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  1. Aww yeah P90. As much as I like the gun I don't think it's worth adding. As for legal full autos, there are quite a few Uzis and a surprisingly large number of HKs (91/33/5 and in between), most of them being converted from semi-autos from back when you could do that legally. There's the MACs and illegal Tec-9s too but I don't think I'm baller enough for one of those.
  2. Elliott Rodgers Simulator rears its head again. My beliefs notwithstanding I don't think I'm rich enough to shell out 17 yuros for this game.
  3. How's that?
  4. Shocking and pretty disgusting, but not that surprising. That animation at the beginning is horrendous, and he puts like 3 AK mags in his magic breast pocket. Someone sent me this along with the trailer, religious tolerance be damned I started laughing uncontrollably. Is that bad?
  5. I keep telling myself one day in the future I'll just dump a fuck-ton of disposable cash and build a monster PC so I can stop using this relatively shitty laptop. But it's so gaddahm expensive.
  6. Ah shit, 2014 really is a shitty year after all. What's next?
  7. Meanwhile, in ArmA 3: Hmm...
  8. It's Realism mode. I personally like it more but nobody seems to notice it when setting up servers.
  9. You see, that's the thing: I don't think that anybody truly understands Joe, it's part of the appeal.
  10. Did someone say wrist brace?
  11. Well, technically speaking you could get a semi-auto closed bolt Thompson SBR, which looks nearly identical to the submachine gun.
  12. Aren't the PEQs IR lasers only? That would mean that nightvision or some other infra red viewing system be implemented first. I mean, unless you want those airsoft clones with their brightly coloured lasers.
  13. Double post. Soz
  14. No dispersion beyond reasonable (that is to say, unnoticeable at current ranges) please. I still remember suffering through Red River, having my sights perfectly aligned on an enemy about 30m away, only for it to miss at a wild angle (kinda felt around 35-ish degrees off bore). I never want to have that again. As for making aiming harder, why not try the Insurgency way? It's kinda like an aiming deadzone, except the camera moves as well (which is besides the whole point of deadzone, but that's not important right now). While aiming down the sights you don't get it, and instead have normal, centered ADS. It works pretty well, and you can try it out for free if you download the mod (Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, not the full game). The reason I bring it up is because it both impedes you aim and helps it; Lets you 'feel' where the muzzle is pointing yet not have a fixed point of impact in the middle of the screen. It's kinda hard to explain.
  15. Type-56 is a Chinese AK variant. Nothing more, nothing less. The only way you can really tell the difference is the hooded front sight. I wish I could find an OTS-14 or an L85 legally, then again maybe not. The F2000 does exist in civilian form as the FS2000. Don't know price or availability, though.