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  1. In the 2006 when smartphones didnt even have an operative sytem, there was just the nokia 6630 with Symbian, and it was the top talking about smartphones, i bought an i-mate jasjar, it had windows mobile, touchscreen, rotating display, wifi, hardware keyboard, and many other things that looked like alien technology for that year, i used to love it and carry it always with me wherever i gone, specially for the reason that it could use a sim and be able to access internet wherever i was and able to call too, so i used it as my phone for long time. Back in the 2009-2010 (dont remember exactly) i've bought my first netbook, an Asus Eeepc 1000H i literally fell in love with that little thingy, from then to now i've bought 2 more netbooks, the funny thing is that even if i never use them i still love them as the first day Sometimes i clean them of the tons of dust that permanently covers them and start them just to use them a couple of minutes and then i leave them back in the dust for months. I LOVE THEM! <3 But leaving my babies (the netbooks) into the dust unused for months makes me feel very sad, poor beasts The main reason i dont use them very often is because even if they are much smaller than an average laptop they are still too big to be carried around, i need to transport them into a bag with all their toys (charger, etc) and the only way to use them is at home and that doesn't make much sense as everyone knows how not powerful they are... Is time to get a new one, but this time i think i'll go for a tablet or something of it's size, because despite my fool love for my babies they are pretty useless, so i dont want another dust catcher, i want something that i can use on the go while taking a walk or going somewhere, something i can use in car and in hand while walking, netbooks sadly cant achieve this. So i was thinking about a tablet, but tablets are giant versions of smartphones, and i dont like that, i hate android, ios and every other OS that is meant for people that are able only to call and send text messages, those operative systems are very limited, most of the stuff you can get comes from the store, hard to find apps on the web like Windows, everything is limited, you cant access some files or directories, you cant do many things that on Windows are really nothing special, so anything that uses such operative systems cant be called a "computer". FIND THE DIFFERENCES: I wanted a windows 7 or windows 8 tablet (not windows mobile, the REAL desktop/laptop win8), but the only things i found by searching on internet is immense tablets by the Microsoft using win8, they are way too big to fit a pocket, i would need a bag of some kind anyway, and that's not what i was looking for, 7" or even less is really the max size for something to fix a pocket, the win8 tablet i was talking about, the Surface 2, is big 10" and for the same size and half the price i can get a netbook that can destroy the shit out of it talking about specs, i need something different, or something of the same size but where the price makes a sense, paying the double to have something the same size and with less specs of something better makes no sense. I dont like big icons, having all your apps into a single menu instead of into different folders and other android like stuff. I have seen the Sony Vaio P-series, but for some reason i couldn't find many infos about it, all i found was a model that had a price of around 1000$ when ti came out but then i looked the date and it was the 2010, we are 4 years later! It is not even in production anymore! The sony's website show a newer version of it but i couldnt find any website reviewing it or saying the price. The sony vaio p-series is probably the closest thing to what im looking for. Is pretty much important that it have an hardware keyboard that slides or opens like a laptop, because win7 with some touch keyboard appearing on the screen would make it unuseable. So, anybody got a suggestion on what should i get? EDIT: By searching on the internet i found many of what im looking for, but they all are old models no more in production or from asian countries that dont ship to europe or where shipping costs almost more than the "computer" itself and takes a month lol Like this: or this: or this: or this: or this: or this: I WANT ONE SO BAD!
