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  1. This is how you edit the nav mesh to make the zombies jump down from things or climb up to something. Video: http://youtu.be/4fUvhOkov6s Text: Start the map and type this in the console: nav_edit 1 go to where you want them to jump and draw an area out over the jump using these commands: nav_begin_area nav_end_area then mark your new area: nav_mark select the corner that is in the air: nav_corner_select (make sure you have the right corner selected, if not, just type the command again and next corner will be selected) nav_corner_place_on_ground the area should now stretch over the jump, do it with the other corner also: nav_corner_select nav_corner_place_on_ground mark it as a jump area: nav_jump then connect it to all the other areas: nav_mark move mouse over the area you want to connect and type: nav_connect to make the connection bidirectional: nav_mark move mouse back to old area nav_connect do this so that all areas are connected with a teal line. nav_save restart Might be hard to follow. But just watch the video. Hm... I think the quality of the video will improve after youtube has properly processed it. And yeah, if you work with the nav mesh you should probably bind the commands to keys by typing: bind x command for example: bind j nav_jump Now when you press j you will create a jump area. Edit: Oh, and thanks to durkhaz who showed me how to do it.
  2. Hey! New map made by me and durkhaz. We hope you'll enjoy it! Any feedback will be much appreciated. Features: New game mode: Team survival Gold/buy-system Zombie upgrades Picture: FULL Gameplay: http://youtu.be/WIXjY5obqHM Map guides: Guide by Aketi Guide by 41488 Download: SERVER HOSTERS READ THIS: >>>> Respawning does not work if the server has realism enabled. >>>> If you run the map 24/7 please reload the map every few hours or so! Not reloading for days may give rise to strange bugs. >>>> Running this map on casual is a bad idea. Using a non default tickrate breaks the map as well. V5: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1676604/nmo_dodgeball_v5.zip V5 Source: (only for mappers) Source VMF + assets Changelog V5: How to play it: Download the zip-file and extract the content to: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\nmrih\nmrih\maps Credits: Music: Junior Senior - Move Your Feet DJ Fresh - Gold Dust The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - The Golden Age Katzenjammer - Le Pop Custom props: Trophy - cjay (made especially for this map, thanks!!!) goldbars - cjay (dito) DLT speakers - Di[M]aN Spiral staircase - captain0terror (retextured and propperfied) Soccerball - octoplasma Playtesters: Aketi Mr.Halt HisMadness Lee Everett PonchoDaPig Stings2Pee
  3. It has to do with the server also. When I ran the server from my own computer it worked perfectly. But when I tried to run it from jestservers it lagged with a lot of zombies alive.
  4. A Swedish Midsummer! (part 1) Story: Some called it a zombie apocalypse, but Björn did not believe it. His neigbours were just as dumb and mindless as always. Therefore he decided to invite you to come and celebrate midsummer as usual. Little did he know that opening cans of delious surströmmning (rotten fish) would attract the neigbours (and upon closer inspection they actually seemed a bit sickly). Having taken one too many schnapps, and in no shape to handle such a problem, Björn brilliantly suggested you should all go hide in the wine cellar while sobering up. Somehow, the plan did not work. The zombies are still outside, and the wine cellar smells bad since Björn pissed in the corner. Pictures: Videos: Teaser: http://youtu.be/MwfJ3Hvw5MY Gameplay (from old version, when it was darker): http://youtu.be/HjN4AdYmCXU Credits: Music: ??? - Helan Går Lok - Bedragaren i Murmansk Custom props: Shrubs/cliffs - Norpo Trees - Moroes Curtains - Pedroleum Boat - Redistributed by Tonight /A/ (retextured and propperfied by me) Bed - WaterPyro (retextured by me, also removed power 4 displacements) Latus - RadioRob (retextured and propperfied by me) Fence - Espilon (retextured and propperfied by me) Photo: Bengt Nyman I would like to thank thegregster101 for posting the VMF file for Hershel's Farm. Without it I would NEVER have been able to create this map. Having a WORKING example to learn from is about a thousand times more easy than trying to follow some outdated tutorials for things that are no longer working... And thank you to Abilities, billionlioe, CalebMichal, Dr Hammer and grasn for answering my questions in the forum. Download: v1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/0ecq3fg45qxz33b/nmo_sweden1_v1.zip Also, here is the VMF file. http://www.mediafire.com/download/o9dmhilfcyaquhc/nmo_sweden1_v1.vmf Please look through it and tell me how I can improve. I have never used the Hammer editor before. I did a lot of mistakes and wasted an insane amount of time trying to correct them. If you are looking at my map to learn, just have in mind that I am NOT an experienced mapper, so the way I've done things might not be the best way, it might even be completely wrong. Actually, my map is pretty broken to be honest and it's really hard to get the