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  1. After browsing many tutorials and looking for help, I finally figured out how to add skins to the server. This method is only for adding skins, not editing them. Also this is for a server with Metamod/SourceMod, because there is a plugin I use for skins. For this TuT, I will show you how to hack skins onto your server. I am still working on fixing the skins so they look perfect, but for now there are a few bugs. Setup Software Needed: - GCFScape (Download Link: http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?p=26 - MDL Decompiler (Download Link: http://steam.gamebanana.com/tools/5083) - This one worked for me, if it doesn't work for you, you can just google for other ones. - You do have to put this in the sourcesdk folder. (sourcesdk>bin>ep1>bin) - GUIStudioMDL (Download Link: http://www.wunderboy.org/apps/guistudiomdl2.php) - Source SDK (Get it through steam) - zBzipper (Download Link: http://css.gamebanana.com/tools/1495) - SourceMod/MetaMod installed on server. - Sm_Skinchooser_hl2dm 2.3 (Download Link: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=780243) Folder setup: This is how I setup my folders and applications: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/593/zm1a.png/'> I recommend setting something up like this, so you don't have to go looking around and figuring out where stuff is. As stated above, you need to place the MDL Decompiler in the Source SDK folder. (SourceSDK>bin>ep1>bin) Find and Decompile
  2. *Credits to Marcus_Brown001 on the coding of the original plugin: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=212705&highlight=NMRIH Current Version: 1.7.3 Change Log: Installation: This plugin's installation is straight forward: you place the plugin file (weapon_menu.smx) into your sourcemod/plugins directory on your server. You then place the configuration file (weapon_menu.ini) into your sourcemod/configs directory on your server. Restart the server, or change the map, and you should be set up to go. Admin Only Use: Just add sm_guns to admin_overrides.cfg file and add the flag z (Z=all permissions). Of course you can customize this as well for certain level of groups/admins/donators/etc. 1.7.3 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rms3tnr66abtdby/WeaponMenu1.7.3.rar Source: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wwm92o329sjyccd/weapon_menu.sp Older Versions: If you wanna disable any weapon just delete the line of code in the weapons_menu.ini. Very easy and simple to do.
  3. It's alpha for a reason, can't expect it to be perfect. o.o
  4. Because NMRiH doesn't have that setup. It's not like you have 32 players, you only have 8. L4D2 is the same way.
  5. Ahh ok. Well make sure there are also in your actual server map folder as well.
  6. Sorry about your sister. I couldn't help myself <3
  7. If you want, I can bzip them for you. You just tell me which maps you want done, and I will bzip them then upload them to mediafire or something.
  8. I am sure there is a way, but I don't know it yet.
  9. You put the files you want to bzip in the bzip folder, then double click the desktop icon, it will do it's thing. Give it a few since these are maps and are a bit bigger then what I was using it for. Once it is done, you will see the original file in there, along with .bzp file. You do with this .bsp, .nav, and .nmo (.nmo is for objective maps), then you upload those files to your fastdl server/website using filezilla or any ftp software you prefer. Make sure the director or root of the maps folder looks like mine: http://repentgaming.uphero.com/nmrih/maps/ (Again yours may look different, but after the .com/ it should be about the same. You upload them to the map folder. Then in the server.cfg, you just put: http://repentgaming.uphero.com/nmrih/
  10. Yes, you can upload them to the redirect url. I just use 000webhost, but since you already have a hoster with this option then it is pretty easy. I made them into bz2, because it makes the maps faster to download by compressing them. Obviously for people who hate waiting on maps that are big, it cuts the wait time by at least half. zBzipper: http://css.gamebanana.com/tools/1495 You can also see my guide which can help with custom skins if you ever want to do that as well, but under Finalizing the Product step 2 is the zBzip instructions. Pretty simple.
  11. Do you wanna run it on a dedicated computer? Or just whenever you want to play? If you plan on setting up a dedicated server, then look here: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/wiki/Dedicated_Server_Setup - This is if you plan on having it run on a computer of yours. - You can customize this. If you plan on setting up a listen server, then look here: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/wiki/Listen_Server_Setup - This is just when you go in-game and hit create server. - Limited customization if any. Very easy to follow, and if you need help or have questions you can always ask.
  12. You wanna put your fast DL ulr there. You can use mine, but I don't have every single map, I can add maps tho. You just have to let me know which ones. Mine: http://repentgaming.uphero.com/nmrih/
  13. Yes, some maps are outdated. It happens.
  14. Try verifying the game files as well thru steam.
  15. Like motd? Type !motd. Otherwise there is an advertisments plugin, and I am sure there are plenty of other plugins. Allided modders can help.
  16. You are doing this all wrong. You only setup a models and materials folder like so: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/23/2ju0.png/'> You don't need to create a .vpk. Your server will read from the materials/models folder, just make sure your model and materials path for the skins are correct, otherwise you will get errors in-game. Like Pink and Black textured skin, or Error Code.
  17. You would have to setup a fastDL for them Which is easy to do. I have one if you need one. http://repentgaming.uphero.com/nmrih/maps/ If you want to add a map or something I could do that. You also need to add the map name to your mapcycle.txt/maplist.txt.
  18. Yes, which can be dumb is someone wants to play solo. Just my opinion tho. :/
  19. You just make a models folder and a materials folder in your nrmih server folder. You just have to make sure the subfolders are the same so the skins/textures are called right when you use them.
  20. There are plenty out there? I even host one. o.o
  21. 1. Turn sv_alltalk to 1. 2. If you update it should be the latest, you can always check forums or the community hub most likely to see what was updated. As far as maps, the custom ones you have to install manually. Very easy to do. 3. I don't have the answer to that. But to be clear, you want it to not count down till a certain amount of people join?
  22. Wait are you trying to put custom skins into the .vpk? Or are you trying to take the skins out? If you are trying to put custom skins onto your server, this is not how you do it. You can refer to this: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11005 If you are trying to take skins out, you need gcfscape which is also in that thread above.
  23. Maybe they moved your server location? That's what it sounds like. o.o
  24. Sad day, was looking for a custom one for windows. D; Although this does look nice. D:
  25. They also have to make sure allow custom server download on in their options. You can just have them go download it too.