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  1. Aw yeah congratulations dude
  2. Thx for reporting guys. Shouldnt be a problem anymore, i made some fix with the saw and released v 1.1 of my map
  3. Aw yeah people the day has come to celebrate the return of one of the most badass character in horror movies. How to celebrate this comeback in NMRIH ? By releasing the final version of my Evil Dead map !!!! That right im finally releasing it to celebrate the new show Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz. It now features Evils Spirits that will hunt the players in the later waves. So grab a boomstick and go kick some deadites ass back where it all begun. Look it up in the finished maps section
  4. Thx man . Ive just released the version 1.0 at this very moment so feel free to try the definitive version of the map. Hope youll enjoy the change.
  5. Alright guys im finally doing it, the final version of the evil dead cabin.Im now focused on finishing the map to celebrate the upcoming show Ash vs Evil dead. It will be the most polished release featuring a new entity that will hunt the players outside in the later waves, a bit more polished environment and more tweak to the guns and ammo placement to bring the defenitive version of the map. It will be coming soon so stay tuned guys
  6. Both link are fixed. Thanks for letting me know xD.
  7. Brillant map and concept. Better than the movie. Fap/10 !!!!!
  8. That cave look incredible. Cant wait to see this in action. Youre very talented dude !!!
  9. Absolutly epic map !!!!! Get quite intense and require good teamwork to get throught. Will defenitly play agen.
  10. Well it probably the case. I had the same problem with my map and i didnt experience any crash since ive deleted the molotov cocktails.
  11. Look very good. Dat atmosphere XD
  12. When i hosted the server, i could say it was a success thought we failed to complete it most of the time but i can guarantee that the map is perfectly doable.I really loved your map. It was richly detailed and the randoms events were good and unexpected. Really loved the choice of music and sound effect when you lose Zone C. Pros: -Great attention to details. -Great choice of music during key events. -Challenging. -Scripted events really added to the atmosphere. Cons: -Can be a bit confusing for newcomers. -Some bugs, like one time the zeds coming from the corridor couldnt break the door, had to restart. -Some areas are a bit too dark. -People get hurt pretty bad when going to the roof by the stairs because the trigger_hurt is too close to the doors,perhaps making a small trigger_hurt brush with only NPC flag checked can resolve this And that is pretty much it for now, keep up the great work dude, love your ideas.
  13. Bring it on dude. Love these kind of open survival map. Look very good so far, cant wait for the open beta.
  14. This look fantastic, i will probably host a dedicated server with your map.
  15. I will upload my lastest beta to gamebanana when ready and probably the hardcore version that im working on as well. Btw thanks for uploading the beta2 version of my map to gamebanana. Edit : Woah you actually updated the gamebanana page. Thanks again dude.