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  1. I'm looking to host a server for my friends and then whoever else wants to join. I want some mods but I'm unsure how to code for the server or if there is already mods for this involving meta or sourcemod Things I want are the following: Admin commands - IE. Kick, Ban, Voting, Slay Survivor Perks - This could be a bit tricky. I wanted to do a perk system for survivors to choose at the begining of each round and each wave (for that game mode). Something along the lines of Heavy Hitter: Melee weapons deal additional damage Athletic: Run faster and longer Packmule: Can carry an additional % of things without being weighted down Thickskinned: Health increased by an additional amount Among other perks Announcements that pop up at certain intervals( I.E Aim for the Head announced at 5 minutes, and "Share ammo and health with your allies" at 7) Is there a way I can make these happen? Or can someone assist me in making them happen?
  2. Which mod would be better for what I want to do I wonder, Meta or Source?
  3. I gave you simple steps, that I've even used. Double check your ports, double check your settings.
  4. That means that the server host has not made it publc with the use of console commands. Tell him, if his ports are forwarded to type in these commands after creating the server sv_lan 0 heartbeat changelevel_next If his ports are not forwarded you wont be able to join, so to do this tell him to 1. Go into his Router gateway 2. Go to the port forwarding page 3. Forward port 27015 twice, once more UDP and once for TCP if all goes well you should be able to connect to his server.
  5. http://static.nmrih.com/wiki/Dedicated_Server_Setup
  6. Go into your router settings, opening the port with an ingame command does not work. Open port 27015 on both UDP and TCP to be safe. Once you've got that figured out go in game and click create server, with whatever map you want. Once you've done that open up the console and type the following sv_lan 0 heartbeat changelevel_next after that if your router settings were proper once the map has loaded in you will be able to host your server.