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  1. So, I tried what you said Jakey, didnt worked, BUT, I was playing Zombie Master 1.2.1 when a guy just said to do it: "Hey, try to uninstall your SDK 2007, THEN go and delete it phisicaly from your PC, I mean, the folder on: E:\Steam\SteamApps\<username>\source sdk base 2007 Then, restart steam and install the SDK 2007 again, it will take some time, even more than the normal, but will work." And guess what? THAT REALLY WORKED *-* I'm playing my mods once again!
  2. Not worked this thing about gcf, so.. maybe.. I'm danmed.. And no, Goku, you are not alone, tons of players are having this problem.
  3. I will take a look in those links, but I send email like.. more than 48h, is that the bad thing, you know? They dont care to the customers.. Idk if the problem is with gcf, but hey, lets try it haha
  4. I already tried it too hahaha Already changed almost every game to steampipe beta, but.. nothing yet.. Serious, I hate steam and everything that comes from valve, they doesnt make my life any easier, their support sucks, never reply to my emails about it, and it was working before, one random day I tried to play NMRIH and THIS happened, now I cant play any other mod that uses SDK 2007. But thanks anyway man :/
  5. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/7daystodie/7-days-to-die-zombie-survival-game Its basically it, just read it and understand, they merged up Minecraft AND DayZ, hope you guys watch the video on it and understand the real idea =)
  6. Nops.. even sdk base 2007 doesnt lauche itself. I tried to validate it, and sometimes, if I do the things you guys say, when I open steam, it says to install all over again, and if I dont, and restart steam, it will be installed there, and with more GB used, like.. 4.7gb instead 3.7gb, and if I restart steam AGAIN, it backs to 3.5gb. That is becoming confusing... and steam support doesnt reply to my emails :/
  7. Ok, now suddenly I got a different error msg: "Failed to load the launcher DLL: The specified module could not be found." WTF? o_o
  8. Hey man, so.. I tried it too, doesnt worked.. deleting the file, deleting the bin folder and etc.. I use Windows 7, 64bit, I'm using Avast as anti-virus, but I didnt tried to turn it off, dont know if it changes anything, I have even tried to download on desura, reinstalling the sdk 2007, but.. NOTHING, only mods using sdk 2006 works, any other, like NMRIH, ZM2, Hidden, Zombie Colony.. nope, nothing :/
  9. I'm having the same problem, tried everything I've found on the web, and still.. nothing.. please, HELP ME! I beg you guys, I need to play my mods again..
  10. Name: Leonardo Age: 19 Location: Brazil TMZ: Brasilia(UTC -03:00) Steam: Steam Profile - Yautja Specs: - CPU: Intel Core I7 3770K @ 3.50GHz - GPU: 2GB GeForce GTX 680 - RAM: 16GB - HDD: 1.5TB and 128GB(SSD) - OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit Github: Github Profile - Yautja - Are you a Linux User?: Nope, windows user here. - Are you a server host?: No. - Have you tested a game before?: Yeah, I have tested a few mods when they were in early alpha/beta, including Zombie Master Black Edition, Half Life 2: Wars, Situation Outbreak, Obsidian Conflict, Empires, AJL Mod, Arma III(closed beta), Dota2(closed beta) and some others I really dont remember.. - Are you a Level Designer?: No. - Do you have an Oculus Rift?: No.