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  1. sweet thanks, trying now.
  2. i get this error whenever trying to join a game. i am using the Full install from MODDB atm, although i tried to play with the patch and got the same results before trying the full install. also i am apparently able to get into a game occasionally but i almost immediately get the same error. also purple textures on props and stuff.
  3. i just had an idea about this, what if perhaps they had another type of flashlight that could spawn in place of the normal flashlight randomly. it could be one of those that attach to your shirt or whatever or just one with a clip to do so. this would allow you to use the light no matter what weapon you had in your hand but you wouldn't be able to melee things with it.
  4. can't frakking wait. keep up the good work soldiers.
  5. sweet jesus's mantits i can't wait to play this mode.
  6. oh man, i hope that's really him lol.
  7. i thought he was a pretty cool bad guy in the first game but he should have just been dead after that lol. i think the movies have inspired the games a bit too much with all these characters having insane powers and all that. although it isn't anywhere near as bad as it was in the movies.
  8. MALE DRAENEI DANCE FROM WOW LOLOLOL. but seriously guys, imma go buy a tent and and gun and sit in the woods. hopefully build a cabin before the creepers get to me out there. the govt won't come for me out there, they hate creepers.
  9. i hope it is just an early unlock but i am not optimistic. if it turns out that the game IS relatively dlc free i might buy that collectors edition. Dat powerloader.
  10. umm....fuck yes!
  11. i would rather chill with Bear Mccreary. at least he would be worth saving.
  12. ok, got it. it's pretty fun so far but pirates like to rape me in my space-butt.
  13. yeah it definitely sounded like some sort of training video. the gameplay itself looks pretty damn solid hopefully the story doesn't suck balls (unlike the originals). edit: also i wonder how they will handle the ending to the second game. spoiler alertz.
  14. pretty much all my doubts about this game just went out the door. not all, but most. i have a new fear though; whether or not i'll be able to run it on pc : (
  15. you could just make a map with these objectives, it would be awesome. that's the great thing about the objectives system; it makes the possibilities of map/game types quite vast.