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  1. NOTE: A white overlay with buttons asking to "wait for process" IS NOT A CRASH If you experience a crash with "hl2.exe has shut down unexpectedly", please look to see if an MDMP crash file was created and either attach or provide a link to this when you post. This file will help greatly in tracking down what is causing the crashes. These files can be found in your "(steam install directory)\dumps" directory. PLEASE READ http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6600'>THIS THREAD!!!
  2. You can change back to the default theme if you want using the "Theme" link on the bottom left of the page
  3. Looks like Gravatar was turned off... should be better now.
  4. It's the default IPB skin (our old one was incompatible when upgrading) - I think we're going to be looking to reskin it to something more appropriate soon.
  5. It seems that it may be the case that we have so much custom content, it's too much for the engine. Our materials folder clocks in at over 2GB alone! Because of there being so much, the engine ends up doing one of three things when trying to load our maps: 1) Flat out crash (hl2.exe has stopped responding) 2) "Failed to lock vertex buffer" 3) "CMDLCache Out of memory!" Note that the amount of memory your system has and the amount of memory your graphics card has have no bearing on how much the program can load -- hl2.exe is a 32bit program, so it is limited to a maximum of roughly 2-3GB of memory. When it reaches this limit, kaboom. BUT WE HAVE A FIX! There are two solutions to this. 1) Play with your materials set to "MEDIUM". This will load lower resolution versions of the materials, and will consume much less memory. If you are on a 32 bit operating system, sorry, this is your only solution! 2) Make hl2.exe LARGE ADDRESS AWARE. This makes it so that, even though the program is a 32-bit program, it is able to access the full range of memory available on a 64-bit machine. How do I make hl2.exe LARGE ADDRESS AWARE? 1) BACK UP YOUR EXISTING hl2.exe -- I can't guarantee this will not break yours! It is located at (STEAM INSTALL DIR)\steamapps\(USERNAME)\source sdk base 2007\hl2.exe 2) Download "Large Address Aware" available HERE 3) Run the executable inside this zip 4) Click the button next to the 'Step 1: Select an Executable' text box and point it to the hl2.exe in your source sdk base 2007 folder (from step 1) 5) Make sure the check box for 'Step 2: Large Address Aware Flag' is CHECKED. 6) Hit the giant 'Save' button. Load up NMRiH -- you should now be able to play without these crashes! ... I hope. It's worked for me so far. Let me know if this works for you!
  6. The main game (224260) is classified as "Free on Demand", which means in order for your account to access it you have to "buy" it from the store (even though it is free). The dedicated server app (317670) new with 1.09 is part of the anonymous user package, so it is freely available to every account, including when logging in anonymously to steamcmd. It's recommended to use this one to host your servers, since it comes with all required srcds stuff as well.
  7. Are you using the new dedicated server app id (317670)?
  8. Sounds like a virus to me.
  9. It has two methods on it, not sure if you can call them from SourceMod or whatever: SetAmmoType( char* szType ) -> this would be the "ammobox_9mm", "ammobox_45acp", etc SetAmmoCount( int count ) -> this would be the amount of ammo in it
  10. I don't think there are actually separate entities for the different ammo boxes - they're all item_ammo_box (or whatever the classname is) with a different ammo type and count set. The random_spawner has fake class names that it just uses internally to set the appropriate ammo type.
  11. I did (although 2x 970 is $100 MORE, not less, than a single 980). They came on Thursday. I'm loving them so far - especially the supersamping.. I can basically play games at 2x/4x resolution and have it downsample to 1440p.. most games are able to do 4k at ultra settings and still hit ~60fps. Oh. And they're huge. I had to rearrange my hard drives to get them to fit
  12. It may not recognize the nmr_shared.mdl being in a completely separate location. Have you tried just copypasta'ing the one out of the vpk into your directory?
  13. Bought my laptop; bought the parts to build my desktop. Boring story :/ edit: Except my keyboard is Canadian. Not sure how I feel about that yet.
  14. We're completely standalone - there is no need to have HL2. Have you tried validating your game cache? Right click on No More Room in Hell in your library list -> Properties -> "Local Files" tab -> Verify Integrity of Game Cache
  15. I've never used either, really, so I'm not sure. From what I know about RPG Maker though it's basically a JRPG-template game maker, no? The only issue you'd run into there is you'd be somewhat forced to use that style of RPG, where with GM you'd have more freedom to do other things but would probably have to do some of the stuff yourself that RPG Maker does for you.
  16. Looks like an interesting project.. are you doing it in GM Studio?
  17. If you both were playing together the whole time, I don't see why one of you would get it when the other didn't. I know we have had issues where achievements occasionally don't register until the next time you join a server - have you still not received anything after joining other servers?
  18. Looks like there was an issue with Steam. Should be fixed now, according to Valve. Any luck?
  19. Have you tried these steps? http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2296945 edit: maybe try deleting that closecaption_english.dat file before running a validate
  20. No current monetization plans that I'm aware of besides youtube ads I guess. Trying to come up with one would be a massive can of worms that none of us want to touch, if nothing more than because of the sheer number of people that have contributed to the project up until this point.