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  1. I already posted this to the steam post, but for consistency's sake: Map name: BoardwalkType: Objective (NMO)A challenging map with a ton of randomized elements, taking place above, under and around a damp, decaying, fog-covered boardwalk. You’ve been on the run for what feels like an eternity, the undead always on your heels. There’s rumor of a safehouse not far from here that might be your only chance at salvation. With a poisoned ocean on one side and the merciless horde on the other, it’s either fight to survive, or give up and accept your inevitable undeath.More information, including images, a list of testers, and a download link, can be found here:https://forums.nomoreroominhell.com/index.php?/topic/12810-nmo_boardwalk/Custom Assets were courtesy of Demo and BillionLioe. I would hope you chaps would know how to contact them, since they’ve both contributed to the game in the past. If not, I can provide contact info, but I’d rather not do it via public forum. Gotta respect that privacy yo!Also, fun factoid here, Demo and I have been working on a halloween-themed version of this map that we can get done lickity split, should you desire something with a more festive feel
  2. It's looking wicked! Keep it up!
  3. You know it! Just tell me what you need, and I'll provide.
  4. Author's Note: Super special thanks to Demo (Who made most of the custom assets for this map) And Billionlioe (Who also made some assets but is in general a really cool guy). This is, as of now, the final version of Boardwalk I plan on releasing. Of course, should this map be accepted for inclusion in the game come the fabled October update, I'll be sure that the official version is updated with a few more custom textures, bug fixes, optimizations, etc. But for now, I hope you enjoy! Special thanks to these lot. For testing, and generally being cool doods.
  5. Welcome, survivors. Well, look what washed ashore today. Can you smell it? That sickly-sweet stench of sea-salt and soggy, soulless shamblers? Well, breathe it in, because it is my honor to present, after many years of development, the release candidate for NMO_BOARDWALK! *40's era cheering* You've heard rumor of a safehouse not far from here. It might be your last chance at rescue. How long can you survive, wedged between a horde of the undead and a vast, poisoned ocean? Well, it's time to find out: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ps3qvisbdgbr1p1/AAAwfPsCucXf69u1hV3E38HZa?dl=0 Somewhere, beyond the sea. Somewhere, waiting for me. Salvation stands on bloodied sands. Watching the zeds, that go sailing.
  6. What error are you getting? Are you using the nmrih launcher to run Hammer? If so, you will not be able to launch the map directly from the editor, as it'll display something along the lines of "This is being used by another process". Instead, after compiling, you need to go into NMRiH and launch the map via the console. As far as directories go, I use steamapps\common\nmrih\nmrih\maps
  7. Better, but you really need to make sure you playtest often. Things in Hammer can often look bigger/smaller than they actually are in-game. I recommend using the cordon tool, if you're concerned about leaks.
  8. Have you playtested it yet? Your scale looks a bit off. And NMRiH does not play well in large open spaces. Just keep that in mind.
  9. Yes, nms maps are a bit fickle, and are prone to crashing if you don't have the right entity setup. Sadly, you'll need that prefix to get the survival mode working. But as far as basic layout construction goes, you can go without for now. And yes, that is similar to what I mean. That yellow texture tells the compiler not to render that side of the brush. You can also see the development textures at work here. However, and this is only speculation as this map clearly is incomplete, but you want every side not visible to the player to be textured nodraw. And while the dev-textured walls can be easily swapped for nodraw without causing any problems, you can see the exterior wall to the left uses the same texture as the interior walls. Trying to replace it with nodraw the easy way (using replace all) will result in having to retexture the interiors, so you would have to do things the hard way and apply nodraw manually (Which can be very time consuming for complex brushwork and large maps). This problem can be avoided. When you create a brush, your currently selected texture will be automatically applied to all faces of said brush. So, if you build your map with nodraw as your selected texture, and then only apply your desired textures to the faces the player can see, you save a lot of time in the long-run, and your map's better optimized.
