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  1. It would make some more sense (for me) if the pills realy cure the infection. If someone get infected the player just kill them in instant. So... jea... just stupid... xD Btw... it would be realy better if you can realy see who is infected. If you bleeding, you see blood, but i never saw how so see who is infected... some dark green smoke around the model would be nice maybe... or something else... xD
  2. Well, got some small questions about this. What does "sv_zombie_reach" do? And, are there any values for the chance of infection or bleeding? Somthing like "sv_zombie_infection_chance"?! (just a example) Jea and - is there any way (without plugin) to change "sv_" values without sv_cheats, so i can still get Archievements? I startet to increase the zombie damg and aggresiv range and some more to get it harder for me and my friends for more fun, but we want to get archievements too... :/ This "cheat"-plugin infinite ammo works with archievements... and this is realy cheaty and lame xD
  3. I fixed for me. I got DirectX 9 installed and need to start the game with "-dxlevel 90". Higher or lower results in Texture fails, laags or crashes. The only thing wich suck on this: I need to change the options ever time im starting the game. Well, better than these damn other problems.
  4. It was first on chinatown and then on BroadWay too. (both maps on same server)
  5. Yea, i got a "killing door's" problem too. I just changed the server. These killing doors looks like a server bug, not a game bug.
  6. Same here. And the "droped" melee who get used looking black with blood for me.
  7. A option to play the nms maps without Zone would be cool. I love to run around and just kill some Zombies, but these Zones just dont allow to went realy far away without getting the Problem that some badass Zombies comes and make you run back to the Zone. Jea, somethimes its a good Challange to play with the Zones, sure. I realy agree, that a Option to pick "Zones ON/OFF" would be cool.
  8. I know this too. I was dead and the player who still lived used chainsaw and the this revoler with 6 rounds. I got kills for my Archivements from just watching them.
  9. EDIT: My friend fixed it for me. Makes me sad to see that nobody here helps... :/
  10. Single player horror based objective map? Build the "Umbrella-Underground-Hive" form Resident Evil 1!
  11. The "give" command only works if "sv_cheats 1" is enabled. I use it when i play a fun round with my friends. Works fine for me.
  12. Got some Idears for the Melee section: Slingshot (with small stones as ammo) Pastry Roller (we got Pipe, Kitchen knife, so why not? Hahaha) Brass Knuckles (would be realy cool) And for Weapon: Crossbow (I know, we got a Bow, but Crossbow is much cooler!) Dont know if they got suggested... just dont want to read 52 pages... xD
  13. Bug1: No they dont. Stey stuck outside and just dont walk anywhere. Bug2: Yea, but isnt it stupid that they got stuck there every round if u just dont want t open that door?
  14. All looks to work fine for me now, but i got a new problem: The Hammer Editor tells me a error: Failed to load the default scheme file. The map views may be missing some visual elements. How to fix this? I searched at google but didnt find anything for nmrih... o.o Edit: Okay, i now just reseted the Hammer editor preferences. (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Resetting_Hammer_preferences) Now if i start the Hammer editor from the game (and not with Source SDK) i got a red error in the massagebox: Invalid game "C:\Programme\Steam\SteamApps\common\nmrih\sdk\bin\..\..\nmrih" found in VPROJECT environment varibale, ignoring. Dont know what it try to tell me o.o
  15. Cool to hear that this issue is known and will be fixed. Well, that just was a idear.