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  1. Hi, ¿why the new model is so big?, i like the old tiny one Bye, Marcos
  2. Hi, ssba: I have both, client and dedicated server update and still have the issue. Bye, Marcos
  3. I still experience the bug and have update both, client and dedicated server. Bye all, Marcos
  4. Hi, ¿what settings of rates, maxcmdrate and maxupdaterate recommend? i have a dedicated server and when play survivor and start rounds like 7, 8 ...and spawn 120 zombies or more, all the people in the server get a lot of high pink spikes and its unplayable, the other day on favela we finish wave 14 and start wave 15 and spawn i cant remember the number but near 250-300 zombies, impossible to hit a single zombie and ping reach near 350, ¿its possible to fix this or is a problem with the game engine? Bye, Marcos p/d: im live in Argentina too, Santiago Del Estero
  5. Hi all, ¿anyone can share how many waves have all survivor map? I beat two: - Northway (8 waves) - Silence (8 waves) Bye, Marcos
  6. Ty both. Bye, Marcos
  7. Hi all, where i can modify this two value, because i see people abuse of rtv on the server and i want to increase the time between votes, and the other thing is set a time of gameplay duration of maps. Bye all, Marcos
  8. Hi, thanks for reply me, i found the solution, i change the value on sourcemod, hpk.cfg and another cfg i cant remember exactly the name but its called vbping.cfg or something like that. Bye, Marcos
  9. Hi all, my name is Marcos, in new in this subject, server administrator and i want to know how i can modify this because last night we are playing in favela and on wave 11 all the players ping go up to near 250 and kick all, ¿its possible to modify the limit ping or the advises counter? Bye all, Marcos