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  1. How 'bout changing revolver animations a bit? I mean - compare shooting from hip and using ironsight. Reload in the second case after each shot is too long imo, so it is no sence to aim with it.
  2. Ur talking 'bout realism in a zombie game. I just make a suggestion - how to add some weapons w/o creating new ammo type. Images provided are from wiki mostly, so I dont need ur explanation about ammo types etc
  3. U already have 7.62 rifle (simonov sks carbine) so here ur some 7,62 pistols: Tokarev TT pistol Browning HP Mauser C 96 And here ur .22LR SMG: Intratec TEC-22
  4. Dark woods + heavy rain + thunderstorm is a pretty good coctail. Making lightning one of the few light source is an interesting solution, if it could be accomplished. In addition, there could be a cave 'episode' with illumination from mushrooms/crystals (like in Dear Esther). Extraction point could be somewhere in the mountains for example. Talking 'bout weapons... Only old carbines/shotguns/bow, and maybe pistols. No m4/mp5 etc. Safe poins (with ammo/guns etc) could be camp/beacon/backpacker's bags in caves with some stuff nearby
  5. - Name: Ruslan - Age: 23 - Location/time zone: Saint-Petersburg (UTC+4)/Russian Federation (big snowy country with bears, vodka, balalayka and communists, ofcourse) - Steam Profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/0ccultist/ (first sign is nil instead of 'O') - PC specs: CPU: Core 2 quad q6600 2,4 (OC 3,1 GHz) GPU Nvidia 660 2 GB RAM 8 GB 1st HDD 74 GB / 2nd HDD 500 GB OS Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - GitHub account: https://github.com/Occult1st - Are you a Linux User?: No - Are you a server host? No - Have you tested a game before?: Yes: --Mostly S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mods. And mostly tested my own mods: making weapons config files (weapon position in hands/iron sights, characteristics etc) for new models created by community. --Translated some Fallout: NV mods on the language of my country - Are you a Level Designer? No - Do you have an Oculus Rift? No