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  1. I only edited a config file because I was following a tutorial here which linked elsewhere. I'll read the NMO tutorial. I'll try to find a tutorial on how to make a room in Hammer.
  2. Sounds like a great idea. Someone needs to recreate the Kardashians house and make skins of Kanye West and all of them walking around zombies, you can go shoot. I'm kidding. Or am I?
  3. So, I read up on how to setup Hammer Editor for NMRIH.. some thead here that pointed to other websites. So, I start following a tutorial and it points me to edit a gamecfg.txt file. His location of the file wasn't even correct. So, I found the file and started editing it. Some things didn't seem right, some things seemed already done for me. Has things changed since maybe that tutorial came out? I have not used that Hammer Editor in a VERY long time and even when I did try it back then I got confused. I'd be happy to find a tutorial that just shows me how to make a single square room for now, add textures for a wall, and be able to spawn as NMO. From there I can progress.
  4. This sounds awesome!!!
  5. I will try it with quotes tonight, even though the name had no spaces. What does just get "sm" and make it 10x easier? I assume SourceMod is SM? I have that installed on my server because we're using the infinite ammo mod and weapons menu.
  6. I am just wondering.. if I set an MOTD, why shouldn't it automatically pop up and display when someone joins. This way they can see our website info if they want to check us out and other games we play.
  7. Yeah it works now.. I didn't realize I needed a Maps folder and a Scripts folder on my FastDL. We played Dead Labs for the first time last night. Hospitality V2 is one of my favorite maps so far.
  8. I logged in with Rcon I think. I tried kick playername.. says user not found. How to do it from within game? I don't want to have to go to my website control panel every time. Is there a command for switching maps too?
  9. Well bzipped or not, the FastDL should still work, right? Just sticking the 3 files on the FastDL and on my server. It's not working. We're only running Objective maps, so Hospitality V2, Zephyr, and Dead Labs.
  10. Yeah, I think I'm giving up. This is all complicated. bzip only outputs a file complete.txt at 1k and a bzip file that's 1k. But anyway, even so I should be able to use FastDL with the 3 original files.. bsp, nmo, etc. It keeps saying I am missing the bsp. I do not want my members to have to copy the files over manually. Just so frustrated nothing is working. Rcon is useless so far.
  11. Seems it only works when it wants.. for me I hardly ever get infinite ammo.. others seem to always get it.
  12. I just thought I'd say I've only had my server a short time so far, but I've had no problems. I'm running off their New York Server since it's closest to me. All of us in the United States get a decent ping. My friends ping is like 5 and mine is about 15. I have a member in Australia, but that's not the servers fault. One member in the United Kingdom plays fine. The server started automatically setting up after I made payment and I think might have only been 5 or 10 minutes. Accessing FTP and TCA admin couldn't be easier. Any other problems a such as setting up certain stuff is all on me, because this is my first time running a server.
  13. I have no clue how to use that bzip.. it downloaded, I said I didn't want a desktop icon.. it didn't put it under my start menu.. boo. So, I reinstalled, took a desktop icon. I ran it.. it creates a folder with complete.text in it and complete.bz2. What crap. I installed it already. Most unfriendly software ever. This is really pissing me off. I uploaded the bsp, nav, and nmo to my redirect. I can see them there. I try to connect to server and it says I need bsp.
  14. Here's what I understand.. maybe I am wrong: Maybe I am confused about what FastDL is. When someone clicks join game will it automatically download the map for them into the correct folder? Because, I looked at your link and it takes me to files ending in .bsp.bz2. I guess bz is some sort of zip. I questioned my server host about it. You know, I'd rather not want to leech off you.. that's your bandwidth and what not. My server host has a fast download already setup and said I can use it. They gave me a "fastdl redirect" which is included with my hosting and gave me my username, password, host, and port, but I've no idea what to do with all that. I sent them a message, just waiting for an answer. I have a similar URL like yours with my name on the end, just no files in there yet. I am guessing the login info they gave me is FTP where I upload the files and when I insert that redirect url in the server config then it'll all work, correct? Do I need to find some kind of software to zip into bz2 and upload or just upload the bsp file? And, thanks for all the help so far.
  15. Thanks very much. I can login, but most commands do nothing for me.. such as "givecurrentammo" or typing to give a certain gun or ammo box. I don't want to cheat.. I did just get infinite ammo to work which is good for now. We just want to give our members something to start off so they don't die so quick and sit around bored waiting for next game. Once they get used to game we'll take it off. Do you know off hand is there a command to change maps from rcon?