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  1. Yeah i guess the ideas that John is making is really good. I changed my opinion. His original explanation of what this topic is really going for is good. Support +
  2. Yeah I did notice this on Some Maps, but it doesn't work on every map, like the mall, the place next to the pharmacy where it only has 3 entrances. The board can also go on bottom or top, but 2 boards above or below do not work. 1 board or 2 board, i say
  3. Yeah you are right, BUT whne you check out the nmrih hiring! sub topic in forums, the developers specifically look for slow animators for their projects, because they want to game to be slow. Like i said, L4D is more fast paced, and i guess sometimes move moving. They want the game realistic i guess.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT 1. Runners are the very crucial part of this GAME!!! The game SHOULD NOT remove runners, BUT as you said, it could be an option. I don't think thats a good idea. Next thing you know, many games have no runners and NEW players become bored, because the runners are really the zombies that make it 50% more difficult for the survivors. 2. Zombies attracted to sound? I know the developers are trying to make this game realistic, but then again, if zombies are attracted to sound---> obviously new players are going to be like "What is this, left for dead?" Zombies attracted to sound is a bad idea in my opinion.
  5. Thank you! it has definately helped my in NMRiH!
  6. Read title. So, basically I want to tell some people that the building/construction hammer is NOT UNDERPOWERED, because I HARDLY see ANYONE using it or even carrying it around. So, I have come to explain to you guys how I play, and I think it is a crucial and valuable part. You can try to copy this playing style, for it will benefit your teammates. Not trying to tell Devs to actually make classes, just explaining a game playing style Main explanation for playing style- defend home "base", and organizing the loot drops, like weapons, ammo, etc. Also kill any zombies that are near home, so the other fighters can safely escape to home to regroup or restore ammo or health. ________________________________________________________________ Playing style- ADT Home Security Where you stay near "bases"- places where players gather and loot and drop items like pills, ammo, guns, etc. You probably saw these places before. These locations are commonly located near- 1. Places near supply crates, Health boxes, etc 2. Camping spots/ "safe" zones where Zombies cannot reach you What you need 1. A good weapon/gun that you will occasionally use to kill zombies that have penetrated "base" defence 2. Building/construction hammer- as depicted in my signature, used to block entrances 3. wood planks to block up entrances, any amount is good since there is no limit on how much you can carry What you do 1. Block entrances, like doorways into the "base". IMPORTANT- USE ONLY 1 PLANK on top of the door so players can crawl under the doorway, but still prevent zombies from entering. 2. Organize ammo, pills, weapons, etc 3. Kill any zombies that are breaking defenses, OR also kill zombies near the base instead. 4. USE flaregun to spawn in supplies and gather up FEMA bags in survival zone defense to help teammates Why would I want to play this game style?? ADT playing class in very crucial for fighters who fight against the zombies. AS THE GAME gets harder and more zombies appear, IT IS CRUCIAL to have a good "base" so that the fighters can rely on that safe base to recover, restore, and replenish their supplies. Also, by organizing guns and ammo, you make it easy for fighters to switch weapons when difficult situation rises. Also, preventing zombies from entering "base" is very important. You get to survive with your teammates. Gathering FEMA bags will help the team keep zones and survive, and using flare gun to spawn in vital supplies are good, especially when everyone else is busy fighting zombies. I might edit this post as new updates come, and if new things are added. Please leave feedback!
  7. update/upgrade graphic card, or as the profile picture guy with a guy stated, YOU SHOULD probably check the game options- video- and advanced or sum ting like that.
  8. SINCE NMRiH IS BASED on Valve "Half life 2" SOURCE, can't they just add one of the skins and voices from Half life 2? Maybe use garry's mod? Isn't the game stuff "sort of" compatible?
  9. I didn't know you could actually throw weapons! Thank you i can throw knives at zeds now
  10. yes! finally this game is recieving attnetion! thank you for supporting game. What video recorder do you use? fraps?
  11. Yes, it was called crosshairs, but I forgot and i couldnt find it on google because i didnt know the word and it wasnt on yahoo answers. I support the disapproving replies, because it will definitely tell the developers/team how we (The players who replied to this topic) feel about crosshairs. Thank you
  12. Thank you for the feedback. However, melee system is a bit weird for me, but I have read and I am getting better. And Firearms are hard to get before FEMA comes, due to lack of ammo. I always try to shoot head shots.
  13. Ok so before the pro players and MLG people starting yelling, The melee in this game is a little weird. 1. Holding left mouse for a couple seconds and shows animation of "holding" weapon, and when i click it attacks and gets good kill 2. just clicking left mouse. 70% chance that I get hit back by the zombie if it is not a 1 hit kill. 3. Nothing else I need help with the melee tactics/guide, INCLUDING instructions WITH DEFAULT CONTROL keys, because game does not have it
  14. Bump! (Need for future editing and announcements)
  15. Yeah so I have played this awesome game for a while now but It feels like it is missing something, maybe because I have played other FPS games with Zombies, like Left For Dead 2, Mods in Garry's mod, etc. IMPORTANT I know that game is not fully developed and finished. I am providing ideas/ suggestions, as the forum topic suggests. I would also like to receive feedback from developers/team. I AM NOT COMPLAINING about LAG, GLITCHES, ETC! Vanilla things about the game! The main things that REALISTIC Zombie games have is (WHAT I suggestion/idea for this game. Also stating vanilla problems) (I assume The team wants to make it realistic by the looks of this game already) 1. Larger maps This is very crucial here. For example, In many maps like The one where the survivors are basically stuck in a house with a second floor, I forgot the name. Players want to move around, not be stuck inside a house and maybe a little outside!. HOWEVER, I am NOT saying that it should be like Left for dead 2, where the players ALWAYS have to move around to win. I think players would enjoy the game more if they had more space. Some maps do have adequate space, like the map with the mall and the outside. 2. zombie counts in survival and "zombie number limits" per wave are boring It is sort of difficult to explain what I mean here, but basically in survival mode there is a number of left top corner of game screen showing how many zombies are left. Although it is useful to players, It removes suspense and not very fun, BECAUSE players use flare gun to spawn in more helicopters and loot crate, call for more, etc when they see that there are only about 6-7 zombies left. It will be more fun if team removes it because obviously, it will "force' the players to ACTUALLY MOVE around to find zombies, instead of camping somewhere. Also, zombie count is basically unrealistic, something I hope that the Team is not trying to achieve. [sub topic- Adding a timer for each wave (ex. 10 min to kill all zombies in wave 1).? Forces players to actually move and speeds up process, builds INTENSITY and suspense, which is like the whole purpose of zombie games- to provide players with deadly zeds and make them survive through it. 3. Camping spots Read above. Now before you complain/say something about it, I know that not all maps have camping spots, but I have been in a couple games where the players are above in the roof where there is a good drop point for FEMA helicopters to drop supply crates. You need to go up a ladder, and there are only 2 entrances.No zombies can reach there. WTF! Like I stated in Number 2, it sort of makes the game more boring because the players know that they are safe. DEVELOPERS need to remove these camping spots, EVEN THOUGH they might be "realistic", drives the game very slow. Zombie games should not be like this! For now, these are my current problems for the game. I hope that the developers/team will take these ideas/suggestions, as they are very crucial and important factors of this realistic zombie game. [i will revise this thread as time passes by and updates are placed in steam client. Adding bumps into first reply. Also just might start a new thread if needed. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK! Any hate/good replies are important! support the game!