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  1. Yea, just going to leave this here.... http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11221
  2. install sourcemod & metamod first, then throw the plugin into that. Search is your friend. Or you know, just get good at melee like a pro.
  3. I'll assume everything is working now? ...and my friends called me a nerd for pursuing a degree in Network Administration. Phooey!
  4. What if you started the servers with a SRCDS shortcut and set the port distinction in the properties? Are you also defining port usage in the server.cfgs of each? I know it seems odd, but when the same application is grabbing traffic through multiple ports, it often will cross traffic as it closes/initiates new traffic - such as a map change. The traffic just views the NMRiH application and doesn't differentiate the specific instances of it running. Perhaps my first two suggestions would help each instance keep to its assigned port, since the BAT file only structures its start up.
  5. Yes, actually it is. There is an obvious distinction from the normal red gas cans, both chainsaw ammo and explosive. Troll attempt: Failure
  6. This is new with the update - and it's spamming my server console. Problem or something new to get used to?
  7. 1. Install Dedicated server 2. Install Mods/Plugins 3. Connect Tunngle and run server on VLAN If you need elaboration, Google will be more than happy to help.
  8. Fixed, no need to thank me.
  9. I generally opt to use my fists instead of the .22 weapons. I hate them that much.
  10. I'm a fan of perm banning - my server's ban list is around 30 IDs long. I leave friendly fire on for the added struggle in-game, and have only banned team killers so far. You know, the ones who start the map and just start killing everyone on purpose. Generally, I'll join in the game in the midst of their rampage and start banning once I'm fired upon. Since I host my own server (on a virtual machine) and have dual monitors, I can leave the console up in a corner and just keep an eye on it throughout the day to see what's transpiring. The votekick plugin wasn't working for me, and I found that only perm bans stick through map change, so that's the route I went. If anyone wants a Steam ID list of jerks to add to a ban list, be sure to let me know. ; ) I'd gladly see it replicated to other servers.
  11. I keep a collection of WOD Vampire books - but can never find a group to play with. : ( I think the wife may have finally junked my dice too. Woes me.
  12. College isn't concerned with your creative thinking, as that is not the purpose of it. They are not interested in uneducated thoughts and beliefs. The goal of colleges is to catch you up to modern principles and theories, so that you may use these as a springboard for your creative growth. Once you have been taught the concepts and made known of the criteria, you are able to rationally take everything into account when expanding on your own. They are not there to be challenged or debated, but to bring you up to speed. Without this "regurgitation," every new generation would have to re-discover the same concepts over and over again. Colleges fast-track prior learnings so that you may continue on in the studies which have been accomplished before you. Am I saying all the teachings at colleges are optimal and correct? Not at all. It's just relayed knowledge of where the field stands at this point in time. Once you have been properly caught up on all aspects are you free to challenge and create. As for "life," yes - we are composed of molecules and compounds, arranged nicely enough into this organic being we call our body. We are vessels that grow with cell division, consume energy to survive, and eventually wither away with age. That's exactly what the science of it is; they didn't mess anything up on it. When you get into the "meaning" of life, that is beyond the scope of science. The sciences attempt to focus on aspects that effect each of us equally, and they try their hardest to find aspects that apply universally throughout space. The theories of gravity, relativity, etc etc. The meaning of life is a term that can only apply to us individually. The meaning of your life doesn't have to be the same as mine, or as an Arab girl in Iraq, a 1950's coal miner in Russia, an ecologist in the Antarctic, or even that of a slave building the Great Pyramids. Our individual meanings are spawn from personal perspective and the experiences we encounter from conception forward. Infants are born as blank slates in this world and only know what they're exposed to since. Science can not determine a global or universal meaning of life for everyone. It's only a question that we can answer for ourselves, yet our society is continuously concerned with answering questions for everyone else. Humans are addicted to power and seem to desire to define the "meaning of life" for those around them.
  13. "You described my classes, not my team!" -but the classes are what makes up your team. "SO WHAT?" Please link all this "shit starting" I've been doing. It seems that the further you get from public support, the more "cave troll" you become. ...Just beady, shifty eyes while you sit all alone, pointing fingers at everyone else. Let me explain AGAIN, since you fail at reading time and time again, the debate is on optimal success rates, not on the number of times you die. As we've established, ONE player can solo a map. So your 'player 1' solos the map, and everyone follows. That makes the whole team great? You're not kidding, are you? You really do think like this; it's not just an act? You mean to tell me that you honestly believe these things you're saying? Wow. The devs didn't "agree" with you, they merely stated that the game is meant to be played with a cooperative group. Notice they didn't say, "with a shitty group containing 1 strong player and his carried weight." Your point has been driven into such a laughable state that it's hard to even compose serious responses to your naive topics anymore. I believe you feel the same by the looks of your last two posts. You've run out of juice for your 'mediocre at best' idea. ...lmao "last time i checked my team doesnt die." Last time I checked, I solo'd the map with only a fire axe. So by your logic, I guess that makes my Army of 1 superior to your gun-toting team of 'super squad alpha'. Don't even try wrapping your mind around a group of us play together - talk about easymode. As this topic has been thoroughly examined and proven that the "tactical team" listed is not an optimal strategy, a good locking should be in order. I expect nothing further but bitter lamenting from DKG.
  14. Wrong. You've labeled your team as the following: 1 Strong, experienced player 1 packmule to carry meds/ammo 1 player to watch the exit/rear 1 player to act as support You're too busy throwing insults and looking through your blinders to view logic and reason, as I've previously stated. We have all expressed the ignorance in which you speak, but you refuse to listen. Please just delete your account and never post again. You are wrong. Your team is wrong. Your way of thinking and viewing the world is wrong.