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  1. Bump; Updated the map. Download - https://www.mediafire.com/file/4666s8dm428kepi/nmo_quarantine_v2.zip
  2. Map Name: Nmo_Quarantine Description: Hard map without coordination; Pretty large map too. Contains two different locations; the city streets, a large sprawling sewer system, and... more city streets converted into a make-shift quarantine. Examples of some objectives are: Digging up peoples graves to find gas, defending an area for two minutes before rescue arives, and listening to npcs talk because why not >:) One paragraph long backstory: Weeks after a military occupation in New York was overrun by the dead, the survivors are clinging to life within a small laundromat. With supplies waning and tensions growing, the survivors are forced to take a risk that will either save them or kill them; leaving their safe haven and trying to get into the quarantine, within which the last surviving soldiers supposedly still reside. With means of escape. Link(s) to at least 3 screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/304L9 User names of everyone who has worked on it and a link to their Steam account: My steam ID http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085019947/; Nay0r allowed me to use some of his models as well, and as DrHammer put it, hopefully you know how to contact him A list of all who contributed assets and how we can contact them: See above Download link for a zip file containing all necessary files to run the map: https://www.mediafire.com/file/btnbb67r5dbb0ag/nmo_quarantine.zip Link to thread on this forum or our steam one that is about your map:
  3. Story- Weeks after a military occupation in New York was overrun by the dead, the survivors are clinging to life within a small laundromat. With supplies waning and tensions growing, the survivors are forced to take a risk by leaving their safe haven and getting into the quarantine, within which the last surviving soldiers supposedly still reside. With means of escape. Screenshots- https://imgur.com/a/304L9 Gameplay- Design wise, the map has many common objectives found amongst the nmo game-mode, with some new and hopefully interesting twists to objectives as well, such as defending an area from incoming hordes of zeds, requiring more tactical planning and teamwork than normal objective mode in some cases (though its certainly not impossible). Download (current version) https://www.mediafire.com/file/4666s8dm428kepi/nmo_quarantine_v2.zip Update- * Added more detail to inaccessible areas * Clipped off the dumpsters and whatnot you could previously climb onto * Removed a custom texture that I had thought I had already removed and thus hadn't included with the map * Removed specular mapping on the brick trim seen on many buildings around the level; too shiny. * Tweaked the z-spawns * Fixed several texture issues within the sewers * The overpass goes somewhere now * Tweaked the nav mesh * Fixed soundscapes * melon * Added more detail into the quarantine and overall made it harder to defend while closing the gate * Added that one guy who boarded all the doors up from the outside, only to be unable to get back inside after barricading it. :> * Pretty much fixed all the bugs listed in the comments so far Special Thanks to Askia- Playtesting Suspicioustoad- Lagging during the playtesting, and showing me exactly how hard the map can be. Fersigal- Playtesting; being really helpful Nay0r- really cool guy , let me use some of his models ThoughT- if only I could have gotten those custom music tracks to work for everyone lol And of course You Download (old): https://www.mediafire.com/file/btnbb67r5dbb0ag/nmo_quarantine.zip
  4. I spent most of today working on the loading screen for the map! It's still pretty rough, but it's a start.
  5. So, as of late I've been working on the ending of the map. My plan for the ending is that essentially, the soldiers are stuck in a building surrounded by zombies with no real way to get out alive. So the players have to activate a siren to draw the zombies away to allow the soldiers to escape, and eventually commandeer a helicopter. However, the siren draws a horde of zombies to the players, who have to hold out for around 2 minutes, similar to nmo_chinatown. After those 2 minutes are up, the survivors 3 minutes to push through the horde, blow up a wall (maybe extinguish a fire), get to a rooftop, and then light a fire, after which the helicopter arrives and they escape. If the survivors fail to complete the sequence in 3 minutes, they are over-run. As you can tell, the ending will be quite intense , and I'm putting extra care in the layout to make sure it doesn't end up too hard to complete and remains fun. On a side-note, ThoughT remade one of my themes for use in the map! (what a nice guy!) Hopefully I'll have some screenshots of the layout next time.
