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  1. Just updated the Fohdeesha Zambies servers (objective.fohdeesha.com and survival.fohdeesha.com) to the latest patch, and updated all plugins as well. I had left the servers to run themselves the past few years and only just now logged in to check and see that there's been updates. Now that I think about it we might be the longest standing servers....what's it been 7 years now? I really need suggestions on what maps to add and remove to each server - I added the newly released maps, but the rest are custom and stock maps, some very old. Thanks! Would people be interested in non-realism servers? (all our servers run Realism currently)
  2. we're back to getting segfaults/crashes every few hours, this used to happen on a couple previous systems. It was consistent across different nix OS'es and totally different hardware. Eventually one of the game updates made them disappear. However now with the latest version they're back: *** Error in `./srcds_linux': corrupted double-linked list: 0x0b48fb8 *** getting them on two different versions of debian and two different boxes entirely
  3. Interesting, thanks for all the help. We updated our sourcemod to the latest version which pulled the new gamefiles released today and all our plugins including weapons menu now work great just like you advised in the other thread. However just out of curiosity I grabbed 1.10.6 stable metamod and put it back on the server and it went back to failing to start MM/sourcemod at all. Back to 1.10.7 and it works great. Not sure what's going on differently on our server but it's working now so I've learned not to touch it
  4. myself and a few others could not get MM 1.10.6 to load regardless of the sourcemod version, are you using 1.10.6 stable or a snapshot?
  5. No plugins will load with 1.10.6, as it won't load sourcemod in the first place. check your console when starting the server up for this line: http://i.imgur.com/V53FYky.png you must update to a 10.7 branch of metamod to succesfully load your plugins
  6. Marcus' newer version on alliedmodders no longer works with today's update. Please fix! edit: I also tried the most recent update by someone in that alliedmodder thread, here: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showpost.php?p=2287388&postcount=95 It doesnt work either, same error. Menu pulls up, but when you choose an item, it says "something went wrong"
  7. Yeah, after doing some testing with z0mb13, the latest snapshot on the 10.7 branch is running successfully edit: and all our plugins are running correctly (we don't run very many), except for Weapons menu, tried all versions. From what I hear almost all servers run that plugin for players now, so hopefully someone gets around to updating that
  8. Yeah, as usual, the update broke nearly all the server owners configurations. I updated both the Fohdeesha 24/7 Dedicated servers, and Metamod is completely broken for us now too. This means Sourcemod is not getting loaded, and of course, our plugins are not as well. Any ETA on when we will see a fix from either NMRIH or updated game files from Metamod? Really wish there was some back end communication between the two teams before pushing such large updates to the entire community and using us for testing essentially. I understand both teams do this voluntarily with no expectation of compensation, which is much appreciated, but it can get very frustrating for the people trying to maintain servers for the community to play on in our own spare time as well.
  9. Well we're seeing it in every map on every server. It's not exactly a "rare" event, I have yet to miss it. And thanks! My partner and I will be installing sourcemod and getting rtv and all the other goodies going soon, we weren't expecting to have this many active players Edit: Just saw an ammo hotfix was posted a few hours ago. Just updated both our servers. Thanks!
  10. Any news on the new version? I am excite
  11. Yeah, confirmed. We're seeing this on both of our dedicated servers. It's pretty much killed the game as players are complaining in all the stock maps that you can't pick up ammo, to actually play the game. How do you release an update to tens of thousands of users without launching the game a single time to play-check it first? Insane.