compile to work. I will not bore you with the details of my suffering, but I'll give one example: Deselecting player clip from the visgroup will break the light. Anyways, I don't mind if people modify the map or borrow elements/setups from me as long as you: A ) Give me credit. B ) Don't cause any confusion, i.e. if you modify my map, it needs to be CLEARLY distinguishable from the original version. (For example: If you think it is too dark and want to make it brighter. Then change the map name to nmo_sweden_daytime and then in the in-game message write: "Made by Socialstyrelsen / Brightened by XXXXX". I was planning to provide you with a zip-file of all the custom content to simplify modifying the map, but I realized I'm probably not allowed to redistribute the stuff I did not make, so you have to download or extract it yourself. Also, if you want to modify the objectives you have to temporarily remove the game_texts containing the credits or the NMRObjective.exe will crash. I will continue working on the map of course. I have gotten a lot of good suggestions about things to add and change! Language lesson: Glad midsommar! - Happy Midsummer! Surströmming - Fermented herring http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surströmming Härbre - Old storage house http://translate.google.se/translate?sl=sv&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=sv&ie=UTF-8&u=http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Härbre Norrbaggar- Old derogatory term for Norwegians http://translate.google.se/translate?sl=sv&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=sv&ie=UTF-8&u=http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norrmän Socialstyrelsen - National Board of Health and Welfare http://www.socialstyrelsen.se/english/
  5. Hey! I run a pvp server 24/7. Currently it is only playing nmd_sweden though and people want more maps. Any chance we could make a pvp version of evildeadcabin? It would be very fast to just copy over my entity setup for the pvp mode. Please tell me if you are interested, all I need is the vmf and permission to edit it.
  6. Hey! I run a pvp server 24/7. Currently it is only playing nmd_sweden though and people want more maps. Any chance we could make a pvp version of paradisefalls? It would be very fast to just copy over my entity setup for the pvp mode. Please tell me if you are interested, all I need is the vmf and permission to edit it.
  7. Sounds like some plugin conflict. Does it work if you create a local server (main menu, create server)?
  8. Sounds very strange. I don't know how to reproduce this bug. If you are running the server 24/7 I recommend reloading the map every few hours. It seems a lot of strange things can happen if you run it for days without reloading.
  9. Updated to v3! Please report any bugs! Durkhaz would love to fix them!
  10. A Swedish Midsummer! (part 3) Story: Björn is dead and without going into details, let's just say he deserved it. It's been rumoured though that his research team at the hospital where he worked was close to finding a cure for the zombie disease. Sadly the results got dispersed as society crumbled. At his death bed Björn claimed to have the answer, and then he died with a smug grin on this face. Now you're at his house searching for clues, but so are a lot of other people. Who can you trust? Who is already infected and spreading the disease? Better be safe than sorry... KILL EVERYONE!! Game mode: DEATHMATCH! Gameplay video (goofing around with grenades): http://youtu.be/mQz8xTGb2o8 Features: When there's only one player left, he will be declared a winner and the round will restart. If there's only one player at start it will enter a "waiting for players" mode. When another player spawns the round is restarted. If no winner has been declared within 3 minutes all dead players are respawned. Download: NOTICE!!!: This map is pointless unless the server has friendly fire enabled. I also recommend increasing the sv_friendly_fire_factor to 0.5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0w23quakitdr4xz/nmd_sweden3_v7.zip Changelog Also, here is the vmf file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3s3n6093r1yrrgg/nmd_sweden3_v4.vmf I don't mind if people modify the map or borrow elements/setups from me as long as you give me credit. All the entities for the deathmatch mode are out on the road + a trigger that covers the entire map. Copy those and you'll have your own deathmatch map. Credits: Music: Evert Sandin - Gärdebylåten Custom props: Shrubs/cliffs - Norpo Trees - Moroes Curtains - Pedroleum Bed - WaterPyro (retextured by me, also removed power 4 displacements) Latus - RadioRob (retextured and propperfied by me) Fence - Espilon (retextured and propperfied by me)
  11. I tried 2 min respawn but then it was actually a bit hard to win if there weren't enough good players. If you were the only one killing you still could not win because there wasn't enough time to run around the map finding where the noobs where hiding. If there are 2-3 good players though, players that actually engage and don't hide away like the noobs tend to do, then the matches are usually very fast, 1-2 min, and you don't have to wait long for next round.