  10. I have some advice: You're not building with nodraw, or a development texture. As such, your map will be poorly optimized, as it'll be rendering faces that the player cannot see (which will add up overtime, and start tanking frames). It's a common mistake that a lot of new mappers make, here's how you fix it. When you create a brush, make sure that the current texture is either nodraw or a development texture (I.E. a texture you don't plan to use in your map, browsing for "measure" or "reflect" will yield plenty to chose from, they can also be used for measuring and serve as temporary textures), and then apply your desired texture only to those surfaces that the player can see. If you chose to use dev textures (As some find the nodraw texture to be quite garish), you must remember to replace all your development textures with nodraw before release. Otherwise you could lose hours, if not days worth of work, finding and replacing textures. I also noticed you're using the "Encase everything in a giant skybox to avoid leaks" method. It'll work, but there's a better way, and you'll end up having to replace your skybox anyways to make it more optimization-friendly. There's a tool known as "Cordon" which will create an adjustable red box. Everything within said box will be rendered, and everything outside will not. It acts exactly like a skybox when compiled, and is leak-proof. It's useful for testing early stages of your level, debugging errors, and reducing grid-clutter while detailing. It's a must-have tool for mappers. The cordon tool has two associated buttons, usually located near the middle of the top toolbar. The first is a solid block, colored yellow-and-black with a striped hazard pattern. This simply enables and disables cordon. The second is located to the right of the first, and is a yellow and black striped outline of a block. This allows you to manipulate the size of the cordon zone. As for your crashing woes, if what my associate suggested doesn't work, I can help answer questions and diagnose your hammer problems. Send me a private message, and we'll get together over steam or skype and fix your issues. I can also impart more of my wisdom when it comes to wrangling hammer. I can assure you, your time spent mapping will be plagued with all sorts of mistakes, bugs and errors that could be easily corrected with some insight. So, you get to avoid most of the frustration that comes from working with hammer, and I get a massive boost to my ego. It's a win-win! And it's way easier to show than it is to tell. I'd rather not write an essay to describe something I can show you over skype.
  11. There's plenty of reasons for a map to crash. We need more information. The compile log and map name at least. That'll let us narrow it down.
  12. You said it was rotating in the middle? Select the door, and in the 2D view, you should see a circle-thing in the middle. If you see it, then move it to the edge where you want the hinge. If that's not descriptive enough, give me a few and I'll get you some visual aids.
  13. Very nice work so far, but on a cursory glance, there's a few issues I think you might need to address. The first is the lighting. Now I know this isn't all your fault, as youtube tends to darken videos considerably, but you need more lights in general. They're especially needed in your shadowed exterior areas, with locations like the mag-shop and ASDA sign being among the most apparent (Although there were plenty others). Now, perhaps more importantly, the lighting you do have is looking quite flat. It's practically begging for some contrast. Add some blues in there, perhaps even a few other highlight colors, like reds, greens, yellows and/or purples in key spots to add some distinct flavor. Don't be afraid to get a little wild, experimentation is your friend. The second issue is more of a concern, and it has to do with your pathing. I admire your decision to go for a more claustrophobic design, it's something that the gameplay of NMRiH goes well with, but you need to actively work around the flaws of the AI. The reasons for this concern are those two double doors you have leading into the pub. Zombies and rotating doors do not tend to go well together, in source at least. They're prone to pathing problems and exploitation. There's several ways to address these problems, such as removing the doors entirely, or making them unable to be closed once opened, but I would suggest perhaps replacing the doors with a wooden barricade structure that can be destroyed. Done well, it could make those initial wave(s) more exciting and as an added bonus allow for a little extra environmental storytelling. I can't make any more predictions, as I don't know the positions of the spawns or zone(s), but I encourage you to do ample testing with the AI as soon as possible. If you need assistance in this regard, feel free to PM me, I have a feeling you'll need to get creative. There were some minor detailing issues, a few bland walls mostly, but I feel they can be gradually ironed out with iteration, playtesting and some TLC. I look forward to giving it a more complete assesment when you decide to release it.
  14. No, but it greatly adds to the atmosphere. Not having it shouldn't break anything.
  15. Can you find the obj_boundary entities? Perhaps some of the ones you needed to delete were not in the visgroups.