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  1. That's very very strange, looks like a problem of your installation/files rather than a map problem, have you tried playing this map in a server not hosted by you?
  2. I don't know why is that, that's where it should be welded, where everyone welds, i've never received such a bug report nor seen anyone had troubles with it, this is why im sure there must be something done wrong or maybe is some server plugin messing with welders. Try welding in that spot but from different angles and distances, tell me if it works or not
  3. To fix the breakes you need to use the welder where steam comes from
  4. allright, PM'ing you
  5. Saying it in the topic would be a spoiler for who wants to complete it without any help, i'll PM you
  6. Im working on v4, many many changes and new things, hopefully the source engine limits will allow me to complete such update.
  7. Is the old csrf exploit to send hundreds of visitors on a specific topic without they knowing fixed?
  8. Thank you for your feedback Glad you liked it I can give you a suggestion, launch the firework then go get the flamethrower as soon as possible (runners will come after 30 seconds), then get into the shop and barricade the doors (with the hammer and planks), while you have the flamethrower you'll burn the shit out of every zombie trying to get in, so the first 2 minutes will be easy, as the flamethrower runs out, keep going with molotovs, grenades and such while the front door and planks survive, eventually retreating to the upper floor as the door breaks, as the chopper arrives get your chainsaw, fill it with fuel and cut your way thru zombies to the chopper rope Finished it solo in nightmare so yeah is completely possible
  9. mistery
  10. Hey there, are you Italian?

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    2. Short Drop

      Short Drop

      I am too. From Taranto.

    3. RevenantGhost


      Cool! :D Well, add me on steam, lets talk there instead of here :P

    4. Short Drop

      Short Drop

      Added and invited to a Steam group about playing Resident Evil Outbreak online, check it out, it might interest you.

  11. V3 is out! Many new cool things and fixed tons of bugs! Check the changelog
  12. The next update is gonna be nmrih2 (and you got to wait a lot for it), if you're waiting for updates to play back nmrih then you're never going to, stuff is ready but not being released
  13. The map is now at the version v2, be sure to update the map in your servers as i discovered the old versions are 100% BROKEN
  14. Thanks You forgot the caves/town ahah
  15. Thanks The description is very detailed as i see people usually ranting about other custom maps about not having enough screenshots and stuff lol Thank you Yomox They won't, what's the problem not allowing you to play nmrih? Are you a Windows or Linux user? It is working perfectly here on Windows 10.