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  1. At the objective "Find fuel tank to blast through garden wall" I guess there are no filters for item_* and *_projectile entities so they can activate the trigger. If you activate it before the previous "Answer the Phone" objective ends, you will be unable to continue the map. The video after 1:30 is about a global glitch (propclimbing) which I've reported in 11 Nov, 2013 but it is still hasn't been fixed so I've made it for a reminder.
  2. -

    I was surprised when this happened to me randomly Anyway you can also toggle the moving status until it reaches its final destination by using the welder again and again.
  3. I've made a training map and this part would be the alley to the zombies to practice melee. There are two things I'd like to make, but I'm in trouble. First, I'd like to make an anti-spam system. I've tried several ways to do that but I failed (filters / etc.). The button should check the area of the alley if there are any spawned melee weapon and remove them (except when a player holds them) and after removing unnecessary entities, the new weapons should be spawned. The other thing I want to do is stripping the weapons from players when coming back. (This might be easier, I haven't tried it yet.) Please tell me how should I make these (if it's even possible).
  4. Nice, it's looking good! Waiting for screenshots in the future. (Btw you can use Shift+Z to minimize/maximize active window)
  5. -

    Every time I play on Junction I have the purple-black squared reflection. Can be temporarily fixed by mat_specular 0 but it takes a lot of time to set any kind of visual settings when I'm ingame so I just deal with it. Anyway I play on the lowest settings, you might try that and see if the reflections are bugged. I asked several people and they didn't have this problem, so I was like it is glitching for me only.
  6. Yeah, the ladder does deal damage on collision sometimes.
  7. Load your map, and type these in the console: building_cubemaps 1 buildcubemaps If you have purple&black texture reflections, restart the game change to an other map and load your map again. Now it should have right cubemaps.
  8. Well that's basically the same if you run hammer.bat, but it's not really bypassing steam. It's true that you can launch nmrih while hammer is running but only once. If you exit the game and try to relaunch it, it will say app is already running. The reason why I quit the game is lag. Wooden PC-s can't handle both apps running at the same time. It's already my personal problem though. I believe it's because the hammer "queues & holds" your gaming state. Once you've entered the game your state turns and saves 'ingame' until you close hammer.
  9. Hey! I've found a bad positioned model in one of the houses. I know it's insignificant but if you have time you could take a look at it before the next compilation.
  10. Yes, there's a memory limit for each class like brushes / entities / decals ... as I know. It displays in the compiling window.
  11. Well I found a way to create specific ammo boxes, but that's a chained action and i'm not sure if it's the best way to do it in a plugin but it might work. I bet you know the source engine if you know how to code sourcemod so I'm gonna write it with ent_... stuff. ent_create random_spawner "targetname" "Bob" "ammobox_###" "100" ent_fire Bob inputspawn ent_fire Bob kill ###-ammobox type Hope it helps!
  12. Yes there is item_ammo_box but not for specific ammo box. It only spawns the 9mm (default) ammo. Maybe there's an output value that selects the type of the ammo, I don't know. I would ask if is there any entity name for the killed zombie ragdolls? I tried prop_ragdoll but it's not that one. It should be something special like in css: cs_ragdoll , the dead player's ragdoll.
  13. Yes I used func_wall and it has no input Disable so I used kill. I tried with func_door too but it wasn't better. Is there any other entity that can be used for this?
  14. Okay I tried to increase the height of the ceiling and add some trusses. I'll continue working with that later but now I need some help with this. I want to make the ground leave a hole when tnt explodes. I can make it but only once / map start. How can I make it to reload the "cover" ground? (I know its ugly but I turned on fullbright to make it clearly visible)
  15. I assume you've been planning it but please make a video about objective setting up. It's easier to understand it instead of reading texts about it.