disastrious imo.
  17. Yeah I removed it. Was more annoying than useful anyway. np bae Nice, that's why it's there
  18. Oh thats a nasty mistake. Should probably get hotfixed
  19. sure feel free lol Also updated map to v5, finally. Check op. There's one known issue though. If not all players get into the van on the bad ending the map won't finish.
  20. yes, and the walls block LoS now. I agree Good Idea, I'll look into that
  21. Neat map. I liked the objectives a lot, very creative. The map has some really weird stuff going on though. Killer candles, upside down rooms etc
  22. "I don't give you permission to use this map on an unlimited ammo/gunmenu server." lol, if only that worked