  2. MAP INFO: MAP NAME: nms_shipyard WAVES: 10 ZOMBIES: 40 on the first wave, increases of 10 each wave RUNNERS: from wave 3 CHILDS: from wave 5 SUPPLY: a small supply each wave EXTRACTION: being evacuated by an helicopter REFERENCE INFO: REAL BUILDING NAME: Imari Kawanami shipyard LOCATION: city of Imari, Kyushu island, Japan INFO: The building was constructed in 1851 as a glass factory but it was later turned into a shipyard. During World War II, this shipyard was also used as a munitions factory and was especially famous to produce the human torpedos. At its highest point, it housed over 2500 workers. After the war, the factory continued building and repairing ships until it closed down in 1953. The shipyard was demolished in November of 2011 by the city of Imari in order to be turned into a public park. MAP DESCRIPTION: This survival map is meant to be as hard as possible, with no place to hide and surrounded by so many zombies that you dont even know what to do, to increase the difficulty of this map, the weapons found around the map are few and well hidden. On every wave you get a different support that you can call by using the radio, once the wave is over, no matter if you used it or not, that support is gonna disappear and you will need to wait for the next one, those support are very different eachother, but i'll explain them later. There's a supply each wave, but not the common one we are used to, this one is just 2 weapons, 2 ammo and an extremely rare chance to get a melee weapon too, there's also a chance that instead of dropping weapons, the chopper can drop 1 or even 2 explosives (grenades, tnt, molotov). The supply is 100% automatic, so if you find a flare gun dont waste its ammo, the chopper is gonna come at the begin of every wave. Once you finish the wave 6, before the wave 7 you get a special supply and some time to use it, will talk about it later too. This map had a very very long phase of testing, and i've seen that players feel more confortable upstairs, even if the map is designed to be hard on every place, in fact, staying upstairs will force you to jump down as soon as hordes and hordes of zombies come to you, and when you're back downstairs, the stairs to go back up will be filled with zombies, and stuff like going upstairs then back down then up again, doesn't work as there's only 1 single stair and if it gets filled with zombies, you have no chance to go back upstairs. Another fail strategy that i've seen players do is barricading into the radio room, using the window to go in and out, doing that may save you on the first waves, but on higher ones, you won't be able to reach the supply as you're inside a room, you're gonna finish your ammo very very soon, also zombies will stack infront of the barricades, breaking them and rushing all together inside, with no chance to survive. You can know when a support from the radio is available because of a text in the middle of the screen and because of the radio having a red light on, but is not like press E on the radio and the support comes, you must stay at the radio for many seconds, higher the wave, longer it takes to use the radio, easier is for zombies to kill you from the back. IMAGES: SUPPORTS: WAVE 1: Gas cans drop (a chopper will come and drop some gas cans that you can carry around and shoot them to set zombies on fire) WAVE 2: 90mm mortar barrage (a rain of mortar strikes will explode on all the building's entrances) WAVE 3: 150mm artillery barrage (a bunch of artillery strikes will hit all the entrances) WAVE 4: Medical supplies (a chopper will come and drop some medikits and pills) WAVE 5: Napalm drop (a plane will drop some napalm around the building and also inside using the holes on the ceiling) WAVE 6: Submarine-launched ballistic missile (an huge and powerfull missile will be launched straight into the building) RESUPPLY WAVE: No need to use the flare gun, a chopper will come and drop a box of landmines and and active protection system, to open the box just watch the wooden handle and press use, the landmines are already active, just place them where you want and wait a zombie to walk on it, watch out when you carry them around, if a zombie runs toward you and hits the landmine you both will die. The APS (Active Protection System) is relatively safer to use, as it can be activated and deactivated, it got limited charges, and covers 360° around it, to activate it just hit the button on the top, by punching it or by shooting it, when is active a green light will show, it got 4 charges, one each side, and it works just like a claymore, when a zombies walks infront of it, the charge on that side explodes and when that happens that side won't be active anymore, while the other 3 sides will still be perfectly working. The APS is extremely powerfull and uses shaped charges, the explosion will only go in that direction, not around, so staying behind the APS is actually safe, also the explosion does have a very long range and is able to hit behind walls too. WAVE 7: White phosphorous bomb drop (a plane will drop 2 phosphorous bombs able to set zombies on fire in a huge range, it will drop 1 bomb in the front of the building and 1 in the back) WAVE 8: Battleship's 400mm cannon fire (A battleship will fire from the sea some hits of his main cannons) WAVE 9: Bombing run (This support once called requires a lot of time to take place, an air raid siren will alert everybody to take cover, many planes will come over the building and drop an huge amount of massively powerfull bombs) WAVE 10: M3 Bradley tank (once you successfully call this support is gg, a plane will drop a bradley tank, the zombies can no way damage it with their bare hands, to get inside go to the hatch in the front and press use, drive it with wasd, keep pressed the mouse right button to turn the turret with A and D and, of course, use the mouse button left to shoot, the cannon got an insanely long range and its hits pierce walls, so watch out for friendly fire) EXTRACTION: Some smoke shells will be fired using a mortar to the place where usually the supplies get dropped, once the smoke is up a chopper will come and land, get inside and get extracted. What more to say? Play it and have fun, don't expect an easy map, because it is absolutely not, dont hoard as the weapons are very limited and try not to kill yourself and your team mates with the bombings. DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yorgeooc0t0e2an/nms_shipyard.zip
  3. Hello guys, is a week or so that im working on a map for nmrih, i spent a lot of hours and days working on it, when i was close to finish it i've made a weird shaped brush, compiled, didnt noticed the error and while testing the map ingame i noticed it was the previous version, so i gone back to hammer to compile again and an error popped up, telling me that there was an error with a brush and if i wanted to remove it and save the map with that brush removed. Clicked yes and that brush disappeared. The problem is that now everytime i compile and run the map, the game crashes at "loading resources", no matter what i do. That brush is no more there, im sure about that, tried to remove the whole map part where that brush was and still crashing, the only way i reached to play without crashing at the loading, was by compiling the map without the part where that brush previously was using cordon, but i cant use cordon as "fix" because that brush was exactly in the middle of the map so of course half of the whole map would be removed with that part. Do anybody of you guys know how could i fix this?