  12. I don't know. I haven't tested. But I'm not going to add them back in. They aren't very useful in pvp anyways.
  13. I love this map! I might not be entirely objective, but still. =) PVP is awesome. More PVP maps please! Also updated to v7. Changelog: Added weapons at respawn (to stop people from hoarding weapons and camping like little girl scouts) Added a bit more ammo "We have a winner!" is now declared faster than before Recompiled the doors so that they have handles Removed a lot of console spam about missing door_options and no vphycis model + some other minor modifications
  14. I think in the new version some of the ammo types will spawn 3 boxes each time, instead of only one.
  15. Yes. The current version works though: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8831 But it really needs some quick fixes because a lot of people think it is broken due to how some of the objectives are setup.
  16. That is one hell of a challenge. Good luck! Yes. It works exactly like that. There's a setting called Spawn Regeneration Target. It is explained like this in the editor: "Dead zombies are cleared for live ones over 2 minutes time to reach this percent of live zombies." Different areas use different numbers. The forest is set to 10%, inside the main house is set to 1%. Yes. If you move too far away all the zombies in that area will disappear. And when you come back they will be spawned in again at 100% (Spawn Regeneration Target doesn't matter in this case). It works like this in all objective maps, but not in survival maps. Spawn Regeneration Target will use line of sight to spawn zombies. So if you see 100% of an area no zombies will spawn even if the Spawn Regeneration Target is set to 10%. But if you turn around zombies will start to spawn until they reach the target.
  17. I don't think such a placement would help people understand. It would just add more confusion. Also, I think it's a bit like cheating if you can see the enemy's scoreboard. You can still figure out what they are doing if you pay attention, spy on their vending machines etc. Having their scoreboard visible would make it too easy. I agree. We have tried to explain the basics in-game using posters. But if you don't know English it's a problem of course. Maybe we could make a Japanese version? If you help us translate... Do you have Photoshop? Then I could send you the pictures and you can translate them, then I put them in-game.
  18. I'm trying to use InputSetCode for a trigger_keypad. When I send a number from a logic_case it works. But when I send a number from a math_counter it tells me it's the wrong type. I guess it's a integer, and that the trigger_keypad only accept strings. Is there any way to convert an integer to a string, by sending it through some other entity or something? I'm trying to create a completely random four digit code generator, and everything works up to the very last point, where the trigger_keypad refuses to accept the input.
  19. Oh yeah, that's a real piece of beauty! But check out this baby: That brick texture! So sexy!
  20. Here are some pro tips: Zombie upgrades stack. ONLY the zombies YOU spawn (by opening gates) will, upon death, recieve the upgrades and be served to the enemy team. The firetraps (gascans) burn for 3 minutes. Ghost zombies are immune to fire. The runner button sends runners to the opposing team. You can have a maximum of 10 runners (they do not count towards the 50 zombies alive limit). The panic button appears after 2 min. It can only be used once. When you buy weapons you always get 4. Ammo is unlimited after you have bought it. Trophies give you 1gold/second. Grenades can be thrown to the opposing team's side killing trophies and infected players. If you tip the 1000 gold price over, you can realign it by clicking mouse1 and then forward. Clicking e, mouse2 or jumping should make you exit. Anyways, that's all for now.
  21. About time this thing leaves beta. Updated to V1. Changelog: Improved the nav_grid (fewer safe spots) Added reflections to the windows Recompiled the doors so that they have handles Removed a lot of console spam about missing door_options and no vphycis model +a few more minor modifications
  22. I have the same problem. I thought the nmrih_extract_preview would affect all players, but it only affects one. I was trying to use it for a small cutscene, but nope. RevenantGhost, did you find any solution?
  23. Ah, yes, you're right! I changed the point_viewcontrol for a nmrih_extract_preview and tried it a few times, and it seems to work now. It's kind of hard to be sure though because of the randomness. But sadly, the nmrih_extract_preview functioning like that has caused me some other problems: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11443
  24. It's not a solution for me. I need it to only affect one player. And the nmrih extract preview affects all players. =(
  25. Hey! Such a nice little place! I really like it! Lots of details on the inside. Very grey/brown and depressing. It really feels like you are stranded out in the middle of nowhere and you want to survive and get the hell out of there! But I'm wondering, we completed wave 10 but there were no extraction. Is it bugged? Or did you not add one? Even if you don't want to add a custom extraction you should at least add a nmrih_extract_point and link it to a func_nmrih_extractionzone, so that people get the "all survivors have been extracted" message. Pretty anti-climactic when nothing happens and it just restarts. Another very minor detail I noticed is that the table tops in the kitchen has no draw on the bottom, and when you crouch (for example if you have boarded up that entrance) you can see it, and it looks glitchy. Thanks for a great map though! And I didn't find it especially hard. Made it on the first try. But I played with experienced players so that probably explains it.