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  1. How do you make them admin only? i mean that only admin can use !skins and the menu
  2. Or just set up reserved slot with sourcemod, it will kick a player then, or if you want kick them with your console kick playername
  3. Did that still doesnt show :/ end fade distance 0 start fade distance 0 and the void is no problem its just for testing something
  4. the nav_area_3d This should be no lower than ~768 units above your ground. also add a chopper_entry + exit point
  5. Thanks , will try to make sailorm00n working on my servers
  6. I Tried to make a fix for this map and worked 2-3 hrs for making evrything func_detail etc but for some reason it says COMMAND PROMPT subway.bsp not found ERROR or something like that.. (owww i forgot the to change the Downloadlink to the new version before 1 week i changed it now v7 was very very very old, also there is an mad easter egg in the map http://www.file-upload.net/download-8322992/nms_subway_a2.rar.html
  7. i am using serverdoc on all 4 servers now, seems to work. thanks men.
  8. error messages even though I have disabled it in windows are still displayed, this means that the server can not restart because you have to press ok, can any one help me the message no longer appears? I followed this tutorial but wtf? there is still an error message: http://www.raymond.cc/blog/disable-program-has-stopped-working-error-dialog-in-windows-server-2008/ http://support.microsoft.com/kb/124873/de I disabled error mode in regedit & server oobe ErrorMode: 2 DontShowUi: 1 I just want that there is nothing where you have to click Ok, Please.
  9. Alan Wake Nmrih Zombie-Master Zombie-Panic Source The Stanley Parable DayZ BFBC2/BF3/BF4 CSS Assassin's Creed 4 - Black Flag# Resident Evil 4 Silent Hill 1 & 2
  10. For some reason is only the first site visible of my cornfield the other cornfield props behind these are not visible, please help. Ingame there are only the first cornfield visible behind the cornfield not... cant say how i should explain this just compile the map and you see what i mean. download for the vmf: http://www.file-upload.net/download-8320201/nms_Cornfrield_v4.vmf.html
  11. Does anyone know how to disable this? i disabled errorreporting in server control panel + i disabled dontshowui in regedit to 1. But still there comes an error virtual function call ERROR, you have to click ok, so that means the server cant restart automatic cos you have to click ok.
  12. sv_realism 1 sv_hardcore_survival 1 into autoexec.
  13. Well, i just want the that there is no button where you have to click ok i mean the error is ok for me when the server restarts automatic after that gain, it does when i click (i use a auto restart bat) but then after 1-5 hrs there comes an error, RUNTIME ERROR VIRTUAL FUNCTION CALL or something there you have to OK, after that that the server restarts i disabled windows error reporting etc.. but for some reason it still coming. can anyone help me to disable that runtime error report?
  14. well i disabled error reporting in windows and rebooted but again i get these runtimes errors where you have to click ok ? can anyone help me? i disabled errror reporting in regedit and changed value to "2" and win configures as well :/ i am using the auto restart bat file, but it cant auto restart when you have to click ok..
  15. maked a bat for all servers, disabled windows error reporting lets see if that works.