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  1. Some stuff is ready but is not being released (intentionally i suppose), wonder why
  2. In the year 2375
  3. Thank you RhymeOfRime, im not into mapping from yesterday but i really apreciate your intent on giving me usefull tips, i apreciate it for real About the entdata it is kinda important, in fact you can pretty much push it to 300% or so without any problem, it is used as reference, many entities requires an edict, so keeping your entdata low means keeping your edicts low, in my case it was not possible, my map is CROWDED with entities, no way to reduce the amount, i had to make stuff spawn dynamically as the players move thru the map with point_templates and despawn them as they leave, so far seems to work, as long as the edicts are <1000 you won't get strange glitches. About the map: It is already complete, all puzzles working, im into the detailing phase and possibly playtest phase to hunt godspots, bugs, glitches. I like puzzles a lot, so it has many of them and they are quite hard too, but i dont want players to find it slow paced and boring so the puzzles are mixed with standard nmrih gameplay, enormous hordes of zombies (left 4 dead compared to that is nothing), even "parkour", every possible kind of gameplay is already into this map, it also transforms into an nms at the last objective. I also made some strange kinds of zombies (like the barrel kids) wich has chainsaws or tnt. So yeah, as long as it works i can say the map is "complete", it can be playtested already (so if you want feel free to add me on steam and we can set up some playtest), but to the final release is gonna take some more time, detailing is taking a lot of time because of the extreme size of the map
  4. The last objective is kind of complete, so the map is 99% complete, now im working on the details
  5. didn't know a leak could cause a crash during the compile :/ That sounds bad, there are plenty of reasons to not have leaks but this one was unknown to me
  6. Yeah, was about to reply about the nav_generate_incremental but then seen the edit
  7. The panel.cpp this is related to the player screen (tab key), still i do not understand the freezes
  8. Today i started noticing my console being spammed with "panel.cpp (3541) : Assertion Failed: ( IsX360() || IsConsoleStylePanel() ) || IsKeyBoardInputEnabled()" when starting a listen server (yes, with 2+ players, ports open, etc, i have 1000 hours on nmrih, didnt start playing yesterday), i always used to have 1 ping, now i have 4, also my game is freezing randomly for half a second, making the game unplayable, this happens if playing solo (creating my listen server), if joining a server (dedicated or listen), if playing on my listen server with people in, so actually in every possible combination, found no way to avoid those freezes. The system specs are fine, got 16gb of ram, win10, r9 390, i always have 300fps. Even from when this problem started i still have 300fps, but it randomly freezes (randomly but very often) making the game unplayable. I haven't installed/modified any software or driver this days, nor i have received any windows update, so problems about my operative system are just impossible. At this point there are only 2 chances, hardware problems (rather than software ones), but then if my cpu got heat damaged (i map a lot on nmrih, you know with vvis sending your cpu at 100% for long time), in that case i would experience errors in other games/software and it isn't happening, the other option is the game being bugged, i checked the files integrity, found 6 files "unable to check", redownloaded them and now it always find 4 files "unable to check", i deleted nmrih and now im downloading it again, hopefully this will help but because of my terrible luck, im sure it will keep going like this. Has anyone ever had this problem or know what is it related to? EDIT: redownloaded the game and now the console isn't spammed with such error anymore, i also played for like 2 minutes and didnt have any freeze, i'll keep playing now and see if i get any, would still be interesting to know what was causing (and i hope isn't anymore) this.
  9. More pictures: For the pictures being mainly without zombies that's because i have to kill them before taking screenshots, is impossible to take pictures with those things punching you and eating your face off, Atheist knows that lel
  10. sent you a request
  11. Impossible, im close to finishing it but i'll never be able to do it in 3 days, 1-2 weeks is the minimimum, 1 month to be realistic. Is still possible that the limit's won't give me too much of a trouble, i'll be very inspired on making the last puzzle and i'll have a lot of free time to work on the map, in that case i could release it even in a week, that's the best scenario possible, 3 days is just unrealistic Sorry Still, i need people to betatest the map, you can do it if u want! So you can play it before i release it!
  12. Great! ;D Sent you a request!
  13. Fixing the zombie spawn right now, now you have tens of runners coming at you into tight, pitch black tunnels, good thing that just before that there's 2 armored zombies so that you can steal their chainsaws, more blood bath yay
  14. Well, if you dont like puzzles is a problem for real! When you start, in the train, is a blood bath, total massacre but after that is mostly puzzle oriented and slow paced (specially because i didnt work too much on the zombie spawns, had to work on the rest of the map) so they aren't spawning enough, some areas are almost empty or with very small amounts of zombies (gonna fix this soon but at the moment that's how it is). If you want to help me test the map add me on steam so we can play together, what's your steam name?
  15. Hello guys, after nms_shipyard i decided to make an objective map, i dont even know how many months i spent on this, maybe a year, lost the count. Those who played shipyard know i like "original" stuff, specially when it comes to create weird contraptions with entities, this map take it to the extreme from very complicated puzzles to zombies using empty barrels as armors, moving trains, every kind of stuff. So far i have no idea on how to call this map (suggestions accepted) nor im sure i will ever be able to release it as im hitting every possible limit in hammer editor, the entity limit is already at like 160% and the map is not even complete, is not always good to make something colossal, when you hit the limits and you're at 80% of the map and you didnt even get too much into detailing you know you have gone a little too far :/ By the way this map is made of 4 different "areas": You start on a moving train, make your way to the locomotive (only this could be a map on it's own, the train is so long and has some objectives already), once you reached the locomotive you will stop the train and get out, outside of the train you will find the entrance of a mine, you have to make your way thru the mine solving a lot of very hard puzzles, one of them requires a component wich is found in the caves even more underground, so you go deeper and deeper exploring caves full of glowing crystals (lore: the mine is meant to extract those precious crystals), solve even more puzzles (even underwater), fight hordes of zombies, fight "armored" zombies wich is nothing more than zombie kids into empty barrels with attached on top chainsaws that will wreck you in pieces if they catch you, those barrels are immune to most of the weapons but the ones with a lot of penetration (like the revolver), if you happen to have none just shoot at the feet (the barrel doesn't cover the entire zombie) once killed those armored zombies you can steal their chainsaw/abrasive saw and use them against their "friends", one of those armored zombies is full of tnt, he will blow up if he catches you so you better not get too close, shoot him from distance, do parkour and other jumping things, blow up doors, floors, everything and get the component you needed, use it to finish the last puzzle of the mine and get out of there. When you get out you find yourself in a village where you have to solve even more puzzles and fight even more hordes of zombies until you use the radio to call for help. That's pretty much it, the map is also filled with secrets and hidden stuff so that exploring is a pleasure and rewarding. The map is a work in progress, i hope to be able to manage the limits and be able to release it as soon as possible, also some betatesters wich are not afraid of gamebreaking bugs would be very very apreciated! There's some screenshots: