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  1. I know this is a stupid question, but I've been very busy lately and I haven't had time to keep up with a lot of the recent updates to this game. I've noticed a few things, some of my plugins (such as and gun! plugin) do not work anymore. But I've also noticed that when anybody joins my game, a large pink box shows up in which you have to click the 'OK' button to get rid of. When I went to other people's servers, I saw that this box was really just kind of server notice or MOTD. I need to know how to edit this so that I can get rid of the giant pink box that shows up whenever a new round starts/new person joins. Can anyone help me out? Thanks! EDIT:: Another thing, I don't understand why some maps make it so some people can't join, what am I supposed to do?
  2. That did the trick, I'm not sure how I didn't know the server app id changed, but thanks for helping me! I appreciate it.
  3. I might of not caught that memo, let me check to see if that is the case.
  4. Hello everyone, I am posting about a problem I am having starting my NMRIH server. After the latest update, whenever I try to start the server itself, it gives me the following error message: Host_Error: IDLLFunctions::DLLInitreturnedfalse I ran SteamCMD to see if it would fix itself, but it's not. I also have what the console says at the time of the crash (see below). If anyone could help me out that would be great, thanks!
  5. Okay, I'll do that then. Thanks.
  6. I'm now trying to make the Infinite Ammo plugin exclusive to admins only. Has there been any progress on this, any thoughts or ideas? I posted on the Allied Modders page too, so if anyone sees this and wants to reply it probably would be better to reply there. Link: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2103363#post2103363
  7. Awesome, well Polar let me know how all that works out. I'll keep an eye on this forum, so if you do anything post here so I see it.
  8. Polar, I hope you know what he's talking about, that's all you.
  9. I want to address the first paragraph here. I found the sv_weaponmenu_admin_override to be a little confusing, at least for someone who doesn't have much experience with this, hence my presence here. After some trial and error, I found that setting all the limiting parameters to '0' meant that nobody could access the menu. Theoretically, if the 'limit' was '0' then it made sense that if I enabled the admin override that the admin would have no limits, which would in turn enable him to use the menu without limitation. This wasn't the case though, and I misunderstood the intention of that override. However, through using the (Your Server folder)\addons\sourcemode\configs\admin_overrides.cfg, I was able to make the menu exclusive to admins with ease. I appreciate both your efforts and abilities to make and edit these plugins, I'm going to look into the infinite ammo plugin for fun next. But I don't think that one I'll be able to make exclusive. Thanks again gentlemen.
  10. I do not have the infinite ammo plugin because I would only use it if it was admin only. I don't want these kind of things accessible to anyone but admins on my server.
  11. Okay, I'll be here to test it for you whenever you're done.
  12. You work fast, I uploaded your new version. Everything is working besides the ammo, it says [something went wrong] every time I use it. I tested using it on its own, as well as with a weapon equipped that uses that ammo type. Example, I have a 9mm Baretta and I tried to spawn 9mm. Either way, the ammo portion isn't working. I also tried logging into rcon and trying the same things, still not working. What do you think? A problem with me, or the new version?
  13. Yeah no problem, I appreciate all the help, and yeah no rush!
  14. I was trying to reply earlier: I completely understand, it's no problem. Right now I just have "sm_guns" with a "z" flag admin override and when I tested it, only I could access it (I'm the only one with the 'z' flag). So that will work for now I think, as far as ammo and medical supplies go, that would just be what I would want ideally. But beggers can't be choosers, I do appreciate your work and help very much. I'll watch this thread for any responses you have for me! Thanks again. --- But yes, that seems to work so far! It's funny that we came to the same conclusion so quickly. I've been messing around trying to get giving me medical supplies to work next, but that might take coding that I am not capable of. *** EDIT *** I was able to get pills to work, but I cannot create a new category, so I have them under 'explosive' in the .ini
  15. And it would be so useful to add ammo to that menu, it's a great plugin so far. Those are just the only a few things I'm looking for. Ammo, medical supploes, and Admin only access. I wish I knew how to use script and code things or else I'd do it myself :/ but I have no idea what I'm doing as far as that goes. Also, I think I may have found a solution to having Admin Only access but I ran into one issue. I just used these in my server.cfg: sv_weaponmenu_rifle_limit 0 sv_weaponmenu_smg_limit 0 sv_weaponmenu_shotgun_limit 0 sv_weaponmenu_pistol_limit 0 sv_weaponmenu_tool_limit 0 sv_weaponmenu_melee_limit 0 sv_weaponmenu_explosive_limit 0 sv_weaponmenu_admin_override 1 But the server doesn't recognize the sv_weaponmenu_admin_override and I'm not sure why, so even though I have access to sm_admin, I cannot access the gun menu at all. With these limitations, it makes it so nobody can access the menu since all the limits are at 0, but I can't get the admin override to work where those limits do not apply to admins. Any suggestions? Also, I meant to post in our other forum thread and not here, I apologize.