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  1. Oh, I wasn't meaning it like that. I used Characters instead of Skins.
  2. Me and my teammate were waiting for the extraction, but apparently we were a bit too close to where the helicopter was going to pick us up. It crushed us. While hilarious, I felt that I should report it.
  3. Distinguishing the Skin by its occupation wouldn't be right would it? Each Skin is basically defined by a trope that takes place in a classic zombie movie. You've got the Blacksplotation guy, the grizzled old man, the mysterious loner man, and a redneck. Sure, a bumbling rent-a-cop wouldn't be amiss in this line-up, but so far the Skins have no obvious occupation. It wouldn't be consistent, design style wise, to add a uniform to the mix.
  4. Understandable. I think a possible quick-fix for it would be to stop giving points for Infected team killing, and give points whenever you get extracted, since that status is being tracked already. Then again, what do I know. I'm not a programmer.
  5. Batman all along. (oh wait, this thread is super dead, my bad.)
  6. Oh, but ex Vietnam vets who love to bowl are just fine then? :3
  7. Does anyone else find it weird that the only way to get points on an objective map is to kill infected teammates? I'm kinda tired of seeing negative scores. :/ A few servers have this nice little plugin that keeps a score for a player whenever he completes an objective, kills a zombie, or gets extracted. It also deducts points for TKing, but I don't think that would be necessary for regular non-friendlyfire objective maps. One point for each objective completed when you are alive, 10 points for reaching extraction. Perhaps a bonus point for opening secret areas, like the gun shops and keypad rooms. And yes, keep the points for killing infected team mates. Actually, no more points for killing infected teammates. It sends the wrong message.
  8. Not far enough for my liking. It would be understandable for the bigger weapons, but the pistols and lighter weapons should get more distance. Is there any noticeable difference in the throw distance between melee weapons? I don't think so, but I could be wrong. Actually, there should be more of a visual windup in the animation. Possibly make the animation slower to allow more charging. Oh, and an addendum to the whole Throwing thing, why not enable pickup-able items to be thrown? Probably not the objective items though, since that would allow so much trolling .
  9. The welder has the throwing animation, But no matter how long you hold G, all you are going to do is drop it, not throw it.
  10. I am mistaken, apparently you can throw Guns. There is no animation, and It doesn't affect zombies at all. As for the distance, the farthest they can go is the width of a sidewalk. Which is appalling D:
  11. Nope, You can only Throw Melee Weapons. You can't Throw Guns, or Welders. (Although it gives a throwing animation for the welder, it Does go far at all.)
  12. Right, I'm just throwing some Ideas out here. -So you're running (at a brisk walking pace) for you life from a horde of zombies in an alley. Your pistol is out of ammo, and before you lies a zombie blocking your exit. The gap behind it is closing, and so is the gap between you and the zombies behind you as well. You'd need to shove the zombie at least twice to make it past it, but you wouldn't have enough time would you? Unless... You were to throw your pistol like a melee weapon. (Gasp!) It would make a pitiful Amount of Damage of course, It might not even push zombie back. But there are all sorts of possibilities for such a mechanic, such as throwing a gun to a teammate that is out of ammo for his own gun and is almost surrounded by zombies. -Gasoline shows up EVERYWHERE. But where are the chainsaws to use this gas? Most of the time, NOWHERE. The only reason to carry the cans are to have extra ammo for a Chainsaw that you might find. Which will rarely happen. If only there was a possible use for it, such as, oh I don't know... Predetermined spots to pour the gas and light zombies on fire using a lighter? Burn baby Burn! -Speaking of potential ways to cause some serious damage, I believe there could be a way to use that neat wired plug feature on some new kinds of objectives. Namely, ones that involve dynamite. Think about it... You bring dynamite to an objective, then you bring a wire that is connected to the now static dynamite to a plunger, and then CABLOOEY :3
  13. I'm not going to suggest an actual gun, but I think it would be nice to have a Weak Automatic LR Pistol. Shooting quickly in the DARK isn't as fun without a flashlight.
  14. The flashlight and the Lighter are the only items that have a hotkey.(F) And yet, you can scroll to them using the mouse wheel. This usually happens to me while I'm surrounded by zombies, which wastes precious seconds. My point is, why have the lighter and flashlight scroll-accessable at all? (I am aware that you could simply Hold 1 and Select the weapon you want, but this game is all about realism isn't it? And it wouldn't be normal to pull out a lighter when you are trying to switch through your available weapons as the zombies come to get you would it? No, you would have your lighter/Flashlight in an easily accessible place separated from your other crap for when you actually need it.)
  15. Hat Trick: Three zombies, One bullet. Forget someone?: Ditch your friends, be the only one to be extracted. Laz-R-Us: Respawn your entire team by yourself a number of times. Senior stockpile: Reach max weight with nothing but ammo, medical, and support items. Stir crazy: Break open first door on an objective within 5 seconds. (basically complete first objective crazy fast.) Psych!: Kill an infected team-mate 5 seconds before extraction leaves. Seriously m0WNED: Be swarmed for the first time. (Die within 2 seconds of being hit by a zombie by being killed by another zombie.) Click, click, aw sh-: Die within 3 seconds of firing the last of your ammo.