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  1. Well im back to make maps for nmrih.. Exams are finally over and it had been a long semester... Engineering you know :/.

  2. nms_industrialpark?
  3. I'm almost done with 2 maps i've been fiddling around... Probably going to stop mapmaking for nmrih already. Not much appreciation apparently... Besides, my exams are coming

    1. TUSK3N1337


      Are you done with mapmaking for nmrih? Thats sad to hear but this is a free to play game people come and go.

  4. Not sure if anyone noticed but there's a spelling mistake on the sign in the first picture..
  5. Well I'm not going to waste my time googling every single one of them. Besides, its his idea that he wants to convince others to support. He should at least put in effort for it.
  6. Dude. Provide some images man. How hard is it to just google it? Anyways I agree with carmakazi on the medieval weapons. Its not that common and you probably can only find it if you visit a museum,replica shop or castle... Besides it doesn't really fit into the current theme,so i doubt the devs are going to add them in. I think we should be focusing on household tools or makeshift weapons instead.
  7. Heh. I use the kitchen knife.. Talking about full autos... I'm still waiting for a full auto rifle and a riot shield... :/
  8. Sweet. Thanks!
  9. LOL
  10. Hey guys, I know this might have been asked before, just want to bring the topic back up again,will there be Steam Workshop support? I think it might reach out to the community more.. Not a lot of people who play in my server know where to get more content for the game. Was hoping that the addition of the workshop might pique the interest of more people to participate in content generation.
  11. Good idea. Though I think aim down sights should be disabled when you dual wield pistols with the riot shield.
  12. I believe the game dev already said that he wasn't going to add the AK. There is already a sniper rifle coming up...no need for the barrett.We already have the M4A1..No need for the M16. Riot shield and baton anyone? :/
  13. @Madithamonsta. We already have semi auto rifles and bolt action ones already. No point suggesting one that's already in the game... What we lack is an LMG that is powerful yet has enough flaws for it to be balanced. I think people might use it if its powerful enough and then discard it after it runs out. @KaiserCREB Thanks for the pics lol. KP31 Suomi looks promising.
  14. Looks good! Can't wait to try..
  15. Oh yeah, I forgot about the stamina and inventory. That's a good thought for the repercussions of the gun. Also, since they're going to add dismemberment to the game,it'll be nice to see the SAW fire chew through those limbs and slowly tear up those zombies.