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  1. I'm not able to connect any "Beta 1.0" server. I got only 1.06 server in this release.
  2. Why this game is so hard to play alone. I'm didn't get any other player on server to play together in 1.07 and when I've start to play alone, zombies kill me instantly. I'm doing everything, Running, hitting but nothing work for me.. Very important thing which I felt in campaign, very low ammo, very very low ammo. I know it's part of game to made game more realistic but some time it's so irritating, because I'm trying to survive alone and without ammo it's not possible. Weapon/ammo selection hood is so confusing, It is more understanding and better in Beta 1.0. Please put same hood in 1.07.
  3. Dear Ms. Riley, Find my application below, Thanks in advance. My Name: Pankaj Jasoria My Age: 25 My Location And Time Zone: India, (UTC+05:30) New Delhi A Link To My Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198063525669/ My PC Specification: Operating System : Windows 7 Ultimate System Type : 64-bit Operating System Processor : IntelĀ® Core i3-2100 CPU Installed Memory (RAM) : 8.00 GB HardDisk : 1TB Graphic Card : NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 My GitHub Account: https://github.com/pnkjjsr I'm not active here on website, but I've an experience with GIT in my previous companies. And I know how to submit issues/bug in GIT. Are you a Linux User? Frankly No, but professionally I'm solve Front-End issue in developer machine and they all are using Linux systems. Are you a server host? Ahh, Nope. It takes money. Have you tested a game before? No, I never did game testing before. Experience with Usability testing, A-B testing, Website/Application testing. Are you a Level Designer? No, but my brain full of thoughts. Do you have an Oculus Rift? No, But one day I'll buy for me. Looking Forward for further assistance. Kind Regards, Pankaj Jasoria
  4. Dear NMRIH Team, My name is "Pankaj Jasoria". I am applying for "QA-Game Tester". I am writing in regards to a position as a "QA-Game Tester" at your agency, and would like an opportunity to meet with you. Professionally I'm "UI-UX Designer/Front-End Designer" with 6+ year of experience. But, other side of my personality, I'm a 'GAMER'. I'm playing game for last 14 year with full of dedication. In this period, I've play lots of small (8-bit), medium and big games (Pc). And by last 3 year, I'm living in games. I'm not just playing game for fun, I'm living in that, my thoughts are changed accordingly. I'm always thoughts new concept, some weird and inappropriate thoughts , like '3rd World War', 'Surviving, when earth would die' and yes most favorite 'At once morning I would wake up and everyone would become zombies'. I'm enjoying all the designer-graphic work, walking all the corners in the game, love to use cover system on every wall. Love to play campaign several time, always looking for co-op and multiplier games . I would welcome the chance to apply the skills and knowledge I have gained to a position at your agency. You can contact me via Skype or mobile, please find the contact information below :- Skype ID : pankajjasoria Primary Mobile Number : 9210882260 Secondary Mobile Number : 9971661022 Note, India international code is : 91 ==================== My proffesional and gamer portfolio. Gamer Portfolio : http://www.youtube.com/pankajjasoria (Some of my gameplay) UI Designer Portfolio link : http://pnkjjsr.deviantart.com https://www.xing.com/profiles/Pankaj_Jasoria http://www.linkedin.com/in/pankajjasoria I am eager to have an opportunity to interview with you during your important search for the perfect candidate. Looking forward for further assistance. Kind Regards, Pankaj Jasoria pankajjasoria@gmail.com