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  1. I think this might help you. (?)
  2. Hey, Found some minor errors, but i think you should get them fixed. I think you forgot a door frame here, without one it looks a bit ugly. http://imgur.com/q27f60O In here, the ceiling has 2 different textures, don't know if you wanted it that way, but still it looks pretty ugly. And you forgot to align the other wall to match with the other 2. http://imgur.com/DErE81e And in here there is a decal error. http://imgur.com/cRrdYCe Please don't take this the wrong way! I'm only giving you some minor feedback. And listen to gregster's advice, try to make a map indoors without a massive skybox, like i used to do. ^.^
  3. Holy fuck! I hate large areas, but you...you... did that map with absolute perfection! I love it, please do more of those.
  4. 2 hours of math in the morning. So good. (not)

  5. Boas, Não leves a mal, mas o teu inglês não é "great". Se te vais candidatar a um trabalho em inglês devias pelo menos escrever direito. Se quiseres, tá aqui um escrito por mim: "Hi, I'm enquiring about the translator job. My native language is Portuguese but I'm also very fluent in the English language, both written and spoken. If you would like to see some examples you can contact me via email - O teu email aqui - Thank you for your time. -O teu nome" PS: A equipa já tem tudo traduzido, acho que não precisam de mais.
  6. So, yeah. I produce. If you want, feel free to check out my newest track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h2QK8aQ-Yg Give me some feedback!
  7. Added you on steam.
  8. Almost finishing the map, making the living room and the outside supply drop. I'm gonna need beta testers, if you want to apply just reply me. Thanks!
  9. Holy crap! This looks sweet! Keep it up man!
  10. I'm about 60% of finishing the map, spent all day mapping and ran out of ideas, If you have one, feel free to share it with me xD
  11. Added a new pic! Check it out and give some feedback!
  12. http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/505821920411042764/4BBCFB1FC036F0068FAD08AD80FF91140428C5E1/ Here's an image update, this one looks better.
  13. Updated some pics.
  14. Sure mate! I don't mind
  15. Updated the hallway, is it good now?