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  1. Hey Billion... Thanks so much, we had a funny run on Zephyr!!! Hopefully should be up end of next week
  2. Oh yes we did! You didnt look at my glorious video 1! XD
  3. My Dear Dr Hammer... that was some momentous harvesting skills! LOL I have quill and ink at hand to study this majestic example of how to deal with bratty children The cherry on top of the cake was the shovel toss at the end, bravo! Good stuff Sir, Good stuff!
  4. Thankyou Lou Saffire, Rock & ThoughT for your work and time! Pugman & Chippants. Finale http://youtu.be/vN9C7clTaqY First Look http://youtu.be/aGCjU3GbQKw
  5. Thank you all, for the kind comments. Sorry for the mix up there ThoughT, conisder it already done!
  6. Hi All Myself (Pugman) and Chippants would just like to say a quick thank you to the NMRiH team for not only an impressive update to an already amazing game, but also for allowing us to be included in that update. It was fun and an absolute pleasure. You guys did an amazing job on the voices. lol! .. Chippants wont shutup, she really thinks she is a badass now! Special thanks to ThoughT for your guidence! "You sir, are the dogs bollox" XD Pugman & Chippants http://youtu.be/QduQYvqDPkw
  7. The first one looks stunning, much more impacting
  8. Hi all, So, its been awhile since we first tried to use axes on doors! Its also been awhile since we have had such a thrilling, intense, heart stopping cooperative experience in gaming. The journey through the map JUNCTION had survival horror written all over it. And to me emphasized what coop gaming is all about... teamwork, hard work, group planning, communication and shared emotions both up and down. The map from begining to end had us on edge and nervous, and finished with a truely insane ending to an unforgiving map. Job well done by the creators. Hynosis and ThoughT. The game definitely submerses you into the world of classic horror films (when horror was at it's best!) where the creators bring genuine life-threatening suspense that's difficult to find these days. The video is an hour and probably not for the impatient, but the ending sure as hell was dramatic. Thankyou to the developers for the memories. It gave me an adventure I will be telling my grandchildren about! lol -Pugman http://youtu.be/nvC42qBHpBA If any1 is interested, below are our very first attempts at the map part1 http://youtu.be/FeP3gYJjZXY part2 http://youtu.be/-JzqjIAu5yM
  9. Pugman is over the moon to hear this lol. With a BX 25 round mag in my 1022 i may just be able to kill 2 zombies with just 1 magazine. Thus doubling my killing ratio to magazine use. Pugman's gonna be unstoppable!! lol XD
  10. I instantly panic run towards my partner Chippants and hope it decides to eat her instead of me.