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  1. You can look at some screenshots from nayors blog log http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=950
  2. Have you fixed the respawn thing about respawning on the right side.
  3. This is only server-side models and will not work in any client if you not rename it to the exact file name.
  4. Thank god for the Molotov fix but the crash about sourcemod still remains? I know its not something you can do about but does anyone know need response from the army guy with the helmet. And can you implement the menu so it shows on the screen?
  5. There Has Already Been A Discussion About This Read Here! http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11023
  6. I have tested a couple of scripts but the only problem for me is that it will crash then I have to press OK on the error message for it to restart. I want somehow the error messages to disappear to it will auto restart that is what serverdoc is doing closing error messages auto but then I cant auto update it. Its alot of problems with srcds. This is my Currently Script Im Using; @echo off cls echo Protecting srcds from crashes... echo If you want to close srcds and this script, close the srcds window and type Y depending on your language followed by Enter. title srcds.com Watchdog :srcds echo (%time%) Using SteamCMD to check for updates. start /wait C:\SRCDS\SteamCMD\SteamCMD.exe -command +login x x +force_install_dir C:\SRCDS\SteamCMD\Vanillarankserver +app_update 224260 +quit echo (%time%) srcds started. start /wait C:\SRCDS\SteamCMD\Vanillarankserver\srcds.exe -console -game nmrih -pingboost 3 -nohltv -nobots -nocrashdialog +ip -port 27016 +tv_port 270239 -insecure +map nmo_junction -tickrate 300 echo (%time%) WARNING: srcds closed or crashed, restarting. goto srcds
  7. The only thing that comes to my mind is do you have the .nav file for every map?
  8. No More Updates?
  9. I know, I checked it out before But Im Not Willing To Pay For Something That I can do for free. Wow I Sound Like A Jew.
  10. Hi I been hosting nmrih and cs go servers on my gaming computer wich all works perfect, the problem is when im not home I cant manualy update the servers so they will be down until I come home. I am currenly using serverdoc and its good and all but I want the servers to autoupdate so I made a script to app_update 224260 everytime the server starts/restarts but then the error message "Runtime Error! R6025" Came up and the server would not restart until I clicked "OK". So Im Using serverdoc to close the error message but I cant autoupdate it. And I have tried to disable the error message in windows but It doesn't work. I am now using a script to the command line; -autoupdate -steam_dir ../ -steamcmd_script nmrih_update.txt login username password force_install_dir ./nmrih_ds/ app_update 224260 exit Got It From Here I am trying this out but I will need to see if it works the next patch.
  11. Go to steam then your libary then right click on No More Room In Hell, Then Press Properties Now Go To The Third Tab "Local Files" And Click The Button That Says "Verify Integrity Of Game Cache" It will search trough your files and see if there anything missing! And the scripts/dps_Preset.txt doesnt even exist lol.
  12. Cool I will check it out later putting them in my servers for now.
  13. Hmm did you read my idea lol. Great Map and the idea of special zombies didnt even know you could to that. I am really looking forward to where the map is going!
  14. It sounds amazing, coming back with feedback after I played it.
  15. If someone isnt able to join the server and still want to see what the map looks like to you I have uploaded a video here; Its rendering atm it will take some time before its up! Idk why its black in the middle of the video Uploading tomorrow again