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  1. I've just looked through the videos you've posted and i can only agree with this: Can't wait to play this, it's bound to be good
  2. I've tried it out a couple of days ago and noticed that some (if not all) metal catwalks along the sides of the buildings have missing textures on their bottom side. Other than that, i find it a very nice map (i loved the Thing movie), i hope it will get updated.
  3. Hi all. I found the whole soundscape of NMRIH awesome so far as it gives a really good zombie apocalypse/horror feeling, so good job on that. But the one song that for me stood out the most so far was the evac/sucessful objective music on the map Toxteth, the one with a sad piano insert if that helps. I've already browsed through the ingame music section on SoundCloud, but was unable to find this particular piece, so i figured i'd ask ThoughT directly in the native forums Would you be so nice to put it on SoundCloud? I'd love to hear it outside the game as well. Thanks in advance, bye!
  4. I'll have to agree with this as well. While I havent seen the whole original movie, only parts of it, the remake was the first one i've seen and i loved it back then. I've just re-watched it 2 days ago, becouse i've started playing NMRIH and recognised this quote in the game off the bat too The movie still rocks; after Night of the living dead i've also watched the 2004 remake of Dawn of the dead, which kind of gives a referrance to the Northway Mall map in my opinion.
  5. I can wholeheartedly confirm OP's message
  6. I've just played it yesterday and i gotta say i like it a lot, it really gives the feeling of being cought up in a modern church. I hope you'll update it for a while, good job
  7. Hi all, this is my first post on these forums I've started playing nmrih when it became available for free on Steam and so far i'm absolutely loving it. I've been thinking about other custom map posibilities as well and came to this topic to give my 2 cents. First, i'll quote Payne: I'm a big S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fan and in conjunction with this i'm also a derelict nuclear power-plant enthusiast, so when i've started to think about what map i'd like to see in NMRIH, a nuclear powerplant came to mind soon enough. I guess that the setting could be best used for an objective-based map; i've been thinking about it for a bit and came up with a couple of rudimentary ideas for the plot and objectives. PLOT A group of survivors is holed up in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant somewhere in central North America. Although they managed to contact the Army and requested extraction, things are not as easy for them as they might seem. In the weeks and months after the zombie outbreak, it has been observed by satellite monitoring that the automatic shutdown and cooling function of this particular NPP has apparently not been working properly and thus the powerplant has been leaking increasingly harmful radiation to the water, air and soil of the state it's situated in. Having a zombie apocalypse on humanities' hands is bad enough, but having a potential nuclear wasteland forming in Americas' Heartland could be even worse; since the homeland defenders are stretched thin and the group of survivors in the plant's vicinity needs to earn their extraction, the army has decided to use them for helping to shut down and secure the NPP for good this time. PLACES - a house near the power plant - NPP entrance area - NPP caffetteria & administrative area - NPP inner chambers, including a maintenance tunnel network, turbine room, reactor and nuclear fuel storage (a pool for spent fuel rods) OBJECTIVES - enter the NPP - find protective gear (hazmat suits) - open the inner chambers blast doors by finding the switch in the administrative area / enter the inner chambers through the maintenance tunnels - shut down the nuclear reaction by manually inserting all the control rods in to the reactor core - provide sufficient core cooling (you'd have to open a couple of valves in the main reactor room) - stop water leaking from spent fuel rod pool (with a welder) - exit NPP, possibly over the roof with a helicopter extraction This is just from the top of my head, i might add some ideas later if i think of anything else.