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  1. Is the old csrf exploit to send hundreds of visitors on a specific topic without they knowing fixed?
  2. Thank you for your feedback Glad you liked it I can give you a suggestion, launch the firework then go get the flamethrower as soon as possible (runners will come after 30 seconds), then get into the shop and barricade the doors (with the hammer and planks), while you have the flamethrower you'll burn the shit out of every zombie trying to get in, so the first 2 minutes will be easy, as the flamethrower runs out, keep going with molotovs, grenades and such while the front door and planks survive, eventually retreating to the upper floor as the door breaks, as the chopper arrives get your chainsaw, fill it with fuel and cut your way thru zombies to the chopper rope Finished it solo in nightmare so yeah is completely possible
  3. mistery
  4. Hey there, are you Italian?

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      I am too. From Taranto.

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      Cool! :D Well, add me on steam, lets talk there instead of here :P

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      Added and invited to a Steam group about playing Resident Evil Outbreak online, check it out, it might interest you.

  5. V3 is out! Many new cool things and fixed tons of bugs! Check the changelog
  6. The next update is gonna be nmrih2 (and you got to wait a lot for it), if you're waiting for updates to play back nmrih then you're never going to, stuff is ready but not being released
  7. The map is now at the version v2, be sure to update the map in your servers as i discovered the old versions are 100% BROKEN
  8. Thanks You forgot the caves/town ahah
  9. Thanks The description is very detailed as i see people usually ranting about other custom maps about not having enough screenshots and stuff lol Thank you Yomox They won't, what's the problem not allowing you to play nmrih? Are you a Windows or Linux user? It is working perfectly here on Windows 10.
  10. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mqaa4hx0d128qs5/nmo_miner_detour_v3.zip CURRENT VERSION: The current version is the v3. To the server owners: Please always have the latest version of the map as i will fix every bug as they get discovered, so having the latest version means having a full working map CHANGELOG FROM V2 TO V3: nmo_miner_detour_v3: Added 2 new special zombies of the armored type (the toilet man and the vase kid), fixed a sound bug where the train would become silent after the map restart, added another special weapon (the tesla gun), general detailing and restyle, added more hidden and secret stuff, fixed many bugs, removed many god-spots, the finale now has 2x runners, the town shop doors can now be barricaded with planks, added medikit, pills, a chainsaw in the shop, added bows, added more text hints, fixed some troll things, added more melee weapons in the train. DESCRIPTION: nmo_miner_detour is a long objective map with almost every possible scenario, from very hard puzzles to fighting endless hordes of zombies. You start on a moving train, in the last coach, everybody turned into a zombie and you have to fight your way to the locomotive to stop it and get out, this won't be easy, you will find many problems to solve on your way to the locomotive, from coaches set on fire to fixing the train brake system and more. As the train stops you will find yourself infront of a mine entrance, you got to make your way throught it solving VERY hard puzzles and fighting loads of zombies, also very "special" ones, i will talk about them down in the screenshots part. Once into the mine you will need to go down into the caves, full of glowing crystals, more puzzles, jumps, hordes to fight down there. As you finally get out of the mine you will find yourself in a village where you got to find a radio and call for help, more puzzles and more zombies to fight in the town, of course. When you call for help they will ask you to signal you position, you will do that by launching a firework wich will show them your position but it will also attract ALL the zombies of the town. As they see your position the chopper will take 5 minutes to reach you so you have to fight ENDLESS hordes of zombies until it arrives, is a good idea to bunker up into some building but if you're brave enough nothing stops you from fighting them in the streets. This map got A LOT of hidden stuff, exploring and trying to interact with stuff will be rewarding. SCREENSHOTS AND DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS: TRAIN: MINES: Flooding rooms to reach the other side: Your exit from the mine: THE CRYSTAL CAVES: PUZZLES: Combination doors: Breaking open doors with minecarts: And many many more SPECIAL ZOMBIES: Chainsaw and abrasive saw barrel zombies: This zombies are kids into barrels upside down with a chainsaw or abrasive saw attached on top, the barrel is bulletproof to almost all weapons but the high caliber ones, so the only way to kill them is by using such weapons or by shooting at the feet/setting them on fire. Upon death they will drop their saw. Explosive barrel zombie: This barrel zombie instead of having a saw attached on top is filled with tnt, if he gets close to you he will explode, so you better kill him from distance, he will explode upon death too. Flamethrower barrel zombie: This barrel zombie has a flamethrower attached on top, upon death the flamethrower gets dropped and you can pick it up, the fuel will last 2 minutes and it cannot be dropped/turned off, so you better not waste it, leave it on the ground until you really need it. Armored zombies: The armored zombies got a cooking pot/watering can on the head and they will take very small damage on the body, this means you will need to shoot the pot/can until you break it so you're able of hitting the head or just set them on fire with a flare gun/molotov. (warning: if they grab you is gonna be very hard to shove them away like you would do with other zombies, chances are they wont let you go. Meet the chef and the spatula kid The chef and the spatula kid are best friends, what more to say? One is good at cooking and the other has a big headache. THE TOWN: Many buildings to explore: There's also a bakery where you can find bread (eating it will give you back full HP but won't fix your bleeding/infection) The firework: A SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL THE BETATESTERS WICH DID PLAY ENDLESS TESTS DURING THE CLOSED BETA PHASE OF THE MAP <3 Atheist Yomox Mr 47 Fusion Xray JohnCharlan Porkchops4lunch Mr Halt Der Vampir GM127 ke-shi Merzarime Scrake U+24C2 I hope i didn't forget anyone, if i did please tell me.
  11. Some stuff is ready but is not being released (intentionally i suppose), wonder why
  12. In the year 2375
  13. Thank you RhymeOfRime, im not into mapping from yesterday but i really apreciate your intent on giving me usefull tips, i apreciate it for real About the entdata it is kinda important, in fact you can pretty much push it to 300% or so without any problem, it is used as reference, many entities requires an edict, so keeping your entdata low means keeping your edicts low, in my case it was not possible, my map is CROWDED with entities, no way to reduce the amount, i had to make stuff spawn dynamically as the players move thru the map with point_templates and despawn them as they leave, so far seems to work, as long as the edicts are <1000 you won't get strange glitches. About the map: It is already complete, all puzzles working, im into the detailing phase and possibly playtest phase to hunt godspots, bugs, glitches. I like puzzles a lot, so it has many of them and they are quite hard too, but i dont want players to find it slow paced and boring so the puzzles are mixed with standard nmrih gameplay, enormous hordes of zombies (left 4 dead compared to that is nothing), even "parkour", every possible kind of gameplay is already into this map, it also transforms into an nms at the last objective. I also made some strange kinds of zombies (like the barrel kids) wich has chainsaws or tnt. So yeah, as long as it works i can say the map is "complete", it can be playtested already (so if you want feel free to add me on steam and we can set up some playtest), but to the final release is gonna take some more time, detailing is taking a lot of time because of the extreme size of the map
  14. The last objective is kind of complete, so the map is 99% complete, now im working on the details
  15. didn't know a leak could cause a crash during the compile :/ That sounds bad, there are plenty of reasons to not have leaks but this one was unknown to me