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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to keep it short and more to the point rather than making it potentially too large.
  2. Hey again. I'm applying to voice act some Zombies for NMRiH2; below is a reel of my zombie impression, if its good enough to get into the game, you decide! https://www.mediafire.com/?xfc57h46e9bcw7p The first ones are for the shamblers, then runners, then a reaction to being shoved away from players, and then something for when players are grabbed for a zombie (just an idea). The demo reel has not been edited in the slightest, and I use a Blue Yeti Microphone. Let me know if you need more VA done. You can contact me at Email: ChrisDeryals@Gmail.com Steam: Coolz™ (I have the Coach avatar) Phone: Inquire via email Or this thread.
  3. Hey everyone! It's been quite a long time, and once again, I'm applying for the Level Design position, as well as a composing position now. For a few years now, I have been practicing with Source Engine Level Design, slowly getting better. I've recently gotten into contact with Nay0r, who has encouraged me to re-apply, so here's what I've got. Click Here For the screenshots Music Composition Moving on to composing, I have been creating ambient music for around 1.5 years now, starting out creating small tracks for Dead End for the hell of it, however, composing has grown to something much more than just a random hobby at this point. While I'm sure, with Thought, you're perfectly all set, I thought I would apply for this anyway. Here are a few examples of my works. Here is a link to my Soundcloud profile as well, if you want to see the rest of what I have, music-wise. In addition to encouraging me to reapply, Nay0r also told me that, for 1.10, you guys were looking into getting the public to finish off some of the old No More Room in Hell maps that were left unfinished. I am willing to participate in this, if needed. I can be contacted at "ChrisDeryals@Gmail.com", and if necessary both Nay0r and Thought have me added on steam. Thank you for considering my application.
  4. Feel like I'm spamming this thread with stuff, but one last update before I get off.
  5. Hope I got the mood right this time
  6. Revamping the layout a bit and experimenting with the art-style. What do you think?
  7. So, its basically been a century since I last updated this, a lot has been happening and I have had to focus on Dead End once again, however I do have time to pick this map back up (hopefully for a while now) While I do not have any map-related progress at the moment, I do have some early pieces of custom music for the level. Some of them are tracks I made a really long time ago and never used, and some of them were made specifically for the map. Heres a link to them. Keep in mind, this is very early and criticism is welcome.
  8. Sorry I haven't updated the map-- Dead end is still in progress, and I've been working on getting it released lately, so I can focus more on this map. I've created zone B, and made more of the layout. Zone B Since the balcony is overpowered, I've made it so there is only one entrance and one exit, if they get stuck between zombies and the exit, they're in trouble. Players could be smart and jump off the railings, but the fall damage just barely doesn't kill players, so that isn't too smart a move. I've also added a second-floor spawn point right next to zone A, which is very risky, but I think it'll make the map more difficult.
  9. Did a quick compile and took some in-game screenshots
  10. How about this? As for the storage area, I'll probably put a lot of clutter around to filter the zombies (and survivors)
  11. Allright, so I took some screenshots of the map's layout currently, and here they are. Top-down view of the level Side view Zone A I feel right now that zone A is too generic, but for now it's fine.
  12. So, I saw a few threads in this category followed a blog-esque style, and I thought, "Hey, I'm making a map and I like that style, I'm gonna do that!". You may be wondering why I am creating this survival map, and to put simply, I'm making it to get better at detailing industrial areas, which I can't currently detail realistically. As a person who has lived in pretty much the middle of nowhere for most of their life, my personal experience with cities and their buildings fall very short, and pictures off the internet can only help so much. An example of my, while pretty, very limited knowledge on detailing in a L4d2 project (is it just me or is this stormy picture a ton like nms_notld?) Moving on to the Nmrih related stuff, the concept for my nmrih map is simple. First off, the story: "The city is falling to the hordes of the undead. The National Guard, failing to contain the hungering zombies, are forced to pull out, leaving what remains of the living to fend for themselves. The survivors hear through the radio of this, and, predicting the route the National Guard will take to leave, the survivors head them off and take shelter in a long-abandoned warehouse. Their plan? hold out until the remnants of the National Guard arrive, hopefully stopping long enough for the survivors to leave with them. How long is it going to take? Has everyone died? Worst of all, what if they already passed by?" And now the 'unique' gameplay feature: There are no supply drops. Supply drops would make no sense if they were included. Everything the survivors need to hold out is already spawned inside the map, and it is up to them to ration what they have correctly in order to survive the horde. This feature leads to my working name, "nms_scarcity" There is probably a reason such a thing hasn't been done before that I'll find out down the road. I already thought of a few reasons, but honestly I want to see how such a map would play out. Currently I'm working on the layout, and I'd show some pics of that but its pretty late and I probably should go to bed. I'll take some and show em off tomorrow. What do you think of the concept? (Also, I commend you if you actually read through that wall of text)
  13. So I couldn't sleep last night, and rather than do absolutely nothing lying in bed, I decided to actually do something productive and spent the rest night making a song. I've been playing a lot of No more room in hell lately, as well as listening to a lot of it's amazing soundtrack, and it rubbed off on this song quite a bit. What do you think about it? Click here for The song
  14. Well, I'm pretty late in replying here... To be honest, I half expected the comments to be pretty negative. But ThoughT wants to put this in the game? Never in a million years. Of course I'll give you the file. I used REAPER to make it so it'll be in MIDI format. I'll message it to you. I also have a couple of themes (mostly ambience) I was planning to use in my custom map (when that's ready for release-- I'm taking a lot of effort into pre-planning) But I'm only currently planning on using one. Let me know if you'd like to take a listen to those as well, because I really don't have a use for them anymore.
  15. So I was screwing around in my music software (that I mess around on when I have spare time and am bored of mapping) and I think I got some good music for the loading theme of No more room in hell Though its not really consistent with the existing themes...but what the heck, I'm posting it here anyway so people can enjoy it. Please let me know what you think of it. http://www.mediafire.com/listen/mg9yp1marddlafg/ADyingWorld_flute.ogg