  6. So for the last few maps, I've been working on a custom map I'm calling "nmo_quarantine". The story, right now is pretty basic at the moment; the survivors start in several buildings surrounding a parking lot (similar in style to Toxteth), get into the sewers, break into a military quarantine and help out the surviving soldiers, who eventually commandeer a helicopter and evac the survivors. At the moment, not a lot is done as I'm not focusing on the entire map at once, rather, I'm creating each of the four sections (spawn, then sewers, then quarantine, then escape) in separate vmfs, which should help ensure the final layout is as best as it can be. Here are some screenshots of spawn. The layout of this area is still very early, but I think it will work for the most-part; for the moment there is only one building players spawn from, but there will be at least one other building to spawn from eventually. Some pictures of the sewers I recorded some of the play-testing as well. And last, but not least, the quarantine! Not a lot of progress has been made with the quarantine layout-wise, though I have play-tested a few versions of it and when I get around to it, I'll get the entire section playable and put up a video. I'll try to keep this up to date, I swear.
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to keep it short and more to the point rather than making it potentially too large.
  8. Hey again. I'm applying to voice act some Zombies for NMRiH2; below is a reel of my zombie impression, if its good enough to get into the game, you decide! https://www.mediafire.com/?xfc57h46e9bcw7p The first ones are for the shamblers, then runners, then a reaction to being shoved away from players, and then something for when players are grabbed for a zombie (just an idea). The demo reel has not been edited in the slightest, and I use a Blue Yeti Microphone. Let me know if you need more VA done. You can contact me at Email: ChrisDeryals@Gmail.com Steam: Coolz™ (I have the Coach avatar) Phone: Inquire via email Or this thread.
  9. Hey everyone! It's been quite a long time, and once again, I'm applying for the Level Design position, as well as a composing position now. For a few years now, I have been practicing with Source Engine Level Design, slowly getting better. I've recently gotten into contact with Nay0r, who has encouraged me to re-apply, so here's what I've got. Click Here For the screenshots Music Composition Moving on to composing, I have been creating ambient music for around 1.5 years now, starting out creating small tracks for Dead End for the hell of it, however, composing has grown to something much more than just a random hobby at this point. While I'm sure, with Thought, you're perfectly all set, I thought I would apply for this anyway. Here are a few examples of my works. Here is a link to my Soundcloud profile as well, if you want to see the rest of what I have, music-wise. In addition to encouraging me to reapply, Nay0r also told me that, for 1.10, you guys were looking into getting the public to finish off some of the old No More Room in Hell maps that were left unfinished. I am willing to participate in this, if needed. I can be contacted at "ChrisDeryals@Gmail.com", and if necessary both Nay0r and Thought have me added on steam. Thank you for considering my application.
  10. Feel like I'm spamming this thread with stuff, but one last update before I get off.
  11. Hope I got the mood right this time
  12. Revamping the layout a bit and experimenting with the art-style. What do you think?
  13. So, its basically been a century since I last updated this, a lot has been happening and I have had to focus on Dead End once again, however I do have time to pick this map back up (hopefully for a while now) While I do not have any map-related progress at the moment, I do have some early pieces of custom music for the level. Some of them are tracks I made a really long time ago and never used, and some of them were made specifically for the map. Heres a link to them. Keep in mind, this is very early and criticism is welcome.
  14. Sorry I haven't updated the map-- Dead end is still in progress, and I've been working on getting it released lately, so I can focus more on this map. I've created zone B, and made more of the layout. Zone B Since the balcony is overpowered, I've made it so there is only one entrance and one exit, if they get stuck between zombies and the exit, they're in trouble. Players could be smart and jump off the railings, but the fall damage just barely doesn't kill players, so that isn't too smart a move. I've also added a second-floor spawn point right next to zone A, which is very risky, but I think it'll make the map more difficult.
  15. Did a quick compile and took some in-game screenshots