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  1. why is the video so dark?
  2. I see dem, and i wants em :3
  3. What is the zippo for? no nmo maps? darn it. pretty numbers thank you for adding light to cabin. thank you.
  4. really abilities? come on.. . my friend wanted to play but he can't download.
  5. i just don't feel comfortable with the melee in this game enough to sit around all day and back up to kill something, that's why i prefer the fire axe over it now
  6. preach the truth hamma
  7. kiss devs and help me with my french
  8. i love mexican food lol
  9. i have 7 achievements, complete 5 stock maps and problem of induction and remove the head destroy the brain
  10. don't think so. "god" gives you godmode though. and if you want to spawn weapons and ammo use 'impulse 101'
  11. I found a bug in this map. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/474296816766218601/9F27F5FF99D6BB37BA08F62551F6B7589A2B554F/ the beginning hallway, if you open two doors at the same time if they are directly across each other, then the doors will get stuck and you'll have to use the vent to get out, lol.
  12. RIP machete you will never be the same :'(
  13. i know haha, i've already played like all the good nmo custom maps, btw i loved lakeside and what happened to nacht der untoten? there is no .nms file i was planning on playing it with some friends like an hour ago.
  14. I'm too bad for nms :-(