  4. Once again i get weird problems... Everything used to work properly, was able to compile with no problem, the compile was fast even with hdr, no leaks in the map, all the non-structural brushes are func_detailed, and the map is absolutely SMALL. I have placed some decals, 3-4 i think, for a total of around 20 decals in the whole map and added a couple of func_details for a total of around 100 details, little less or little more, and now it cant compile anymore, it gives the error "Error! Too many detail props emitted on this map! (64K max!)". I dont know exactly what does it stand for, does it stand for too many func_details or too many decals? Or too many func_details+decals? Whatever it means im 100% sure it does not reach 64'000 details lol, and i dont think i can reach that amount even by intentionally trying to if not by spamming every possible shit thousands of times, so why is it doing this stuff? Last time i had a non sense error it was an hammer bug, i had to manually fix the vmf using a text editor, hope i dont need to do this again since this time i would have really no idea on where to look for a problem of some kind. Before someone asks: yes i have a displacement, with a power of 4, is small and it does have almost no grass on it, also it is in the map since EVER and it never gave me any problem. And i used the same textures over and over so the whole map uses under 10 textures in total. I have some trees and bushes prop_static around the building (because the map is just a small building) but nothing extreme, it is a low amount anyay Can someone help? PLEASE dont off-topic. PLEASE dont reply with stuff like: "man if the building is C shaped instead of L shaped it could cause a nuclear explosion"; "oh man, if you set that runners have more chances to spawn than childs hammer is gonna format your hard drive"; "if you have more windows than doors NMRIH is gonna unistall and install pokemon instead of it" (i really have to make clear this because of the last time i needed help with a similar problem)
  5. sorry for the extremely late reply (months lol), actually to see if a bar is too left/too right doesn't require a lot of time, the view lasts a couple of seconds wich usually is more than enough, this is intentional so that trolls can't stay watching into the hole all the time not allowing the others to finish the puzzle properly.
  6. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mqaa4hx0d128qs5/nmo_miner_detour_v3.zip CURRENT VERSION: The current version is the v3. To the server owners: Please always have the latest version of the map as i will fix every bug as they get discovered, so having the latest version means having a full working map CHANGELOG FROM V2 TO V3: nmo_miner_detour_v3: Added 2 new special zombies of the armored type (the toilet man and the vase kid), fixed a sound bug where the train would become silent after the map restart, added another special weapon (the tesla gun), general detailing and restyle, added more hidden and secret stuff, fixed many bugs, removed many god-spots, the finale now has 2x runners, the town shop doors can now be barricaded with planks, added medikit, pills, a chainsaw in the shop, added bows, added more text hints, fixed some troll things, added more melee weapons in the train. DESCRIPTION: nmo_miner_detour is a long objective map with almost every possible scenario, from very hard puzzles to fighting endless hordes of zombies. You start on a moving train, in the last coach, everybody turned into a zombie and you have to fight your way to the locomotive to stop it and get out, this won't be easy, you will find many problems to solve on your way to the locomotive, from coaches set on fire to fixing the train brake system and more. As the train stops you will find yourself infront of a mine entrance, you got to make your way throught it solving VERY hard puzzles and fighting loads of zombies, also very "special" ones, i will talk about them down in the screenshots part. Once into the mine you will need to go down into the caves, full of glowing crystals, more puzzles, jumps, hordes to fight down there. As you finally get out of the mine you will find yourself in a village where you got to find a radio and call for help, more puzzles and more zombies to fight in the town, of course. When you call for help they will ask you to signal you position, you will do that by launching a firework wich will show them your position but it will also attract ALL the zombies of the town. As they see your position the chopper will take 5 minutes to reach you so you have to fight ENDLESS hordes of zombies until it arrives, is a good idea to bunker up into some building but if you're brave enough nothing stops you from fighting them in the streets. This map got A LOT of hidden stuff, exploring and trying to interact with stuff will be rewarding. SCREENSHOTS AND DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS: TRAIN: MINES: Flooding rooms to reach the other side: Your exit from the mine: THE CRYSTAL CAVES: PUZZLES: Combination doors: Breaking open doors with minecarts: And many many more SPECIAL ZOMBIES: Chainsaw and abrasive saw barrel zombies: This zombies are kids into barrels upside down with a chainsaw or abrasive saw attached on top, the barrel is bulletproof to almost all weapons but the high caliber ones, so the only way to kill them is by using such weapons or by shooting at the feet/setting them on fire. Upon death they will drop their saw. Explosive barrel zombie: This barrel zombie instead of having a saw attached on top is filled with tnt, if he gets close to you he will explode, so you better kill him from distance, he will explode upon death too. Flamethrower barrel zombie: This barrel zombie has a flamethrower attached on top, upon death the flamethrower gets dropped and you can pick it up, the fuel will last 2 minutes and it cannot be dropped/turned off, so you better not waste it, leave it on the ground until you really need it. Armored zombies: The armored zombies got a cooking pot/watering can on the head and they will take very small damage on the body, this means you will need to shoot the pot/can until you break it so you're able of hitting the head or just set them on fire with a flare gun/molotov. (warning: if they grab you is gonna be very hard to shove them away like you would do with other zombies, chances are they wont let you go. Meet the chef and the spatula kid The chef and the spatula kid are best friends, what more to say? One is good at cooking and the other has a big headache. THE TOWN: Many buildings to explore: There's also a bakery where you can find bread (eating it will give you back full HP but won't fix your bleeding/infection) The firework: A SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL THE BETATESTERS WICH DID PLAY ENDLESS TESTS DURING THE CLOSED BETA PHASE OF THE MAP <3 Atheist Yomox Mr 47 Fusion Xray JohnCharlan Porkchops4lunch Mr Halt Der Vampir GM127 ke-shi Merzarime Scrake U+24C2 I hope i didn't forget anyone, if i did please tell me.
  7. I don't think that's possible, atleast with the default nmrih console/commands/etc. You may need to make a plugin or something to replace them on the fly, as the number of npc_nmrih_shamblerzombie is greater than zero, you replace them all with npc_nmrih_runnerzombie, but im not sure how hard is it to make nor if is possible at all, i don't make plugins. Also such plugin could create problems to the special zombies
  8. this
  9. That's very very strange, looks like a problem of your installation/files rather than a map problem, have you tried playing this map in a server not hosted by you?
  10. I don't know why is that, that's where it should be welded, where everyone welds, i've never received such a bug report nor seen anyone had troubles with it, this is why im sure there must be something done wrong or maybe is some server plugin messing with welders. Try welding in that spot but from different angles and distances, tell me if it works or not
  11. To fix the breakes you need to use the welder where steam comes from
  12. allright, PM'ing you
  13. Saying it in the topic would be a spoiler for who wants to complete it without any help, i'll PM you
  14. Im working on v4, many many changes and new things, hopefully the source engine limits will allow me to complete such update.
  15. Is the old csrf exploit to send hundreds of visitors on a specific topic without they knowing fixed?
  16. Thank you for your feedback Glad you liked it I can give you a suggestion, launch the firework then go get the flamethrower as soon as possible (runners will come after 30 seconds), then get into the shop and barricade the doors (with the hammer and planks), while you have the flamethrower you'll burn the shit out of every zombie trying to get in, so the first 2 minutes will be easy, as the flamethrower runs out, keep going with molotovs, grenades and such while the front door and planks survive, eventually retreating to the upper floor as the door breaks, as the chopper arrives get your chainsaw, fill it with fuel and cut your way thru zombies to the chopper rope Finished it solo in nightmare so yeah is completely possible
  17. mistery
  18. V3 is out! Many new cool things and fixed tons of bugs! Check the changelog
  19. The next update is gonna be nmrih2 (and you got to wait a lot for it), if you're waiting for updates to play back nmrih then you're never going to, stuff is ready but not being released
  20. The map is now at the version v2, be sure to update the map in your servers as i discovered the old versions are 100% BROKEN
  21. Thanks You forgot the caves/town ahah
  22. Thanks The description is very detailed as i see people usually ranting about other custom maps about not having enough screenshots and stuff lol Thank you Yomox They won't, what's the problem not allowing you to play nmrih? Are you a Windows or Linux user? It is working perfectly here on Windows 10.
  23. Some stuff is ready but is not being released (intentionally i suppose), wonder why
  24. In the year 2375