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  1. Fixed. Guess I should have tested it a bit more. Thanks again!
  2. Should be fixed now, the link in the first post has been updated. Thanks for the info!
  3. This sourcemod plugin allows you to unload ammo from your guns. Thanks goes to ssba and sourcemod folks whose helpful tips allowed me to dump virtual offsets for ammo box! Usage: type sm_unload in console (preferably bind that command to a key) Download (source code included): http://cactuspie.eu/pliki/unloader.zip Please note that the plugin wasn't thoroughly tested, so if you notice any bugs, please report them in this topic! Also, for anyone who would like to modify the plugin, here are offsets for ammo box in current nmrih build, they might come in handy: http://pastebin.com/R15HzWdF
  4. I guess the only way is to make an SDK call to CItem_AmmoBox::SetAmmoType as there are no entity inputs for that either. Oh well, I guess I'll dig around. Thanks.
  5. There you go: http://cactuspie.eu/pliki/mmsource-1.10.1-hg870-windows.zip
  6. I'm trying to make an ammo unload plugin for Sourcemod, but I can't seem to grasp how is the ammo actually created in this game. It seems that all types of ammo derive from CItem_AmmoBox. I'm guessing that the game just creates item_ammo_box and modifies it to correspond to a specific type of ammo. I have dumped all netprops, classes and datamaps to a file, but I still couldn't figure out what offset exactly do I need to modify: http://cactuspie.eu/datamaps.txt http://cactuspie.eu/netprops.txt http://cactuspie.eu/classes.txt Could someone please point me in the right direction?
  7. If you guys are still having trouble downloading sorucemod, here are alternative links: http://cactuspie.eu/pliki/sourcemod-1.6.0-hg4169-linux.tar.gz http://cactuspie.eu/pliki/sourcemod-1.6.0-hg4169-mac.zip http://cactuspie.eu/pliki/sourcemod-1.6.0-hg4169-windows.zip
  8. These links work fine for me. Perhaps you could try checking the directory listing: http://www.sourcemod.net/smdrop/1.6/
  9. A very small sourcemod plugin that allows you to check your own health. It still doesn't display the exact value too keep the immersion! Just hold the reload button to check your health. Specific values: health 75-100 = Great health 50-74 = Fine health 25-49 = Bad health <25 = Critical Plugin: http://cactuspie.eu/pliki/healthdisp.smx Source: http://cactuspie.eu/pliki/healthdisp.sp
  10. I see. I was just a bit confused about the names that were used. Sorry for the invalid bug report and thank you for an answer!
  11. I have started playing around with SourceMod scripting in NMRiH, but I have noticed some inconsistencies with game events. I looked up ModEvents.res to check for events that are being called. Examples: teamplay_round_start - should be called on round start, but is never called (at least on nmo_ maps) nmrih_practice_ending - should be called when practice round is ending, but it's being called when practice round is starting I have also tried generic source events, in case you ended up using them instead your own events: round_start and round_end, but they are also not being called. There may be some other events with similar problems, but these are the only ones I have noticed so far. Any chance you could fix these? Thank you in advance!