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  1. I think that the "free look" spectating mode can be exploited by ghosting around the map to search for resources. "mp_forcecamera" is a variable that restricts spectator modes for dead players. Only problem is that it seems to have some compatibility issues with NMRiH... mp_forcecamera can be set to: 0, 1, or 2 0 = same as default. 1 = default. 2 = locks camera at the spot you died unless you press ctrl to enter free look. Chase cam and first person are disabled. Does anyone know if a plugin exists that simply forces spectators into chase cam and disables free look? If not, perhaps the developers could look at fixing the spectator UI and options associated with it? Thanks!
  2. Lately I've been finding lots of players setting their names to annoying unpronounceable shit like: "¹¬■×Þƒƒ¿" "你他媽的" or my personal favorite: "­" (an invisible character using Alt+0173) I managed to find a SourceMod plugin that prevents users from connecting with specific pre-configured usernames that the server owner sets to be unallowed: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=186346 However, there's a couple fundamental flaws with this approach. 1) There's literally trillions of possible name combinations. It's impossible to list every single name combination using every single asian character, alt code, etc.. 2) .txt does not recognize special characters or the notorious invisible character I mentioned above. So it's impossible to even begin listing these combinations. So... Does anyone know of a plugin that can kick players whom attempt to connect WITHOUT having a minimum of three consecutive letters or numbers within their username (for example)? This would be a much easier way to solve the issue. Such a plugin would dramatically help the fight against troublesome players (especially on servers with friendlyfire enabled). Thanks!
  3. While firing the new JAE-700 sniper rifle, the scope screen will disappear randomly while shooting. When this happens, the user simply sees a zoomed in screen minus the tunnel-vision and cross hair overlay. You guys might already know about this since it's pretty common occurrence. But if not, now you do.
  4. That's classic. Still, my favorite part of NMRiH is whenever this occurs: Client "PandaBearGoRawr" connected ( #Chat_Prefix PandaBearGoRawr: !guns #Chat_Prefix Stings2pee: !nope Dropped PandaBearGoRawr from server (Disconnect by user.)
  5. When you open a supply drop, there's a change of becoming plagued with a bug that prevents your character from sprinting (use of <W> + <Shift>). This bug has been responsible for my demise on several occasions when the next wave starts and I can't escape the horde of running children. Things that fix this bug when it happens: - Reopen the supply drop. - Pickup and drop a health crate or FEMA bag. - Pickup and drop an inventory item with a full inventory so that you carry it like a health crate. - Respawn. TL;DR supply drops can essentially disable your ability to run
  6. Especially how there's a delay between seeing the flash and hearing the boom. That was one of my favorite parts too. XD Such a professional looking map from start to finish. I love the destructible wall. I love the ammo in the freezer. I love the dead guy sitting in front of the fireplace as if trying to keep warm before he died. WOW! I'm concerned about the cat-walk across the hole in the floor @ 1:34... Zombie path-finding doesn't do well with bottle necks. Great job!
  7. LOL DrHammer. I really enjoyed reading that and I accept your remarks. xD In my defense to the minor criticism, however, I am still new to these forums and hadn't realised this topic was recurring. In addition, there's somewhat of a "catch 22" with this matter: 1) Admins don't like reccuring threads. 2) Admins don't like users to bump old threads. So the question becomes: If OP didn't find an answer in the old thread, does he make a new thread or bump the old one? AND When is a thread considered too old to bump? 1 month? 3 months? 6 months? 1 year?
  8. Thanks for the reply, Chanz. This information should certainly be made better available to server owners/admins. I've seen countless server admins unable to do deal with invisible named users on a number of Source games (not just NMRiH). It's also a common mistake that many people think the "userid" refers to "SteamID" which obviously doesn't work for sm_kick or sm_ban. I've posted a request on AlliedModders so if someone manages to make a plugin for this, I'll be sure to link it here. It'll be nice to have an automated system due to admins not always being online to manually deal with it. Surely I can't be the only server owner with this headache. Anyways, thanks again!
  9. There's plenty of crosshair overlays available from 3rd party software. I personally use a modified Mumble overlay that doubles as a crosshair overlay by pressing insert. Although for a game like NMRiH, it's really NOT necessary. It would also defeat the purpose of the whole "realism" element. Here's the link for the Mumble overlay mod if you're interested: http://www.reddit.com/r/Tribes/comments/1993p0/easy_to_installuse_mumble_overlay_crosshairs/
  10. sm_respawn does not seem work with NMRiH. Is there a game command that a server admin can use to force targeted users to spawn once deceased? Or can you give specific users a respawn token? Would be nice to have this ability in the event of players griefing the server on the final wave of Favela or another long survival map. Thanks!
  11. Just do a fresh install. Should fix it.
  12. Ok I figured it out somewhat. It doesn't have anything to do with pressing shift while/before opening the box. When your inventory is full and you attempt to take a weapon that doesn't fit (in this case the Ruger 10/22), it has a change of being removed and clipping into the ground. When this occurs, you become unable to run. The question then becomes: why do some weapons allow you to remove them with a full inventory when others don't? Screenshot showing the Ruger 10/22 clipped into the ground. A classic sign of the bug.: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=242015922
  13. The sprint animation doesn't play and you do not run fast anymore. The best analogy is that it feels like "+speed" has been temporarily unbinded from shift. Even when your inventory is full, you are still able to notice a temporary increase in speed when you attempt to sprint + jogging animation. Nope. Nope. Possibly. I'll check if that's what causes the bug. Once the box opens, I believe I naturally stop pressing any keyboard buttons since it freezes character movement anyways. I'll test this to see what happens since I'm honestly not sure what triggers the bug.
  14. I think this map has become notoriously hated amongst 80% of the players that can't play NMRiH without the !guns plugin. LOL. Personally, I really enjoy the challenge of this map but it's frustrating that everyone ragequits or spams RTV when it changes to this map. *le sigh*
  15. There should be a objective notification sometime after you escape the sewer to notify players of the radio on the roof. It still seems that the "escape from the sewer" remains the current objective until the end.
  16. This is certainly a challenging map. Haven't found a good enough group of players to make it past wave 4 when there's like 50 kid runners. Very fun though. Thanks!
  17. A few guys and I just played this map, completed wave 15, everyone froze (as if to expect a cut-scene), then the map changed onto the next map in the server cycle. Is there suppose to be an extraction? We were still alive and the map ended... I don't get what happened. Really entertaining map though asides from the disappointing end. Thanks!
  18. Yes, it would be nice for this to be fixed.
  19. Now it seems that the "fa_glock17" (using 9mm ammo) isn't unloading. Also, could you add "tool_flare_gun" and "me_chainsaw" to the unload table too please?
  20. Sweet. Thanks for the quick update. I just went through the weapons list again to double check that they're all working and it seems that the "fa_1022" (the rifle that uses .22 ammo) isn't unloading. All other weapons are fine now though.
  21. I got this plugin for my server and it works amazingly!! Only problem is that the plugin doesn't seem to recognize the AK-47 using the 7.62 ammo. Also, there's problems with the SKS (also using 7.62 ammo) where it eats the magazine and it doesn't drop it on the floor. Could you please update the plugin?