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  1. Try type in "nmrih_dof 0" in console.
  2. Is there any animator in the team now? I am just curious.
  3. Isn't it not a secret since September 17, 2014? Unreal 4 Engine, Concept art... few information about it have been revealed since then.
  4. Players now cannot equip medical items from inventory wheel unless they actually need it, like in Version 1.08. If a player is hurt/bleeding/infected, and they try to equip their medical items from the inventory wheel, they'll now auto use the item. Players can still shove and cancel out the animation, and they can reattempt to heal by either tapping their left mouse button, or by re-equipping the itemI have problem with this change. If I dropped equipment when my health was not full, it may select a first-aid and auto used it at the moment I don't want to use it.
  5. Was the pliers we needed at the escape part is the same one found on the radio station? If it was, I couldn't pick it up.
  6. Well there are some little bugs like Fail to load most of sound file(pugman) No supply drop in nms_midwest Respawn after evacuation Losing after you die when you still have respawn tickets Zombies can stuck ally doors in nmo_cleopas and nms_cleopas And this one I am not pretty sure how cause it Female character with males' voice, probably when player select Random character
  7. So It just become a HL2:DM. I thought the gravity gun confirmed.
  8. Now I get it. I think my next move is finish the layout and stop add any entities just now, because the map didn't completed yet. Then, I put skyboxes there to seal the map. Thanks everyone!
  9. I am a beginner at mapping, and I am making my first map these months. Every times I saved the map file I clicked RUN MAP as well. And after every compile, it says "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process." it's not the main problem though. Recently I made a lot of changed in my map. I saved it and clicked RUN MAP many times during editing, after that, I start game to test it. and it doesn't looks like the form last time I compiled., and even far away. And then I clicked RUN MAP over and over again, but it still not works. So I want to ask what is the problem and how to fix it. I know I didn't told you any useful hints or something to you to help me solve the problem, that's because I don't know what are the things I should tell. I had tried to post the compile log, but my browser crashed. -------------------- log here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1wdIHldD7xfbjBSY2FBZk5rems/edit
  10. May I suggest a tool here? I think a grown stick would be good. I mean sometimes we need to mark something important. For instance, If we have checked a room and took everything inside, than we mark a "X" by the door, if someone left behind, we can mark a arrow on walls to tell him our path.
  11. I found a big one! No zombies in nms_favela!
  12. I went down the tunnel without key first time I reach it. I was going deeper and deeper until I realized there were 2 different object goal and confused me. Then I cheated Immediately.
  13. The cutscaene won't stop now.
  14. In nmo_junction, I solo play (using ai_disable sometimes) and reach the final area. The extraction cutscene starting after I getting killed and I haven't planted the bombs at all.
  15. Can I get text files for next update? I'm TChinese translator, by the way.