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  1. I LOVE the runners. Nothing wipes out my team faster on the later waves then having runners take out 2-3 teammates, and having their bodies often turn on the team. Intense yo!
  2. I basically put in 2-3 hours a day and while I havent recorded every bug, I'm starting now. I'll update the list as I prove more. BUGS: EXPLOITS: 1. NMS_isolated - The table in the basement, located next to the stairs - players can jump on top and wait out the horde in that zone. I watched 2 players punch out 50 zombies in order to save the team. Pure accident, but shouldn't happen since they can't be hit. 2. NMS_isolated - I'd rather not report this.... if you bring a medic box in through the front door, sometimes it will automatically teleport upstairs into the proper position. Gave my team a fright the first time before realizing we were actually luckier. ERRORS: 1. NMO_Broadway - At the warehouse door, sometimes zombies will spawn on the other side preventing it from opening. I have seen one in three teams decide to go back down the ally and fight zombies in an attempt to make them disperse. It worked - but it is very inconvenient and prevented a couple teams from completing.
  3. Hello, my name is Reid. I started playing NMRiH four days ago. - I, along with two female and two male voice actors are applying for VOICE ACTING and other related services. - All of us have two prior years of film acting experience, but this also includes professional voice acting training. Examples: Radio advertisements, radio plays, announcer gigs, and podcasting. We all vary somewhat in terms of experience, but we know how to read a script, improvise if needed, and certainly follow direction. You may contact me at Acadianelement@hotmail.com or send me a PM here, or contact me on STEAM: {CAN} Keystone If you would like to contact anyone else in this group, I can provide their info as well. Thank you for your time. EDIT: Oddly, none of us have uploaded voice work specifically, but we'd be happy to provide a quick demo reel if needed.