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  1. The Obituaries - The Menzingers
  2. Should..Should I report this? To the authorities? Or? I'm a bit confused.
  3. Looks pretty lame... Yep..
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ3N1zfxTGQ always.
  5. I enjoy a good book every now and th---HEY WE GOT A TWITTER BUTTON NOW? YOU MEAN I CAN TWEET THIS?
  6. Dubstep. Preferably Bassnectar Or STS9 Or Pretty Lights And if you're really feeling cheesy, even though it ain't classified under the same terms so easy Deadmau5.. WHOMP WHOMP WHOMPWHOMPWHOMPWHOMP WHOOMPPP WHOOOMPP WHOOMMPP WHOMP
  7. Umphrey's McGee, tons of them, especially atmosfarag.
  8. I don't think the amount of dicks you admit to sucking constitutes your faggotry.
  9. Piano Man, American Pie, Rocket Man, Let It Be, Bennie and the Jets, Hey Joe, Closer To The Heart, A Land Down Under, Blinded By The Light, Under Pressure, Hotel California, Life in the Fast Lane, Wish You Were Here, Wife Soup, Santeria, Straight Out of Compton, Still D.R.E., Party in the USA, Paparazzi, or a large multitude of Clash songs. Take your pick, I will win. I'm open to suggestions, as well.
  10. My bad, Tom Wolfe wrote EKAAT.
  11. I feel obligated to object some kind of subjective input into this discussion to further it's academic merit. So I been reading a lot lately, shit I read fucking frequently, It's what my major is all about. I love me some Kerouac, Huxley, and Hesse, but my favorite by far is Vonnegut. The political satire I just happen to enjoy. Outside of that, Ken Kesey's "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" is pretty fucking rad, and Steinbeck's "Travels with Charley" has been pretty good too. I'm looking at picking up something new though. I feel like I've been colliding with the classics for far too long now.
  12. Yo, gah, deez niggaz be willin out here you feels me? All dem' crazy crackas out there all up in they shit goin buck wild on a brotha for a 40 and a fucking newport. Nigga what the fuck. A brotha can'ts gets no love up in this bitch nomore? He's gotta be all adminized and shit all inspecting the populace with dey filters and shit feel me? NomoreroominAuschwitz up in here, feel me? All Ann Frank and shit.
  13. So, like many other individuals spread so closely yet vastly across most of the advantaged world, I have a favorite band. Now currently, it is 4:05AM. I am quite a decent amount of alcoholic beverages deep, which inspires this absolutely off topic discussion, as well as other substances which I will not discuss in favor of family audiences that may be waiting to play a graphic, dark, disturbing zombie modification for HL2 that very well may raise the game from the dead itself. Either way, and back to the topic at hand, my favorite band is The Clash. I don't care what arguments you may have. They are my favorite band, fuck your disagreeing opinions and other musical tastes. The Clash are the best band ever. That is why they had the nickname "The Only Band That Matters". However, and despite disagreeing opinions of the previously mentioned band, I will give notable credit to many other musical performance groups or individuals from both past and present times. Outside of that, I would enjoy hearing about your favorite bands; why they are your favorite bands, and how they became your favori(*u)te bands. :-) <3 * FOR THE UNITED KINGDOMS BETTER COMPREHENSION OF GRAMMAR FROM THE MORE SUPERIOR COLONY FROM THE REST OF THE WORLDS PERSPECTIVE.
  14. I've been watching it as background noise with friends while drunkenly destroying our livers and lungs to popular 90's alternative rock. I don't quite know the specifics, but here's a few guesses: Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, and MAYBE South Africa, but they'll probably lose. Watch out for them, end of story. Maybe Clint Eastwood can make his next movie about Africa's struggle to achieve in spor--oh wait, forget I said anything.