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  1. I think its a pointless endeavor. All it takes its a noob or a spray and prayer to empty the box quite fast.
  2. Night Vision or a headlamp seems like something I'd never use. I don't even bother with the flashlight.
  3. I disagree with this for two reasons. First off, a server can set the infection odds and the infection time delay. Second, I don't like the idea of special infected, especially in that manner as its been done to death.
  4. Why isn't there some kind of punch ability? I got the 1000 punches and it was quite fun. Sometimes I'll join a server and just go fists only to see how many I can kill (usually not that many because some ass will come in and shoot em or everyone will die and have to watch me go fisticuffs with a zombie then quit).' Like the 9mm or 22 pistol... when you hold iron sights you can one shot zombies. There really should be something that after you keep only fists nothing else after a certain number of zombie kills (fairly high 25+) the punchout or rocky theme bit plays and you just go Mike Tyson on these zombies. I mean punches take forever and the achievement was fun to get but I just wish there was a little something there. Mike Tyson could delivery 5 blows in a second and his punches were capable of breaking punching bags.