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  1. I think that's the way the game is working now, since patch 1.07.3. Correct me if i'm wrong. That's Megabits.
  2. I don't think that can be done, as every other srcds game throw those as well. Anyway it shouldn't bother you that much to manage the server, may be get some admins or get in-game. A dedicated server shouldn't be human assisted 24/7, and it should log everything as well.
  3. Isn't it working that technique that you only write an url in motd http://www.fuckingawesomeserver.com/motd.html And that url displays as the motd?
  4. For a nice playing experience in a 8 slot server, you'll need at least 5MB upload as grasn[b/] suggested sometime. Each player needs about 15KBps to 60KBps (Thats KiloBytes) depending on the game situation (How many zombies are spawned and which kind of map you're playing). This is also affected by SourceMOD and plugins which take a little bandwidth too. If it's a personal server. I suggest creating a server with the following specs: 3 players slot + 1 reserved (for your Lan Playing) sv_maxrate 24903 sv_maxupdaterate 22-33 (Try getting up until you get unstable pings) sv_maxcmdrate (Same as sv_maxupdaterate) Remembers those commands don't make effect until you changelevel or restart the server. Also this won't be the best playing experience for survival maps. And those rates are specially calculated for you upload speed.
  5. I could force a MOTD display with Mani Admin Plugin, But I do not have anything to show . I prefer using advertisments plugin and choosing the people that plays in my servers. That improves the experience as there are a few servers, and joining true players gets difficult. When they like the server they're playing at they just don't ignore advertisements.
  6. I suggest even reinstalling Steam if necessary, backup your current working games and start all from the begining.
  7. I'm currently handling Windows SRCDS errors with restart scripts. I'm quite sure the dev team must be working on it. Anyway my Ubuntu's server receives quite a lot that info_ladder warning but it kept running for a week but all original (1.07.2) and custom maps.
  8. So you're not having problems joining any CSS servers right now?
  9. Does it pop up any kind of error? Or it just hangs without opening anything? Source SDK ain't required at all to play NMRiH, and the 2007 sdk ain't no more the engine for NMRiH as well, they've moved to the OrangeBox Source 2013 SDK.
  10. Please post Dedicated server hardware specs as your available bandwidth as well.
  11. Does it exist any tool related that allows to generate a resource file starting from a single bsp file?, This would be nice to keep up to date all the maps related models, skyfiles, or whatever resource the maps needs.
  12. Rule 1 nmrih2 forwards UDP port 27015 to Rule 2 adwada forwards UDP port 27015 to This is actually messy. Both TCP & UDP 27015 should be forwarding to only 1 LAN IP (Your server). In fact, my server didn't work until I opened 27000-27030 port range and an extra SteamCMD port. You could also try to temporaly set a DMZ (See the router function) to your server to verify that it IS or NOT a ports issue.
  13. Started happening on Monday? May be you can try a full reinstall of the game.
  14. sv_lan 0 and set the parameter +ip when launching srcds . If not working you should check your firewall. Have you already?