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  1. It is possible, but scar and m16a4 have same name path
  2. Today i want to release two more addons. Brush Axe that replace Fire axe, and Revolver from Resident Evil which replaces default 357 Revolver. Here's screenshots, credits, and link to download (this addons is not include in full pack yet.) http://www.mediafire.com/file/bn1lpdjx5y90ckr/Barrygun_and_brush_axe.rar/file 357_Barry_Magnum Credits: OoFiLoO (Port from Resident Evil) Templar (Port to NMRiH) Flammable (vgui icon, textures, sounds) Sound is partially from nmrih and Half-Life 2 (since resident evil sound is worse in terms of quality) Model from "Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER" Axe_to_Brush_Axe Credits: Yogensia (Model, Textures, Renders, Compile (L4D2 model)) Templar (Port to NMRiH) Flammable (vgui icon) Happy hunting
  3. You know, I'm a huge fan of this game, but playing with same weapons, same maps over and over is getting me bored. I play this game since 2012 i think, and thru all this time i was collecting weapon addons and other fixes for this game. Some of this were made myself, some of them i downloaded here, on this forum, some of them were requested by me, and only I have it. And today, I'm going to share all addons i have for this game. The impulse to this was the fact, that my friend Templar recently made 5 more models for me, then i polished them, and ready to upload. But i also have some old addons, such as AK47, p345, silenced mac10. I had them for a while, they were made by local nmrih community member - Demo aka CougarMagnum. He allowed me to upload them to public, but i did not then, it was almost 1 year ago. Now when i got even more skins, and probably I'm not going to make or request more, here it is. The biggest addon pack for nmrih of all time. But not to waste your time, just see this video demonstation i'v done for you today: https://youtu.be/uAO5VaKl0Iw most of, and best of addons I have is shown here. Link to download bellow. Have a good time "mowing em down" with brand new weapons, if I ever have more good stuff to upload I will do so in this thread. http://www.mediafire.com/file/zwcekak4ro83wec/Flammable+NMRiH+Addon+pack+2018.rar
  4. https://puu.sh/xdeT8/c5a38e1fff.rar
  5. Как любая кастомная карта (кроме nmo_subside_v5) во всех кастомных картах нету атмосферы, скажем возьмем человека который никогда не играл в No More Room in Hell, и большинство слету определит какая карта от разработчика, а какая пользовательская, потому-что пользовательские карты выглядят чутка тускло на их фоне, нету вот прям детальнейшего такого освещения, звуков, типа как на карте Арплей, где ты в бассейне слышишь воду, а на улице как скрипит мост. Вообщем вот что я имел в виду, а на кастомных картах видна рука любителя. Но это я хочу заметить, уже приеб, на такие карты в одиночку нужно убивать ДОХУИЩА времени. Колличество и качество надо балансировать, на твоей карте качество всего мне понравилось, и качество этой самой атмосферности тоже приемлимое, не такое как на авторских картах, но нормааальное, уж лучше чтобы оно осталось на этом уровне, и ты сделал еще карт, чем сидел и правил грубо говоря каждый пиксель до идеала. Но вот работа над детализацией с v3 на v5 пошла заебок, но тут скорее заслуга того что она стала темней, не все так бросается в глаза. PS Забавный факт, все мои друзья играющие нмрих, называют эту карту, nmo_urbanhard - ГОМЕРОМ xD Потому-что в моменте когда выходишь из хаты и ломаешь окно, слышен пронзительный крик, похожий на крик Гомера Симпсона. Забавно слышать как тебе говорят "ХЗ какую карту можно погамать, поставь ГОМЕРА что ли)"
  6. I dont think that's what you need, but whatever, you can have it, at least you can look how working files look like. skins_dm.ini from nmrih\addons\sourcemod\configs\sm_skinchooser_hl2dm skinchooser_playermodels.ini from nmrih\addons\sourcemod\data skins_dm.ini skinchooser_playermodels.ini
  7. One of the best maps, perfect balance of difficulty and firearms quantity, acceptable level of detail, interesting finale. 9/10 Мне нравится эта карта, нравилась даже v3, на карте есть "своя атмосфера", и она в меру сложная. Огнестрела ровно столько, сколько надо, одна из лучших нмо карт, хоть я и не очень люблю нмо, в эту карту не стыдно сыграть время от времени. После аптейда с v3 на v5, карта стала выглядеть в разы лучше, не могу сказать что нужно улучшить, можно бесконечно стремиться к совершенству, поэтому советую автору двигаться дальше, и делать новые нмо карты, потому-что 90% нмо карт очень скучные, легкие, и вообще на 1 раз, есть конечно и ебнутые мапы непроходимые, но сложности тоже надо в меру, и это на мой взгляд карта на которой баланс сложности ровно столько, сколько надо. Вонючий казуал сдохнет, профессионал не надорвется. Единственный минус это конечно level of detail, но это уж извините, это надо быть супер крутым как разработчики нмриха, то есть вообще чтобы каждая лампочка светилась как надо, чтобы я хуй знает, ПЫЛЬ красиво летала в воздухе, и тд. На большинстве стандартных нмо карт это сделано на ура, есть еще карта nmo_subside (кастомная), там тоже авторы сделали эту атмосферу, она скажем вообще 10/10. Этой карте я ставлю 9/10, жду новых карт.
