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  1. It means that there is a release of the map in the thread.
  2. I created a discord for NMRiH, hopefully it doesn't get overrun with memes. https://discord.gg/rVMGuTA
  3. no more room in hell

    I'm creating a discord right now for NMRiH. EDIT: https://discord.gg/rVMGuTA
  4. Hey does, anyone happen to have what's in the title? Here's his topic: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10201 Thanks in advance!
  5. I'd love to use this. This is really cool!
  6. I can't wait to get a download. These sound amazing! Nice job!
  7. This was an idea I thought up while playing Contagion. What if while you're reloading, and you try to run, you'll start running while reloading but the reload will either take longer to complete or you'll fumble and have to restart the reloading process.
  8. This is a very small detail, but same as the lighter doesn't light on the first try, when throwing TNT, it should also not light on the first try. I think this would create a sense of tension that would be very nice compared to everything else in the game.
  9. There are respawn points on most maps with the Objective gamemode. And you respawn after every wave in Survival.
  10. Ooo, I have a couple. Running through the sewer tunnels of Junction with only a baseball bat. Managing to charge through a horde of undead to get to the extraction point. Holding off a zone in Northway at 2% while a teammate runs to get a FEMA resupply bag. That's a couple I can think of, might have more.
  11. Found a model error http://steamcommunity.com/id/leonbl/screenshot/387665671589158372
  12. My suggestion today is that boards have a randomized texture from maybe 10-12 different textures so they don't all look the same.
  13. Most of the images are borked.