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  1. sounds Great! glad to be on board.
  2. I've done character animations before at college ...really simple stuff .. but yea kinda never really practiced it. i'm a natural ;D I'm aware of the techniques required to animate character meshes. I've used jiggle bones for my mercedes model i did for 1187 with the key chain on the mirror . It worked but some of the values where a bit 'stubborn' the mesh didn't quite react the way i intended but yea i have implemented jiggle bones before i'm sure we could work that one out. just take some time and effort.
  3. Thanks , I've been modding since i was 14 ( i'm 26 now ) my animations have improved but seeing as there are already animators on the team doing weapons i'm sure i can do simpler animations - i.e mechenics animated props ect . yes my work on 1187 is a bit dated to say the least but the stuff i was doing with interceptor entertianment is under an nda agreement . i can do the job you can count on that. like i said seeing as the weapons are animated i'm pretty sure that won't be my part. animated props ect can go a long way ;D I'm well aware of rigging and weighting models for source so as far as complicated meshes go its a breeze.
  4. Hi, my name is Dave Henning. I am applying for a 3D modelling / animation position. I have a distinction diploma in 3d modelling and animation. I have worked with team GT doing all the modelling and animation for 1187 (mod for HL2) so i'm fimiliar with source engine and most of its variables while compiling the whole workflow ect. I've also worked with Interceptor entertainment on Duke Nukem 3d Reloaded as well as Rise Of The Triad. I've been familiar with 3DS Max since 2002 , i'm well of aware of its capabilities. I^ don't really have a Site with my portfolio ect but i do have my moddb page which you may see some of my work http://www.moddb.com/members/dirtpayne You can contact me using the following methods: Skype: dirtpayne / e-mail: dirthenning@hotmail.com P.S : I have a lot of free time and i'm in desperate need of Work. ty.