  8. I tried this map, and it's awful. This awful could be turned into something decent if you fix this god damn holes in the floor, it literally took me and my friends 2 hours and 3 tries to beat this map, on third try i was respawning everyone who fall into the hole in the floor. When i was playing first time, i just walked forward and DIED, that pissed me off so much, so i was thinking of deleting this map from my server forever. Then we tried again, and again all of us died because this game is not about killing zombies, it's about jumping the holes! right? WRONG! Get rid of this shit, realy that's the most annoyng thing on the map. And i think i saw it somewhere, and i guess it's nmo gmi hunt, which is absolutelly terrible, this map is just a garbage from GMOD turned into nmo map. Ok i think I'm done talking about the holes in the froor. Second thing that i did not like is, stairs. Is it SO hard to add simple clip so zombies and players will walk normally on it? Third thing is zombie spawns, they are dumb, you killed 10 zombies arround the corner, then you come back in few seconds and there is another 10 zombies. Have you seen default maps like nmo_broadway? I know zombies will never stop coming, but if you kill them all at least they will come in small quantities. And there is nothing where they can came to, closed doors, сorridors. This map is just booring and low detailed. And the last thing is finale helicopter, i dont understand why dont you add animations to it, it's looking dumb. Afterall, this map worth playing, at least 1 time. But you have lots of shit to do to make it decent. P.S. I was playing nmo_vertigo_v4, the latest version
  9. There might be problems with your skins_dm.ini from nmrih\addons\sourcemod\configs\sm_skinchooser_hl2dm and skinchooser_playermodels.ini from nmrih\addons\sourcemod\data I had the problem that sometimes !models menu did not appear, and 1 or 2 times that some models that player have did not apply, and the other half do apply. I recommend you to reinstall the plugin by removing skins_dm.ini and skinchooser_playermodels.ini, and configure it again, with no written errors, such as superfluous brackets. If it wont help here is what i can say, My server never got crashed because of skin chooser, there might be problems with your models. Have you checked if it crash when someone apply the model or DIE with custom model? No, then you should check. It's errors in plugin configs or broken models. I personaly love skin chooser, and also i recommend you to use skinchooser_playermodels.ini to give specific models to your friends, with no need to make custom admin flags.
  10. As example i will talk about Black Mesa Source. In BMS there is command cl_mdldetailfx_enable (1 = default) If set to 1 weapon and hands getting human or alien blood decals on the model. If set to 0 no human/alien blood decals will be on weapon model. If you do the: cl_mdldetailfx_enable 0;cl_mdldetailfx_enable 1 at once, you will not disable blood decals on hands and weapons, but instead you will clean it. The problem is, when i kill first few zombies my hands and weapon is covered in blood, that's exciting feel, with each kill you have more blood on your hands. But usually i kill like thousands of infected, and my weapon model is ALWAYS in blood. What i wanna do is clean it sometimes, let's say, every new wave during NMS maps. Is there any command to switch on/off blood decals for weapons?
  11. Hey, does anyone have sourcemod plugin that makes player get 1 score instead of taking -15 score on teamkill? p.s. I know how to set up deathmatch server, and everything works just fine, the only thing that i need is that plugin.
  12. Right now i need seven models from Resident Evil for GMOD or NMRiH I already got Barry, Jill, Leon, Rebecca, Wesker. All this models was ported for NMRIH from CSS or GMOD player models. At the moment i need 7 more models for GMOD as Player models, so i can use them in NMRIH. There is four Left4Dead2 models Chris, Enrico, Kenneth, Richard. And three models that being ragdoll for gmod Edward, Forest, Kevin. We tried to port Left4Dead 2 models to nmrih, but they have diffrent skeleton and this cause problems, that's why we need GMOD player models. It would be great if someone can make any of this player models for GMOD out of this 4 l4d2 models and 3 ragdolls. Download source models: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jymwljcx9zmh6jr/re_models_to_gmod.rar?dl=0 edit: CLOSED
  13. This model is from Left 4 Dead 2. And this is the problem. If this model was from CS:S or GMOD we could do it fine, but all l4d2 models we ever tried had same problem. I'v found another addon for GMOD, there's Jill, Barry, Wesker and Leon. But there's only Left 4 Dead 2 Chris and Richard. We are still messing with Richard, and we dont know how to fix it properly.
  14. So yesterday me and my friend were trying to make a player model for NMRiH out of Left 4 Dead 2 model. Textures working fine, animations working fine, but the body looks terrifying. This is model that we used as source And after convertating this model to nmrih we got this... As you can see, everything is wrong about her. Long scary arms, no neck, she does not stand on her feet properly, her ass is inside of her. You got what i mean. I'm asking for help fixing this model, to make her look like a normal human being, because at the moment she looks like once upon a time she got to be in car crash accident... left4dead2 model, nmrih result model, and decompilted source could be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o09spvf40inf8hv/nmrih_jill_wip.rar?dl=0
  15. When player out of stamina, and can't make a swing he have to wait to regenerate it, and it is perfectly balanced, but there is a problem. If player crouch (+duck) stamina regenetares x2 or x3 times faster, this cause such over power, for example if you get heavy weapon like fubar or pickaxe or sledgehammer, and hit alot of zombies, you can crouch and regenerate stamina so fast, so you become unstoppable zombie-killing machine! Firearms, tactics, get space behind back for retreatment, who need that when you can just crouch for few seconds and kill another 5 zombies with 1 swing... I wanna know, is there any way to disable it, maybe some sourcemod plugin, any how? There is sm_stamina plugin for nmrih that can make stamina infinite, and if admin set stamina of player less then 5, player can't do a swing or run. Maybe someone can make a plugin for my server that if player use +duck {sm_stamina !self 10} if player use -duck {sm_stamina !self -1} (disable stamina plugin on player) Or maybe there is a console cvar that does not need sv_cheats 1 Any advice? EDIT: Looks like there is no solution for that, but that's ok, since 90% of players on my server is friends, who wont abuse it