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  1. Do you even dolan?
  2. If you wanted assets making, I'd be well up for it. I've been looking for a reason to improve my 3D skills, Maxx was kind enough to tell me what kind of specs models need for the engine (which is good because I've been working in UDK for 2 years now and not even tried hammer editor!) Anyway, if you're up for working on something like this, I'd be up for working with you on it!
  3. I was thinking maybe a survival map based on an off-shore oil rig, players have to survive until a boat comes to pick them up? The oil rig would be disused but some survivors used it as a safe haven, in the hope that the infected wouldn't be able to get to them from the mainland. Unfortunately for them a single infected got onto the rig and turned the whole populous. Could have some nice little physics based events in there like a crane that can pick up containers and drop them on groups of zombies (and other players if they are stupid enough). It would be kind of like that bit in HL2 where you have to use the electromagnet crane to build a bridge in order to traverse the huge gap between ports. [not sure how feasible this idea is] Naturally the existing fire trap mechanisms could be also used in tighter areas of the map. I think that because oil rigs are multi-storey, this could make it a very interesting yet difficult map to survive!
  4. Something like this would be cool Not sure if its possible but it would be cool if the emissive was set up to glow every time you strike with the weapon, not too realistic but I thought it would be a pretty neat little quirk.