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  1. also when u hold left click to bring ur zippo further it doesnt get brighter in any way/see better...?
  2. MAYBE, You've accidentally turned on "sticky keys." Left click your Start button Select "Help and Support" from the menu (it's on the right) Type sticky keys into the search box Look under "Ease of access Center" and click "change how your keyboard works" Uncheck the "turn on sticky keys" box
  3. ah thanks, i'd give u a "like" or "thank" what ever u may call it, but there is none...
  4. NGHHHH, well guess you're right, dont add brass knuckles actually, found a nice easier solution.
  5. still think its better though, alot people cant seem to not die and barely and there isn't kits for everyone, and people use them straight away and there isn't much supplies for the next waves especially for long maps (tho i guess thats what supply drops are for) but still right now i think, its best to, just die, more possible to actually finish the survival maps with eh... "new players". but you know, if thats how it is, what ever floats your boat.
  6. Well yeah! theirs alot of achievements, except atleast more than half of them are from getting 250-500 kills from a weapon, another maybe 20% with the completing a maps and speedruns which is alright, needs some more variety.... and.... You can never have too many achievements!
  7. I noticed a gunshop at broadway with supplies in it at the road where you have to get the welder or propane tank from the truck, I got curious and wanted to try to get in, I did notice the padlock on the other side of the door looking inside it, so i shot it. I then went to the door, and attempted to open it, but it did not open, is it glitched? or is there some kind of other secretive way to get in, i tried putting the 2nd propane tank next to the door, cause you know, why would u need 2 propane tanks, but it didn't work, how do you get it opened?
  8. did u try verifying the game? if that didnt work, what about deleting EVERYTHING in that folder EXCEPT steamapps, and the Steam.exe and restart ur computer, if that didnt work either, try run steam in admin.
  9. I didn't really understand that, so you got the achievement for the pistol you were using or you got 5 achievements suddenly while using ur pistol? (lethal weapon is for Beretta, mark it zero is for colt)
  10. You can also just get 20 kills get a life, kill yourself, revive again with full health, or just kill yourself before the wave ends and revive, its annoying seeing people use health packs and such already at wave 1-4...
  11. Some ideas, and some may just be random for brainstorming. - Sucessfully input codes 50 times - Call helicopter 50 times - Complete scenerios/objective/advancement 1000 times - Time/speedrun for toxteth & completion? - Kill 250 zombies in bullet time/red hold breath (or whatever u call it with the iron sighted pistols) - Kill a/# zombie on fire or/also in "bullet time" - Barricade doors # times - Weld locks/doors # times - Listen to the radio - Kill zombies in darkness - Turn on lights - Find a secret - Shoot portrait, plant, bottle, cupboard, fire, electrocution, swing - X's around the map?
  12. - idk if its suppose to be like this but it seems as though that even tho the window in zone C in isolated (possibly other maps) is barricaded the zone still loses its health percentage (or whatever its called). - You can also still get hit standing close to the barricade while the zombie is on the other side attacking it, should atleast lower the hp lost/chance to get hit, while barricade should be protecting you, something like that.
  13. - Being able to hear the voice you've picked on your character giving a few different things he/(she?) says in the options menu without having to go into a server and hear what the person sounds like,... faster, nicer. - Earning something from an achievement, like an accessory, glasses, hat, idk, might kinda ruin the serious mood, but you know, something like that beating 1000 zombies in a fist fight? that will take a long time... not gonna cut down on that achievement alittle? or idk, whoever wins it gets brass knuckles. infact, u should add brass knuckles as a weapon to make it easier... you know how many punches it takes to kill a zombie... gosh..